Now If We’re Talkin’ Body…

Lucky for you, I’ve had another amazing idea, and that means you oh-so-fortunate readers get exclaim in jubilation now! It should probably look something like this:

Reactions Excited animated GIF

So, this came to me as I was scrolling through my reader, actually, reading all of your guy’s great posts. I think I was reading one of Elm’s post, but I’m getting side-tracked. You know how when you read a post you sorta’ picture what the person looks like? For example, I picture Elm with dirty-blonde hair and green eyes. I have no idea why. So I wanted to make a post describing what I look like in the physical sense, because you all know (and love, hopefully?) who I am on the inside, just so you can picture what I look like as you read my posts. I think Amy plans to do one as well (Haha! I’m finally something done before her!!!! So excited right now!!), but I felt like doing this now. I’m in a nice, happy, blogging mood. πŸ™‚ Yay! Unicorns, rainbows, puppies!

Β Β Β 

Unfortunately, I don’t look like that. Sadly, I’m nowhere near that cute. 😦 Now I’m very sad.

Well, I do think I have some good traits. Let’s back at the top. I have a crown of longish, curly, shiny, caramel hair that frames my face that is a mixture of both my mother and father’s. Okay. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s back it up here. My “longish” hair goes to about the middle of my back. And yes, itΒ IS naturally curly. It used to fall in tight, corkscrew, perfect barrel curls when I was younger. Like you could literally pull it down, and it bounce right back up like a spring. Now it’s not as curly as it was then, but you can still spring it. In fact, that’s my friend Clara’s perfect passtime… Anyways, it’s hard to describe but it’s not that tight anymore, but it doesn’t like something you could make with a curling iron. It’s somewhere in between, and you can definitely tell it’s natural. Thanks, Mom! I used to hate when I was younger, but now I love it. It’s unique, like me! πŸ˜€ I leave in in its natural center part, with bangs long past my chin on both sides. However, I usually style it with my bands pulled back, and my hair over my shoulders, if any of you have ever heard of that hair-style.

Now my face is really hard to describe… I mean, its not chubby; it’s really not. Okay, now I’m staring in the mirror, trying to figure this out. Huh, I guess I don’t chubby cheeks! Bye bye, baby fat! Finally! Okay, so my skin is all like tan. ALL THE TIME. All year round. The reason I stay tan is because it’s not like a brown tan, it’s more like a golden color. Not yellowly Asian. Golden. Just golden. I’m way more tan in the summer, obviously, but I’m nowhere near pale. So my face is a little golden than my shoulders, due my natural fondness of tank tops all year round, ending in a square firm jaw that I inherited from my dad. My skin color is from my mom, the most beautiful lady I’ve ever seen. Okay, I may be a bit biased, but I hope I look like my mom someday. Anyway, my big eyes are a nice deep brown, not so deep that you can’t tell them from my pupils, but barely in the right light. They’re framed by a big pair of purple and brown nerd glasses that are a complete necessity. Guys, I’ve destroyed my eyes reading. But the glasses suit me. They really do. Gosh, I’m terrible at describing this. I swear I’m not ugly, even if I sound like a patch-work quilt of traits. I’m not trying to brag, but I was voted one of the top five prettiest girls in my grade. I swear I’m not trying to brag; I’m just trying to prove that it’s late, I’m tired, and sorta’ stinking at writing right now. Not sure how to describe my nose at all. I mean, it’s a nose, and it’s there. Pretty much it. I guess its a cute, average nose. My cheeks aren’t really chubby anymore, but they’re still rosy as ever!

My lips, however, are a completely different story from my nose. I got these babies from my daddy. My lips are thick, big, and pink. Sort of like a duller color of a medium-rare steak, the pink parts that is. I’ve gotten compliments on them before, and I think they really complete my face.

I swear I won’t blabber on this much about the rest of me. So we know I’m tan, especially on my arms. My arms that happen to be very, very strong from playing basketball nonstop since third grade. My shoulders are like rocks. My biceps are strong. Grrrrr! My lower arms are lean and mean. My finger nails are nonexistent, and I’m left-handed, as is my little brother. My torso is average size, and I have a really strong core due to my love of curl-ups. From then on, I have hips. You know, those things that girls are supposed to have but no one actually does? Remember those? I mean I don’t think I’m fat. I wear 6’s, 7s, and 8’s depending on the article of clothing, and mainly mediums and sometimes smalls for skirt sizes. I would say my body type is a mixture of the pear and hourglass shape. I will buy large and extra-large t-shirts, though because I only wear them to bed and I like my hoodies big, comfy, and to my knees. (Paired with skinny jeans and brown combat boots! Yasssss!) My feet, however, are size elevens, indicating that I’m going to be tall even though I’m only 5’4″ currently. My arms are muscular, but my legs is where the true power comes in. Last year I went on this huge exercise kick where I would do the treadmill every night until I burned 1,000 calories. Unfortunately, I don’t have time for stuff like that anymore, but my legs (Okay, calves. My thighs are pretty muscular from a million years of soccer, though. Ever heard the term thunder thighs?) are still pure muscle.

Okay, unless I’m forgetting something, which I very well may be, I would say that pretty much sums me up! I mean, the time just changed so it still feels way later than it is! But I get an extra hour to sleep in so yassssss! No more bad tired posts like this one, which is a great example. But I seriously hope that this post wasn’t too bad as to where you couldn’t enjoy it! I sincerely hope you enjoyed it! I would be crushed if you didn’t….

Cut me some slack, guys! I’m sorry this post was so long. Its really just the rambling nothings of a tired person… Shh! I wasn’t supposed to tell you the truth!!!! Awe, great! NowΒ they’re after me! Well, I’m going to rush off to they don’t capture me, but I would really appreciate it if you would take the time to comment and tell me if you liked this post, have found it helpful while reading other posts, if you liked the title (Pretty proud of myself for that one, not gonna lie.), or anything you wanna tell me!

Bye, guys! Love ya, in whatever shape or size you may come in!



28 thoughts on “Now If We’re Talkin’ Body…

  1. *puts on the straight face and starts speaking in a wry voice* Honestly, the only thing I liked in this post were the puppy pics.

    …okay, that’s enough. πŸ˜› This was totally interesting! What do you imagine I look like?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. For some reason, as a tall Italian/ Indian (I think they look similar… I’m about as cultured as a pig sometimes. :)) model, complete with long black hair and deep brown eyes. Like the author of An Ember in the Ashes. (No idea how to spell her name… Sabbaa….????) And for a second, you had me really scared!!!!!!! GRRR! Do you honestly like it??? And, oh! How did YOU picture me?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, you got the eyes correct. But I’m no model; I’m more like a pumpkin lol. XD And my hair… well, I’ve never had my hair as long as Sabaa Tahir (yes, that’s the spelling. Remember it.), not even close to it. My hair usually stays shoulder-length, and as soon as it reaches beyond that, my mother promptly makes me get a short, SHORT haircut. *wails in grief* I looove long hair, but I don’t know when I’ll be allowed to have it for myself. 😦 And my hair is black, by the way. You got that correct. πŸ˜€
        To be honest, I never picture anyone while reading their writing. When I’m reading books, I definitely try to visualise the characters, but for bloggers… I don’t know. It’s like… it’s their writing that’s made us friends, right? The appearance just never even enters my mind. *shrugs* They could look like a zombie or a panda bear and I honestly wouldn’t even care. But of course, since you were writing about your looks, I had to imagine you in my mind. And from what I’ve conjured up, you’re a pretty good-looking girl. πŸ˜‰

        P.S. I know, I love scaring people. XD


  2. Thank you so much, Eve! I’m glad you enjoyed it, though I don’t exactly consider it good. More like the midnight ramblings of a tired, drunk-on-candy Nikki, but thank you nonetheless! You should read one of my posts when I’m wide awake… Currently none of those exist, but I’ll make one just for you! πŸ™‚


    1. Why thank you, darlin’! You’re right! I need to appreciate my nose more! THANK YOU NOSE!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! Except right now because you’re all stuffed up. I mean, I still love you, but…. Michelle, I’m bad at thanking my nose! Help me out here!

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