The Perfect Top Ten Tuesday!

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Guess why it’s perfect? Because I came up with the topic! It’s choose your own topic week! I’ve been waiting for this for so long! And ask me why what the oh-so-perfect topic is? Well, I suppose I tell you since you wanna’ know so gladly. It’s…

 Top Ten Things I Like to Do other than Reading 

I love reading so much. Reading is just… A huge part of me and I would describe why I love it, but that would take forever!!! However, there are other things I like to do other than read (as crazy as that sounds).

1. Basketball!!!!!!!!!

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This is my sport, my life, the center of me. I don’t know what I would do without it. I love basketball more than anything, even reading. I would say I’m sorry, but I’m not. This doesn’t make me any else of a reader, just more of a jock. A thoughtful jock. One who isn’t brain-dead. Sorry to all you jocks out there (Who am I kidding, the chances of there being any jocks reading this BOOK BLOG are about the same chances of well, a jock reading this book blog.) , that was stereotypical of me.  Describing why I love basketball and the full extent that love would take even longer than explaining my love for reading. But, I’ll try to make it simple. The thrill of running down the court. That feeling you get in your gut when you score a basket. That satisfying rhythm you pound out when you dribble the ball. When you maneuver around the other players, weaving and dodging on the offensive. Getting low and staying low on the defensive. Stealing the ball. All that and so much more.

2. Watching T.V. 

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My. Shows. MY SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally love these shows so much. I’m actually watching Gossip Girl right now. Nothing wrong with a little distraction, right guys? But I’m always that lucky… I don’t watch them very much because I’m. Constantly. Reading. *insert eternal struggle*  Anyways, I just started watching it on Netflix, and I’m only on season one, so no spoilers! I’m addicted, even though these people drive me soooooooo crazy sometimes. Are there any fellow fangirls out there? Don’t be shy! Let’s bond! (By the way, that wasn’t creepy or stalkerish at all. Right, guys? Okay? Okay.) Moving on before I get reported. I know I said I was leaving, but I lied!!! Breaking News: Chuck just gave Blair the necklace!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! Serena just saw them!!!!!!

3. Painting, Drawing and all thing Artsy

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Why, yes. Yes, I do. I love art. I’m an artist. It’s who I am. The smell of paint in the air. Mixing paint. Pencil shavings everywhere. The precise, light brushstrokes I make on my canvas. Admiring the finished product from afar. Hanging my artwork for all to see. Finding inspiration in all I see. Art! I love it, I love it, I love it!

4. Designing Outfits

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This is just like art. The moment all the separate pieces fall together as one. Deciding each goes with which. Is that too much, too crazy? Oh my Galigaskins! That looks amazing! Feeling the heat of everyone’s gaze as you walk down the hall wearing something bold. The smile on your face as they tell you they like it. I love fashion. And, I plan on being a fashion designer. Someday you will be wearing my clothes! I hope you like them! 🙂

5. Singing

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My choir concert is actually tonight… Funny story about that. So, we had auditions to sing a solo for our concert, and I sang Tomorrow. (The song from Annie, not the day.) Little backstory: I’m trying not to brag, I honestly am. But it’s in my personality. I’m arrogant, VERY confident, and a bragger. I like to sing, and I’m good at it. Very good. VERY- Ok, I’m guessing you get the point. Ask Amy if you think I’m all talk. Amy is very honest, she won’t lie to you. Anyway, I didn’t get the part. I was so furious/disappointed/I don’t even know that I took my music (I know the song by heart and never use it anyway.), tore it up, and gave it to my teacher, and said, “The sun will not come out to tomorrow because you smashed the sun. Blew up the sun. Obliterated the sun.” I’m going to stop there, because, again, I think you get the point. Anyway, I love singing and am constantly doing it. Solos don’t scare me; in fact, I prefer them. I love singing for an audience. I love singing just for me. I love singing in general. The satisfaction of hitting the right note. Hearing yourself sing. The pride you feel. I can’t even describe how amazing singing is for me.

6. Exercising

Image result for exercising best and worst states ftrImage result for 4571786788

I’m not quite sure if I actually love exercising, in the heat of the moment. But I certainly love the feeling you get after you’re done. Like you’ve accomplished something important.  Here’s my trick: Whenever I do the treadmill, I usually go ’til I burn a thousand calories. Now here’s the good part, take note: To pass the time, I’ll watch Netflix (AKA Gossip Girl). Because I exercise so much, I watch Gossip Girl a lot. To push myself to exercise, I only allow myself to watch T.V. during those times. Or, I have something I need to do, and need a distraction. I.E. Blogging.

7. Reading

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When I’m not reading, I’m reading. Enough said.

8. Writing

Screenshot (44).png

As you’re probably well aware of, I like to write. If I didn’t, I would be here right now. Duh! Writing is like a second reading to me. I don’t think I need an explanation for this one, because a lot of you probably feel the same way. Maybe? Hopefully?

9. Eating Ice Cream/ Sushi

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This isn’t enough food, people! I need more!!! I’m good at all of the things I listed, but I’m probably the best a this. There is literally nothing like ice cream on a summer’s day. And you can have it anytime during the day. When it’s cool out, when it’s hot out. Ice Cream makes everything better. I don’t get to eat sushi too often, but it’s my favorite food and I love it!

10. Bodysurfing

Screenshot (45).png

I love the beach. But since I live nowhere near a beach, I don’t visit very often. However, I remember my vacation to the beach last summer and it was amazing. Running (more like crashing) through the waves with my brother and sister. There’s nothing like it. Trusting the tide and letting it pull you down under for a moment. Resurfacing and immediately going back under. Waiting for the perfect. Chasing to get to that wave, hoping you don’t miss it. Skimming the bottom of the sand. Man, it’s so fun. I really hope you guys get to try it at least once in your lifetime. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

11. Laughing

Screenshot (47).png

I love laughing like this. It feels so good. I really hope you’ve all laughed like this at LEAST once. If you haven’t, get out some more!!! Live a little! Goodness glaciers, people!!!!! Stop being such an Scrooge!!!!! This isn’t the Stone Age, you don’t have to stay in your cave all day for fear of having fun and dying (like in The Croods).

12. Gardening/Planting

Image result for human hand carrying plug plant in handImage result for o GARDENING TOOL facebook

I love the feel of soft compost under my bare feet. I love the gassy smell the rototiller radiates. I love watering the plants (and my sister). I love forming and firmly pushing the soil around the plant. The taste of satisfaction that is eating something yuo made. I love all the money I make from the fair with my vegetables! Hehe. 😉

13. Riding my Bike

Image result for amazing mountain biking hd wallpaper download mountain biking images free

Screenshot (46).png

Even though I may not ride my bike in these type of conditions, it’s still a lot of fun and I do it as often as I can. The winding rustling through my hair. The adrenaline rush it provides. The aching in my legs after going up a hill! With the air you generate, it’s practically like making your own air-conditioning! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s exhilarating! GAAA!!!! (How many times have I said love in this TTT?)

Hey, guys!!! Don’t leave yet! Class is not dismissed! (Ew, school.) Sorry if I misinformed you, but we’re not done yet! I love it “When you… talk blog stuff to me.” (Now I have that rather old, not to mention annoying song in my head, and I’m sure you will too! You’re welcome!!!) Sooooo…….

1. I might not be able to get on much for the next couple of weeks because we’re going to Washington D.C.! I get to miss the last week of school!! Because of this, I’m going to be even busier than usual, thus leaving almost no time for you guys. 😦 On the bright side, it’ll save you some money on tomatoes! 🙂

2. Amy and I are thinking of creating a Wattpad so you can read our stories. We’re both very passionate about writing, and would love to share some of that passion with you! I’ll keep you on our toes with some further updates later on that.

3. I’m sorry if this post wasn’t my best. I’m a very active person and I’ve been sitting still for hours writing it, and I was starting to get impatient. Not even Gossip Girl could sustain me. But hey, I actually did start this post yesterday, on Tuesday. I just didn’t have time to finish it then, so now it’s a Top Ten Wednesday. I’m getting better though, it’s not Friday!

4. Keep an eye out for new posts! As Amy mentioned in her TTT (actually posted on Tuesday), we’ve only been doing TTT for three weeks and nothing more. I’m so sorry!!!!!! Please put the tomatoes away!!!!!!! I have a concert soon! Later though, we’ll “ketchup” up. (Corny puns.) But rest assured, we’ve been working on lots of different material and we think you’ll like it!

5. And last and most important of all… Thank you (for the single person who’s still reading this) for sticking with me! I hope you weren’t totally bored to death! Hey, why aren’t you moving… *pokes you* Why are you so cold?! *dials police* 911, we seem to have over eighty dead followers. They died from boredom.

Wait, did you hear that? Eighty whole followers?!??! Wowza!!!! You guys are amazing!Thank you guys for reading Nikki’s version of a Top Ten Tuesday! ❤

14 thoughts on “The Perfect Top Ten Tuesday!

  1. I just started watching Gossip Girl a few days ago (even though I promised myself I would never watch “girly” shows, and only sports games) and it’s actually fun! Mostly because of Nate, though, and the non-stop drama! 🙂


  2. Seems like you have a lot of fun in your freetime! I will have to try body surfing–it seems super fun. I’ve don something kind of similar, but I need to just go do it. I was in Lake Superior when a wave encompassed me and I was whiped around inside of it. Idk if thats the same lol


  3. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added
    I get several emails with the same comment. Is there any way you
    can remove me from that service? Bless you!


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