New Years, Books, and Hugs!!!

Hullo to everyone out there, even the ones not reading this! Everyone needs a happy hello sometimes. πŸ™‚ It’s Amy here, and before we do anything, how about we just get this over with:


Now that that’s out of the way, I just want to give you all a hug! 2015 is over. Of course, that means so many different things for each of us. For some, 2015 was the worst year of the lives, the best year of their lives, the best/worst year in a while, or just average. But no matter whether yours was amazing, awful, or meh, we all have something in common- we can always have a better one! I hope that each and every one of you (and let’s hope me too) has a better year than the last. πŸ™‚ I hope this is a given, but if there’s ever anything I can do to help with that, whether it be advice, someone to joke around with, blogging help, book suggestions, or something else entirely, please feel comfortable leaving one of us a comment or sending us an email. πŸ˜€

If you’re all thinking this will be a New Years’ post (something fantastical and amazing or reminscing- I don’t know how to spell that word, and I’m sorry, but I’m not looking it up right now- about the past) you are sadly WRONG. Of course I have 2016 Resolutions, but I’m also aware that I have read quite a few of those lately, and they were all amazing, and therefore mine will not be better!!! Here’s a few of my favorites:

So. After reading all of those, I am pumped for 2016!!! Let’s speak of important things. If you have never been on this blog

before, I can assure you that I am speaking of my babies (no, I do not have multiple laptops) AKA MY BOOKS!!!


I somehow convinced Nikki that we need to do some 2016 Reading Challenges and found some really cool ones! The list is not exactly what I would call “final” yet, but it’s got some merit to it. I will possibly also be doing something of my own- there were a couple of challenges that I liked the idea of but did not feel like I would/could complete all of them, so maybe I will gather the ones I like in a jar and have a little fun with that. ANYWAY- there will be a page (this is 99% likely to happen, or I wouldn’t tell you about it. Honest.) coming up very soon with a list of all of the challenges I am doing and all of the challenges Nikki is doing, as well as books we have read so far/plan to read for each. My point is, the two I am most definitely sure I will be doing (as in, it is set in stone) are (of course) the Goodreads challenge and the Popsugar challenge. For Goodreads this year, I am trying to read 175 books, but I am also trying to keep it more up to date and use it to keep better track of books on my TBR. As for the Popsugar challenge, you can see the link to the PDF here or somewhere in this area! I really like nearly all of the challenges (Like seriously, a political memoir. But then, I can see why that’s a challenge) I have tweaked a few of the challenges to make them less personal and/or Young Adult. Here goes!

Fairy Tale- Cruel Beauty

National Book Awards Winner- Challenger Deep

YA Bestseller- Looking for Alaska

Book from high school (I didn’t really start reading Young Adult until I started this blog, so this is the book that got me moving along that path) a while ago (?)- The Immortal Rules

Set in your home state country- Divergent

Translated to English- Inkheart

Romance in the future- The Crown

Set in Europe- Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Under 150 Pages- In the Forests of the Night (or novella?)

New York Times Bestseller- Six of Crows

Book to Movie Adaptation in 2016- Fallen

Recommended by Someone You Just Met- Finnikin of the Rock (courtesy of Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy)

Self-Improvement- Oh, the Places You’ll Go! (I am doubtful on this one, but here is the Goodreads link)

Book Finished in a Day-

Book by Celebrity- Land Of Stories book 5

Political Memoir- I am Malala (er, shortened version?)

Over 100 Years Older Than You- Pride and Prejudice

Book Over 600 Pages- Winter (bold means I finished it)

Oprah’s Book Club- A Curse Dark as Gold

Science Fiction- The Scorch Trials

Book Recommended by Family- Pretty Little Liars

Graphic Novel- Drama

Published 2016- The Rose and the Dagger

Your Occupation (I call myself a reader, I’m not an assassin or a queen. But that would be cool. Sorry for the disappointment)- Throne Of Glass book 5

Set in Summer- We’ll Always Have Summer (Not sure if this is in summer…)

Book and Prequel- Under the Never Sky and Roar and Liv

Murder Mystery- Pretty Little Liars

Book Written by a Comedian- Hyperbole and a Half (recommended by Anthony @ A Very Awkward Blog)

Dystopian- The Scorch Trials

Blue Cover- Challenger Deep


The First (YA) Book You See In a Bookstore- How to Be Brave

Classic From the 20th Century- To Kill a Mockingbird

A Book From the Library- Winter

Autobiographies- The Amazing Book Is Not on Fire

Road Trip- The Alchemist (recommended by Bhramori @ The Crazy Perfectionist)

Unfamiliar Culture- A World Away

Satirical- Pride and Prejudice

Set On an Island- Island of the Blue Dolphins

Guaranteed to Bring You Joy-

As you can see, bold is for books already finished, and some books I have not figured out yet. I’m still looking for a book I can finish in a day, a book set in summer,Β  a book of poetry, a book with a road trip, and a book guaranteed to bring me joy. If you have any suggestions, please tell me! I’d love to hear from you. πŸ™‚

Alright, this is the moment when I give you my sorry face. Not because I’m about to leave you (although this is true) or because I feel like I’ve bored you (also true) but because I completely did what I said I wouldn’t do! I went and talked about the new year. Oh well. You can all expect to hear from me TOMORROW, (if all goes well- I will try to hold myself to that) because I FINISHED WINTER AND LIKE WHAT WHAT WHAT WHY IS IT OVER NOT COOL NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And last but not least, GO VOTE FOR THE BLOGLOVIN’ BUTTON!!! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, well. You’re my prime audience. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM VOTING? Oh please oh please let me know! I will try to help you out or I will figure out a way to vote for you, hehe! But how do I do this “voting”, you say? Just click on this here linky dinky dink to go to the post with the pictures and poll. If the poll doesn’t show up, well then. COMMENT AND I WILL SEND YOU THE LINK!!! Alright, get voting! I can’t remember exactly, but the last day for the poll is either today or tomorrow, and who knows how to make it last longer? Come on, we haven’t got all week! Literally!

I love all of you guys (PASSIONATELY- sorry, force of habit, it’s a funny GIF), but I have many different numb limbs from sitting here so long. GROUP HUG!!!! Don’t forget to say hi down in the comments! Maybe you can be the person I’m just meeting recommending a book! (If that is so, I love YA!) Okay, I cannot possibly drag this on any longer.

Or can I?

Kidding! More hugs now. TOODLES!!!


43 thoughts on “New Years, Books, and Hugs!!!

  1. Hugs you back* Happy New Year!!!
    Thanks for the mention, I really appreciate it:)
    I saw the challenge on goodreads, and I thought, well this should be fun! I truly hope I’ll be able to make time for it, because it really is a fun challenge and I LOVE READING SO WHY NOT?!!

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  2. I’m glad you liked my recap! πŸ˜€ I’m also doing Popsugar’s Challenge, and still struggling to find the right books. But like OMG ARE YOU KIDDING 175 BOOKS?! That’s like… 4 books a week! That’s so cool I’m so jealous I can barely read these days it’s shameful I know.
    Also, I see that you are using the same books for multiple categories in the PS challenge… Is that legal? ^^’ I heard you need to pick only 1 book for one category. Oh well, I don’t think it really matters since you reading 175 FRICKIN BOOKS this year.
    Ohhh can I recommend a comedian book? Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh. She used to be a blogger but now she’s on a hiatus writing her second book, and it’s HILARIOUS. I think she’s the best blogger of all time and she’s actually the reason I started blogging. You can see her posts if you like ( ) not sure if the link is correct but if not you can always google it :p But seriously it’s an amazing book.
    One last thing (gosh this comment is so long) I am also planning on reading Alaska and Malala for these categories! *aaa the coincidence*
    And since this is your new year’s post, Happy (late) New Year!! I hope it’ll be better for us all πŸ˜€

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    1. Well hullo! (Sorry couldn’t help myself) Of course! HAHAHAHAHAHA I laughed so hard at that! Well, it’s about a book every other day, and that’s my goal. In 2015 I read over 150, so…
      OMG IS THAT NOT LEGAL!!!???!!! I will check that out immediately, because I can definitely find others! πŸ˜‰ I just want to be sure to leave room for plenty of unplanned books, hehe.
      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I had no idea what was going to be my comedian book. I will totally check her out. I trust your judgement… (Is that bad???)
      AAAA COINCIDENCES!!!!! Hehehehehe. Don’t worry about comment size. GO BIG OR SMALL I DONT CARE AND THAT IS NOT A SAYING…
      Happy Late New Year!

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      1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA GO BIG OR GO SMALL XD that defies all logic and I love it. Personally I love big juicy comments but small ones are nice too (I love all comments actually. Hashtag equality!)
        Just HOW can you balance reading books and studying?! It’s unbelievable!! I’d be proud of myself if I manage to finish a book in a week these days (but I’m pretty fast during summer because I’m SO bored).
        Also, you are a very, very wise person for trusting my judgement. (But like, I wasn’t joking. She IS the best blogger of all time and she had like thousands of followers)
        If you ever need any recommendations for the categories, I’d be really happy to give you some!! (And you can check the challenge’s page on my blog to get inspired :p)

        Liked by 1 person

          Big juicy ones are usually the best, I agree, but small ones come super close!
          It’s called… And this is the big secret you’ve been waiting for… Actually three things. 1) STUDY HALL IS A LIFESAVER 2) I read pretty fast, and at any and all hours in any and all situations… 3) I’m currently not in any extracurricular activities. I play tennis, but I’m taking a break, and my other things only happen once a month. SO THATS IT
          Aha! The big big big big secret! LET ME SEE THIS PAGE

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            1. Wellllllll, a study hall is exactly what it sounds like. Last year it was optional for my school, but this year (thank the Lord) it’s mandatory. Basically, we get half an hour in a classroom to work on any homework or study for any upcoming tests/quizzes, or read (this happens to me frequently haha) or play games or talk or whatever.

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  3. Love that challenge! I don’t know if you have read these (your probably have), but for the “book with a road trip” you could always do Paper Towns or Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour! Looking forward to the new year, hope you have a good one!

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  4. Happy New Year Amy! I voted on the Bloglovin button! πŸ™‚ I always find it hard to keep up with reading challenges, so I admire that you are going to do a couple! And that you have all your reads planned out for the popsugar one! I still haven’t read Winter – I’m going to soon, but it’s so sad that the series is over!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy New Year! XD That’s awesome, thanks so much! Well, the Popsugar challenge could always change, but I want to push myself to try some new things. You need to!!! Winter was amazing and so incredibly worth it. πŸ™‚


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