Magical Readathon


Ancient Runes- The Astonishing Color of After

Arithmacy- Runaways Vol. 1

Astronomy- Eye of Minds

Care of Magical Creatures- To Kill a Kingdom

Charms- Assassin’s Heart

Defense Against the Dark Arts- People Like Us

Divination- The Son of Neptune

Transfiguration- Runaways Vol. 2


Ancient Runes:

A- Devils Unto Dust

E- I’ll Give You the Sun

O- The Shadow of the Wind


A- A Reaper at the Gates

E- Summer of Salt

O- Invisible Monsters


A- A Thousand Beginnings and Endings

E- Even if the Sky Falls/Toward a Secret Sky

O- A History of Glitter and Blood

Care of Magical Creatures:

A- The Kiss of Deception

E- Slam! Vol. 1

O- Incarnate


A- The Immortalists

E- Neverland

O- We are the Ants

Defense Against the Dark Arts:

A- Until the Beginning

E- A Quiet Kind of Thunder

O- Our Dark Duet


A- Unwholly

E- Iron to Iron/Cinder Ella

O- World Mythology


A- What We Saw

E- A Thousand Perfect Notes

O- Furyborn