Why am I an Amazon affiliate?

Recently, I became an Amazon affiliate. First, some of you must be asking…

What is an Amazon affiliate?

Basically, it means I now “work with” Amazon. I’ve signed up for a program, so when I go into Amazon, I can create specific links to a specific product. Then, when any of you guys click on that link and then BUY something on the site, I get a small (emphasis on small- very SMALL) percentage of the profit that Amazon makes (not even the whole total of the price; only the profit Amazon makes after deducting all of their costs).

How does this affect me as a reader?

Essentially, it doesn’t. All it means is that if you click on a link to a product on Amazon (which 99% of the time will probably be a book) and then decide to buy it, I will get a small profit. It will not cause you any extra trouble, and it does not change how often I will be using links. I’m not going to spam you guys, don’t worry! It doesn’t make your life any harder, and the site will look the same to you.

Why do you need to make money?

Alright, this is where the tough questions come in. As a blogger, I spend a TON of time reading, socializing with other bloggers (through Bloglovin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), writing posts, and just BEING a blogger in general. It takes up a LOT of my spare time (of which, as I’m writing this, I don’t have much of). And I do it all… For free. Because I love to. And as much as I want to keep doing this for free and I LOVE doing it for free, it can become really difficult. I actually wrote a post about whether it’s okay to make money from a book blog a while back, and it talks a lot about this topic, so if you’re still curious about this topic, I suggest you click on that link right back there!

Whew! So if it doesn’t affect me, what’s the point of this page?

Basically, I just wanted to have this page as a giant disclaimer. I want to make sure you guys know what’s happening. As much as it would be cool to make money off of this blog, the profit will go back into your reading experience somehow or other, and my relationship with my readers (all of you guys!) is way more important!

What if I still have more questions?

If I haven’t covered everything you’re curious about here, PLEASE comment below or shoot me an email at thebookwormgirls123@gmail.com! I’d love to help.