The reflection in the mirror…

I love Bhramori and I love this big huge chunk of truth. I’m tempted to say Bhramori is an amazing writer, and she is, but right now she’s just telling the truth. And wording it in an astounding way. So Bhramori, you’re an awesome writer, and you rock. I’ve never evem thought about this, but it’s eye-opening and deep. So deep, man. Sometimea I like what I see in the “mirror” and sometimes I don’t. But it doesn’t matter. Lies don’t matter. So thank you, Bhramori, and please don’t be mad at me for reposting your beautiful words!


P.S. Sorry I haven’t been on at all and then appear out of nowhere with a short repost. I promise to be more active. I have some great new ideas (prepares to be splattered with tomatoes), some of which include two new meme ideas!!! Dun dun dun…..  And with that, I bid you farewell…. for now…….

The Crazy Perfectionist

From my childhood, I’ve always had this notion that the mirror doesn’t really show us our real face. It must change the picture a bit, show us a slightly different face from what we carry. I never trusted what it showed me. Because it didn’t show me my real face.

When I read Snow White and found out about the mirror of the evil queen, I thought maybe the mirror shows us what we want to see. But then I realised, there were so many people who were not satisfied by the way their reflection looked. If the mirror really showed them what they wanted to see, why would that happen? Shouldn’t they all be satisfied?

Then I thought, maybe the mirror had some sort of mindset. There were certain people that it liked, and certain people that it didn’t like. When those ‘liked’ people looked in, they got to…

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