Nikki’s Back “After” Fair- Week

Hey, guys. So I actually wrote the body of this post about two days ago on a Google Doc because we didn’t have any WiFi. The horror. I know, man. I know. I survived it! But the entire time my face was all like:

daddy-day-care-oGotta’ love Daddy Day Care! 🙂 So anyhow, I was currently reading After We Collided. Now I loved After, but this book was even better than the first. The characters just really developed, as did the plot, not that it needed much developing. And as I was reading it, I just felt this overwhelming urge to write all of this down. So I did. I originally planned to make this a Currently Reading Post and have Amy contribute with whatever book she’s currently reading. But, I haven’t talked to Amy in, according to Hangouts, three days, and that’s just the messages she sent me while I was suffering in my friendless abyss, cut off from all civilization. And I messaged her fifty times today with no response. So this post is just going to be my comeback! Enjoy my thoughts, dear people reading this blog. My grammatically incorrect, unedited, laden with spelling error thoughts. Oh boy am I going to regret this! Here we go!


This is nothing like this book on the entire planet. Like Hardin once said to Tessa, this is it for me. I have found my one true book love: The After Series. I have never, ever felt this way about a book before in my entire life. All I want to do is sit and get lost in this book all day long. Seriously. All I’ve been doing all day is sitting on the couch reading, and, for once, I am perfectly satisfied with that. Since I’m usually a very active person, as much as I love reading usually I need to do something else every once and a while to break it up. But while reading this, the thought of doing something else seems VERY unppealing and makes me a little sick. I didn’t even get dressed. I woke up, picked up this book, started reading and haven’t stopped since. Expect now. It was torture to set down my book, but I knew I needed to get all of these feelings out of me. I can’t even talk to Amy because: A. The wifi is down, and B. She hasn’t even read the first one! So here I am, typing away aimlessly on a Google Docs entry, hoping the Wifi will work soon so I can beg Amy to make a Currently Reading post so I can finally get some relief. (Since she’s not a procrastinator like me, that shouldn’t be too hard.) This book is more important to me than my own life. Hardin and Tessa are all I care about. I can’t even find the words to express my feelings right now. RIght now I’m on the part with they haven’t talked to each other in nine days and each day is getting easier for Tessa and harder for Hardin. I’m so confused right now. Does this mean she doesn’t love him as much as he loves her? That can’t be true. No way. I’m almost scared to find out, but my feverish reading whatever-you-call-it won’t let me put the book down, expect for now. ANd even now I want to do nothing more than to pick that book back up. It’s taunting, guys. It’s taunting me with that beautiful purple cover. (I have a weakness for all things purple. Curse the wonders of Anna Todd and her brilliant publishing team.) I’m really mad at myself right now because I was just thinking all these wonderful, thought-provoking, bookish thoughts and now I can’t remember a single one of them. Does this happen to anyone else? I’m just praying that there’s someone out thee who understands me. I need to talk to someone!! I can’t stand this!! I need wifi, I need connections. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my Galligaskins. I stumbled upon one of those thoughts, and surprise, surprise, it just slipped through my fingers! And now I’m in even more of a frenzy because one of my softball teammates, the coach’s daughter, just came to the door, asking for my softball uniform and saw me in my oversized t-shirt and beautiful snow-man pajama pants. Isn’t that lovely?! ANd of course, I couldn’t find the freaking uniform! I looked everywhere, but all I could come up with was the shorts, so she had to stand out on our porch for like ten minutes because I couldn’t freaking find it! I couldn’t call my mom to ask where it was because, apparently, the phone’s aren’t working either! Eventually, I told her I would just bring it over when I found it. Ugh. I felt like some hormonal, lazy, stinkin’ hobo who sits around and watches reality T.V. all day! Expect for the fact (How many times have I used that phrase now?) that I’ve been reading all day and Hardin and Tessa are much more real than reality, T.V. or otherwise. Well, I seem to have not- so- elegantly dumped out my big barrel of feelings. There’ nothing left for me to do expect for go back to my book in shame. (Guys, I didn’t even have a bra on!) I apologize for my even-crazier-than-usual behavior. I’ve just sorta been letting the words “flow” from my fingertips. I’ll let you know if any of those bookish thoughts come back to me as I’m reading. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Not even a page later and I’m back. Hardin. Just. Met. Natalie. Mind blown. (What’s left of it at least.) Holy cow, holy cow, holy cow. I need some time to process this. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. One last breath. And dive back in. I’m so happy! Natalie is pregant and engaged, and also willing to forgive Hardin. Okay, I literally need to stop stopping after every page. Sigh. I just have so much to share and no one to talk to! Oh, wait. Now I’m remembering why I started to write again. And as I typed that sentence, I lost it. I guess the general idea is- Wait, it’s all coming back! I love this book so much. There’s nothing like it. Literally. I thought The Immortal Rules was my favorite, then Throne of Glass, then all of Cassandra Clare books, then Vicious, but none of them have made me feel like this. I don’t even how I loved reading before I read this book. I don’t kow if finding your favorite book is like this for everyone, but it’s certainly lie this for me. I guess I sorta’ found my one true love book in the way Hardin and Tessa found each other. Oh, wait! THey’re broken up! Here come the tears! 😦 😦 😦 Anna Todd has such a different writing style. She doesn’t necessarily have any errors, but sometimes she won’t use contractions or other small things like that that would help the story flow more, and I don’t know why, but it makes the story that much better. I don’t know if it was because this was originally a Wattpad book, but it’s amazing. Her writing isn’t as polished and smooth; it’s actually quite choppy, but that just illustrates the story an rockiness and fragility of Tess and Hardin’s relationship all the more. It’s truly beautiful in a breathtaking and broken way that is so much more real than reality itself, just like Hardin and Tessa. Okay, guys. I think I finally found what I was trying to say, so I think I can go back to my book in peace. I feel very content right now, oh wait, Idon’t because After We COllided isn’t in my hands right now. Hopefully the Wifi will be fixed soon so I can threaten (I mean talk) Amy into quickly writing her part of this post. (Even thought my portion is more than long enough for the both of us.) I’m sorry I haven’t been very active for, like, ever but fair week is finally over, but bringing with its closure a new enemy who has come out of nowhere… Back- to-School. OKay, my stomach hurts just thinking those words( Especially since the first day is on my birthday, the 19th) , so I’m going to go lose myself in my book again. And this time I mean it. Hopefully there won’t be anymore interruptions this time. Ya’ know, I don’t feel so alone anymore so thank you guys in advance! I’ll make sure to include some of my artwork in my next Thoughts On A Whim, and not to spoil it for anything, but Amy, Bekah, and I painted these roosters (What a random statement.) at the fair, and we can’t decide whose is the best. So we thought we’d let you guys decide. Make sure stay tuned for that and for my other awesomeness as well. Bye, guys! Love ya’! (I like how I’m going good-bye, but nobody’s even there.)

Ta-da! What’d ya think? Where are all my fangirls/guys?!?! I’ve had some time to let the feelings settle and fade a bit, but I still need to talk it out, y’all. (Oh, my. That experiment failed. Never going country, my friends. Never.)

“After” reading this book, I’ve come to the immediate conclusion that I need the next one, pronto. I mean who ends a book right in the middle of the never-ending climax?!?!?! And, of curse, for a week I haven’t been able to order it because I haven’t had access to the internet!!!! And I haven’t even ordered it yet because I’ve been obsessed with posting this before I forget all about it. So take a seat for a moment while I go order that along with Heir of Fire. To keep you company:

Linky Linky Linky Dink! Click Me!

(Now sing that in your head to the tune of a catchy jingle!)

And then I was watching a One Direction music video. One second I was ordering After We Fell and the next I was watching Best Song Ever.

I love the old One Direction… Anyway… Here’s a lil’ link for you guys:

Click it; you know you want to.

I can’t stop. I have a problem.

Why do I think this is the funniest thing ever???

Hardin… I mean Harry. Right Harry.

Okay, guys. That was the last one, I swear. I have to go now. I’m late for a meeting with my shrink. Bye, guys! Luv’ ya! You’re all:

I’m gonna’ go before you have time to recollect yourselves and grab your weapons assortment:

Since Amy isn’t here I’ll say it for her: Toodles!


7 thoughts on “Nikki’s Back “After” Fair- Week

  1. You love 1D?! Really? Really??! 😀 *starts to give you a high-five but then loses control over her excitement level and runs over to give a hug. A tight, tight hug* I used to have the biggest crush on Harry, you know. It’s not as strong now… but I still totally go fangirl when I find others like me 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *returns hug and almost stabs you with my unicorn horn because I am now a unicorn* Correction: I did love 1D, and I doubt you had the biggest crush on him because that role belongs to me. My posters of him in “the good ole’ days” still hang on my walls. He was soo, soooooo, sooooooooooooooooo gorgeous. (Key word was, because now he looks like a homeless monkey.) One Direction was fallen apart, I think, and it’s so sad. Heartbreakingly. But I live forever fangirl when watching their old stuff…. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know! I don’t understand why he changed his appearance like that!
        Yeah, Zayn broke away from the band to go solo. And he broke my heart, too, in the process. 😥
        Now fangirl is gone, though. I haven’t listened to 1D in ages
        P.S. You are sadly mistaken, my dear. I was beyond doubt the biggest Harry fan. I can still quote his interviews and answer all the trivia. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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