When you take a little break for no good reason… Oopsies!

Sorry guys! I went kind of AWOL on you there. Hey, it’s better than the months I’ve had before! Honestly, I was just worried I was posting too much garbage and not enough quality content. But that’s what these posts are for! All the shortness and funness and rambliness! (In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this is Amy speaking) Soak it in, guys, soak it in. Okay, that title is kind of a lie, though. I was going to post this last night, but my iPod is not really working… So I may be a little bit distant for the next couple of days. (ISH- No real estimate here) Also, I’ve been in a kind of slump which is even worse than a slump, or so I think. It’s been a month or so, and when I get new books, I’m just not excitedย and it’s reallyย bumming me out. For example, I got Magonia a couple of days ago (which I have been wanting for ages) and I was just like, “Eh… I don’t really care.” WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE AND WHAT HAPPENED TO MY INNER FANGIRL!!!???!!! However, I forced myself to read a bit of it that night and now I’m here because I’ve finished it!!!ย SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright, more on that later. I forgot to tell you! *skips line because this is going to be a lot of freaking out and such*


Guys I need that sequel NOW!!! NOW I TELL YOU NOW!!!!! Magnus was like *sigh perfect Riordan* and ANNABETH EEK!!! She totally trumps him though. Okay, this is totally sad. I had all these quotes that I had written down as I went along in the story (and they were so hilarious, too…), but… They’re on my iPod, so…. I guess I will just have to force Nikki to read it so we can do a review and use ALL DA QUOTES!!!!! Remind me never to use the word “da” ever again. EVER. I’m telling you, though, Magnus Chase was amazing. It was totally classic Riordan writing, which I was worried about because of the few negative reviews that I saw, but it wasn’t all the same. It was the same style, but somehow he made it completely different. Please don’t ask me what I mean by that, because I have no idea. Whatsoever. Basically, GO READ THIS BOOK NOW IT WAS AMAZING AND I SWEAR IT WILL MAKE YOUR DAY! Oh, and if you haven’t read the Percy Jackson books… *makes weirdly contorted angry face* Where on Earth have you been? I didn’t think there were rocks big enough to shield people from that kind of amazingness. Go read them. Now. Do not pass go, do not collect five hundred dollars, do not eat or drink or sleep or yada yada yada. Okay, the eat/drink/sleep is optional… But I talk too much. Go read!

magonia revisedI saw this picture on Unsplash approximately two minutes ago, and I swear (I’ve been doing that a lot lately for someone who never swears) I heard angels singing and I saw heaven itself. It was just that amazing. It just spelled Magonia out to me. Magonia has the most unique writing style, pretty much ever. It is such a down-to-earth writing style, even when the most absurd things are happening. I mean like, whoa, blue skin and feathers and whaaaat??? My fellow readers, this was about the weirdest book I have read, er, ever. And I think I mean that in a good way. (For your information, though, you should know that I am writing this in the wee hours of the morning, so this may not make any sense later on. I apologize aforehand. Should that be beforehand?) Jason was such a nerd, and I really didn’t appreciate him for what he was worth in the beginning, but I grew to love him for all his faults, and I also ended up liking the role his moms (yes, plural) played in the story. They were both well-thought-out characters with big hearts. And Aza? Well, I can’t even begin to describe her. She was both everything and nothing in perspective to everyone else, or at least that’s how she saw it. I felt like she was a true person, with all her faults and quirks adding up to be a personality. Aza Ray is like no other character I have seen, and she definitely intrigued me. Oh, I miss her already! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Stupid question time, guys: Is there supposed to be a sequel??? I am in definite need of one! Although I think I could survive with that ending, I also believe this world and characters can go someplace, so hopefully I can look forward to that. Right? Right? Right? I’m looking at you there, my one person in the audience with some answers. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Since it is late, I unfortunately do not have the time or energy to look up quotes for you all, so I will post extra in my next “daily”. Also, check back soon because I’m hoping to do a rereads week with comfort foods! And finally, I repeat, I apologize in advance for whatever ramblings have confused you in this post. I’m sure I will wake up in the morning and be horrified at myself for something I have said. ๐Ÿ˜€ Love you all! Don’t be shy; questions are welcome, comments are welcome, greetings are welcome! Happy Halloween to all, and to all a good night (or day or whatever it is where you are). ๐Ÿ™‚

-Amy, the tired version…



14 thoughts on “When you take a little break for no good reason… Oopsies!

  1. As far as I know, Magonia is a stand alone. I know right! I loved it too and wanted more. It just didn’t feel long enough. I mean, what about the people in the sky? I want to know about where their ships go. I think we need to campaign for a sequel.

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          1. Haha yeah it sounds like a brilliant but terrifying horror story! Sorry for creeping you out though: I’m sure there’s a logical and less scary explanation for why my brain is convinced it’s Ava instead of Aza (or at least I hope so..)

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