Just One Sea of Shadowed Wishes

So… I really went overboard this time. I really did. No joke. WAYYYYY overboard. (It’s Amy. I mean, I always go overboard. I’m just ridiculous like that.) But hey, hard work pays off, right? Hence my (mostly) beautiful edit:

Just One Sea of Shadowed Wishes

Well, I don’t know about beautiful, but I’m so proud of it! I’m actually impressed with myself. Whereas on Monday I was able to type in “Twilight cover art” and get the background for my edit (I did a discussion on Twilight– Check it out if you’d like!), for this post I saved a copy of the covers for both books, proceeded to go on Picmonkey and spend an hour on each so that I could fill in the titles with the exact right shade, then put them together, decided which fonts looked the most like the titles on the books, cut out the O, and put it all together. Okay, did you need to know all that? Prooooobably not. But I’m just so proud. And I wanted to point out that I did it all for free using Picmonkey, which makes me uber proud. Hey! Problem-solver in the house! Remind me never to say that again. OKAY!!!

Let’s “start over”, shall we?


Today I have prepared another double review for you, with a cover to match! I chose these two to put together because both just happen to revolve around sibling bonds. And hey, catchy title, huh? Riiiiiiiiight… Still pretending that never happened.

Just One Wish by Janette Rallison- In Just One Wish, Annika’s little brother Jeremy has cancer, and his life is riding on one special surgery. She tries to get him to believe that she has wishes from a genie so that he’ll believe the surgery will go well, so that it will. However, it backfires and she ends up promising Jeremy a visit from Teen Robin Hood. Oops! I have to say that I really admire Annika’s perseverance and dedication. She cares so much for her brother that, of course, I did too! I had a hard time not crying in some places. It seems to be just a regular realistic fiction book about loss, romance, and relationships with family, until it gets to the end. The ending though… NO NO NO NO NO THAT WAS WAY BIGGER THAN I EXPECTED LIKE WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you can’t tell, I still have not quite come to the terms with the ending. I highly recommend this book for its heartwarming story, characters, and make-you-laugh-out-loud moments, but BE WARNED- it will most definitely tug at pull out some all of your heartstrings. And feel free to come crying to me- so long as you’re cool with me crying back! We can be crying buddies! Oh gosh, that was so weird. (Currently I have but one crying buddy- Bhramori @ The Crazy Perfectionist actually recommended this one to me! Thanks, Bhra Bhra! I think???) Anyway, it’s still worth it. I still recommend it. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong- Sea of Shadows revolves around twins, which are extremely rare in this world. Moria and Ashyn were kept a secret at birth, because all twins must be put through an incredibly dangerous ritual. If they survive, they become the Keeper and Seeker. If not, well…. Luckily, Moria and Ashyn survived. They are the Keeper and Seeker of Edgewood, which borders the Forest of the Dead- the place where criminals are exiled. This year is the first one that they have to do alone. Quiet the exiled souls, that is. Only, it’s not quite working out that way. Right from the start, things were a little… off. And it just got worse. Separated, and yet on the same path, Moria and Ashyn have to learn to face legendary evils, as well as discover who they are without each other. I liked this book a lot! I actually found it on Epic Reads when looking for a sisters book for the Popsugar challenge (see my list here), along with a bunch of other sisters books that I have yet to read (and cannot wait to get my hands on!). I thought the concept of this book was very intriguing, and enjoyed discovering what the next page had in store for me. I (somehow) COMPLETELY missed that plot twist (I feel like I should have seen it coming, but I don’t think I could have), and therefore it completely blew my mind. I won’t name any names, but I especially liked the love interests. I imagine them both as AMAZING! And now, I have just stirred up ALL OF MY FEELS!!!! Excuse me while I go read the sequel. Be back in four. Hours, that is.

Just One Sea of Shadowed Wishes, as designed by yours truly- The sibling bonds in these books were prominent (obviously). Both brought the story home by caring so much about each other, and of course having no idea what was happening to the other. And hey, the love interests. Romance, guys. YASSS.

Wow, this feels so short! But hey, if I don’t have anything interesting to ramble about (unlike Nikki- how does that girl do it?), I’d better not drag this out. I hope you all enjoyed this double review! Until I get all caught up (which could be in a little while), you might be seeing a few more of these. Lot of love and hugs! Be sure to scroll down a bit and tell me your thoughts. I love hearing from you all. πŸ™‚ Toodles!

What did you think of my edit? I know it was overkill, but do you think it was worth it? Have you read either Just One Wish or Sea of Shadows? Plan to? Were unsure before and now I have you convinced? Had never heard of them before and you’re adding them to your TBR? Did you like my teasers? Were they too short, or just right? Are you going to be my crying buddy now??? What is your position on books based on sibling bonds? Say hi, guys! I know I say it all the time, but hearing from you makes my day! Now, go start a conversation!


16 thoughts on “Just One Sea of Shadowed Wishes

  1. OH GOSH I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS POST SINCE FOREVER!!! I’m so glad that you loved Just One Wish as much as you did, and eeeek I have this HUUUUGE grin on my face right now πŸ˜€

    ~Your crying buddy forever,
    Bhramori πŸ˜‰

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  2. Ohmigod I LOVE Just One Wish! And YAS, that ending is just…*choked sobs*
    Sea of Shadows sounds awesome, I’ll add it on my TBR. Great reviews, by the way! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

      1. New crying buddy, yayy! 😁 I didn’t have one online before and I’ve been crying my eyes out for books since the 1st of January. Some books just…*choked sobs*

        Liked by 1 person

      1. If it’s the one called “critical…” something, yes, that’s not available anymore. My blog is plethoricthoughts.wordpress.com . 😊 WordPress should be fixing this, sheesh.

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