ABCDEFGHIJKLM…Oh no, she didn’t!

DISCLAIMER: Sorry about the stupid, cheesy title. It was just an urge. 🙂 Okay, continue.

Guys, guys, guys. I’m going to skip an intro here in order to spill out all my feelings, because trust me, there’s a lot of them and I don’t wanna’ forget anything. I sorta’ composed this post in my head during my sister’s gymnastics meet, and I don’t wanna’ forget anything, because that was like two hours ago.  (Do any of you do that? Compose a post in your head, I mean, not gymnastics, but gymnastics is pretty cool, too. Even though I can’t even do a cartwheel….) I had to eat pizza. Really good pizza from Pizza Hut with the new yummy breadstick crust and the warm marinara sauce… Have any of you guys tried it yet? Because if you haven’t, well, you should probably go get some. And some Sugar Cookie Poptarts, too, because I had some of those as well, and they’re pretty fantastical.  *slaps cheek, but lightly as to not damage the moneymaker* Nikki! This is just the type of thing you wanted to avoid! Stay focused here!!!! You’re here to talk about the biblotastical, not the fantastical!

Speaking of biblotasticalness (The reason I’m here, which I’ve seemed to forgotten after staring the greasy, crispy pepperoni…), I’m actually currently reading the same book Amy just finished! MAGNUS FREAKING CHASE AND THE GODS OF ASGARD BOOK ONE: THE SWORD OF SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m only on about page 20ish (or around that area) because like I said, I had to go to my sister’s gymnastic meet and it’s really hard to concentrate there. I kept finding myself rereading what I just read or just basically having a hard time getting into it, and I thought: This book doesn’t deserve that! I’m going to wait until I get home so I can do it justice. And yet here I am, without a book in my hands. Because I’m writing a post for you guys. Which means:


Duh! But anyway, what I wanted/planned to do was to tell you what I thought of the book so far. So that’s precisely what I’m going to do. Insert firm head nod here.

Let’s start with the cover. OH. MY. GOSH. THAT COVER! That possibly very well may be the most beautiful cover I’ve ever seen! I mean, just LOOK at it:

Isn’t she gorgeous? I don’t think I need to explain why I love it or anything; it’s obvious. But once I stopped staring (Okay, drooling.) at the cover long enough to crack it open, I found myself equally in love with the dedication!

“To Cassandra Clare

Thanks for letting me share the awesome name Magnus”

And that leads me to my next topic: Magnus. First of all, best name ever. I think the very best characters have to named Magnus because Magnus Bane is probably the best character of all time. (The Bane Chronicles, you guys.) And so far, these two Magnus’ seem to be very much alike. Sarcastic, funny, awesome, sarcastic, sarcastic, sarcastic. TWINS! (Hold up! Take a moment to imagine what the world would be like if there were two Magnus Banes!!!! *sigh*) Wrong last name, Nikki! Speaking of last names, CHASE!! I love how he tied that in so much! And that means Annabeth is in the book, and all the of gang as well. Again, only on page 20ish. Page, page, page, chapter, chapter, chapter. (Sorry, I’ma bit too tired to think up of any more transitions.) I love the chapter names! Funny and sarcastic, just like the rest of the book. I’m starting to sense a theme here…. Theme, theme, theme, quotes, quotes, quotes. (I would completely understand if you wanted to skip the eggs and go straight to stones. I deserve it.) There are so many wonderfully sarcastic (Word of The Day: Sarcastic. Seriously, sarcasm is the air I breathe in. In goes the sarcasm, out come the remarks that will one day get me in trouble. Just like breathing! I love fellow sarcasists! And yes, that’s another new term.) quotes within just the first 20ish pages! In order to not bore the few people still reading this to death (Though I’m sure how any person who goes by the name of Magnus could be boring.), I will only share my favorite so far:

“My brain just kind of expanded to accommodate the weirdness.”

That reminded me of you guys and how put up with us (NFA: *clears throat* US???) Well, me. (NFA: Much better, dearie.) and I wanted to acknowledge that. It takes true talent to put up with me! I love you, you talented, crazy souls!


And I think that’s all I have about Magnus for now! Rest assured, there will be more. But we’re not done here, because I have other announcements not pertaining to Magnus Chase that will seem dull in comparison! So brace yourselves! Insert bright, flashy flight attendant smile here.

  •  Amy and I will finally be publishing our very first book haul post very soon, possibly even this weekend! Note that AMy has had her section done since, like, June, and I was gonna’ do it earlier, but I just got a shipment of like 50 new books in (literally), so what better time than now?
  • We will also be starting our very own memes soon! And we actually mean it this time! Our first one is Spotlight Saturday, which is a combo of two other meme idea and then some, and then our other one is Musical Monday. (The titles aren’t really set in stone, so feel free to make suggestions. That would be great!)
  • I promise I will get around to making The Bane Chronicles post, and to tell you about all the other amazing books I’ve read since then!

Well, I think that’s about all, even though I know I’m totally forgetting something. However, I don’t wanna go back through and read this sorry excuse for a post. Instead, I’m going to hit Publish now, and make all of you guys suffer! A little trick on Halloween! Enjoy! Not! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!




10 thoughts on “ABCDEFGHIJKLM…Oh no, she didn’t!

    1. Well, I’m only on page 20ish (As you very well know :)) but Annabeth Chase, his cousin, is in the series already so I would definitely say yes, just for background knowledge because I hate not knowing something when I read a series. Also, his other series are amazing, so read them anyway!!!!! DO IT!!!!!!!!! 🙂
      -Nikki the persuasive Psycho

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  1. Oh my god, I don’t know how, but I COMPLETELY forgot about this book when I went to my local bookstore last week. *strikes herself on the head repeatedly* arrrggghhh I’ve been wanting to read this one since FOREVERRRR!!!!


  2. I must admit, I loved Percy more. I think Magnus is yet to come into his own yet as a character ad expect him to really grow and force us all to love him. Seeing Annabeth again! I loved how she popped in and out of the storyline and the little snarky comments woven throughout that related to Percy and his quest was really clever. The only problem now is the wait until book two. Might need to reread Percy again 🙂


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