Pretty, AKA Pretty Little Crooked Liars

Recently Finished Friday

Hello again! Miss Amy is back for a Recently Finished Friday! Woohoo! I’m finally on track!!! Okay, too many exclamation points. Tone it down, girl. The books I still have yet to talk about are A World Away, Library of Souls, The Rest of Us Just Live Here, Immortal, The Raven Boys, and my three absolute latest reads, to be talked about today! (I did a double review on Just One Wish and Sea of Shadows yesterday. *is proud of self*)

RFF Rules

On Sunday, I finished Also Known As by Robin Benway. (The AKA in my title.) I, for one, love books about spies, so I went into this extremely excited. Thankfully, I was not disappointed! (As in, 9.5/10 not disappointed) Maggie starts off bored but safe. After cracking the case, her family of three is sent to New York City. Turns out, she gets to go on a mission- solo! I devoured the story as she awkwardly stumbled into what a normal teenage life is like, learned how to be independent in her work, and discovered what her true values and priorities were. Guys, can I just say, ROUX!?!

AKA Kangaroo Quote

Roux is such a complex character. She was hilarious, ridiculous, outgoing, and a risk-taker. All. The. Time. Honestly, at the beginning I had no idea what to make of her. (Okay, that’s not necessarily true. I still don’t know what to make of her.) She’s obviously had an incredibly rough life and seen, heard, and done some not-so-good stuff, but honestly, she was so awesome that by the end I didn’t really care any more. Roux=Awesome Best Friend. Period end of story.

AKA Gazelle Quote

And of course, there’s the super hot love interest, yada yada yada. Obviously, I liked him too, but for all the good details, well. You’re just going to have to read the book, now aren’t you? Really, though- It’s a fast-paced, fun read that (if you were to pace yourself, which of course I didn’t) you could read in one sitting. Shall we continue?

On Wednesday, I finished Pretty Crooked by Elisa Ludwig, and I’d have to say that it gets a 6 out of 10. Sure, it’s a really interesting idea. Willa feels that their is injustice at Valley Prep, and someone needs to even the score, so she starts a regular old Robin Hood act- stealing from the rich and buying designer clothing for the poor. However, it didn’t quite play out the way I thought it would. Although there’s a bit of a love triangle, both of the boys are much the same (not to mention friends), so there isn’t really a choice? I guess? And I really don’t like the way she starts treating money. She’s completely reckless and expects to just take money from the safe whenever she feels like it. She doesn’t seem to realize that she only has so much before it runs out. Looking past all this, she has a secretive past that I am really curious about, and her mother has a secret that I cannot seem to guess. So yes, I will be reading the next book. Hopefully I enjoy it a bit more!

And finally, I also finished Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard on Wednesday. After finishing Pretty Crooked early that morning, I had to start the next book (which happened to be PLL). I proceeded to become glued to the book and read it as much as I could in between/during (oops?) classes. Later, when I was about halfway through, I was sitting on my couch and the lighting was dim. The book was at a lull, so what do I do? Why, open up Netflix and start watching the first episode of the show, of course! Then, when it looked like something really important was going to happen (on the show), I quickly raced through the rest of the book, was shocked and appalled, and proceeded to watch the rest of the episode. Wow, Amy. Wow. In any case, I am absolutely obsessed with this series and CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on the next book!!! I have to know what happens! (Emily+Maya? Um, yes please!) In other words, I am now a Pretty Little Liars junkie. What else is new?

Pretty Little Liars Quote

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for you today! πŸ™‚ I’ve been a lot better about my priorities (I’m telling you, priorities really are key!), and so I’ve been keeping up with everything. (By the way, I posted a discussion topic concerning Twilight on Monday! I’d love to hear your opinion.) Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow or Sunday! I hope all of your weeks are finishing up well. Toodles! XD

Did you notice all of my edits? What did you think? How do you like Recently Finished Friday? Are you considering joining in? Have you read Also Known As, Pretty Crooked, or Pretty Little Liars? Thoughts? Read- Loved/Hated? Planning to read- Because of me/In spite of me? I’m curious! Do tell! πŸ™‚ Do you like the quotes? Say hi! I miss you already!




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