A… Shoutout Thursday?

Gasp! Back so soon, Amy? That’s right! Somehow I gathered up the courage to start a brand new post. IT’S SO BLANK!!! *let’s all be ridiculous, shall we* Although I missed a Recently Finished Friday as well, I think I’m just going to have to let that one fly because guess what… TOMORROW’S FRIDAY!!! WOOHOO!!! I always liked Thursdays. That much closer to Friday. XD Alright, well. If I’m really going to get this posted today (and as always, I don’t have much time), I better get on with it.


This is my first time using Nikki’s edit, and I love it! It’s just like Nikki- so cute and fun you just want to hug it and then discuss books for hours. As for her rules:

  1. Include one shout-out for an “old” blog (Old meaning you discovered it a while ago; it doesn’t matter when they started blogging.) that you’ve loved for a long time now. Please try to limit yourself to one old blog per post so you don’t run out due to the fact that this is supposed to be (Key words.) a weekly meme. 🙂
  2. Include one or two (If you really want to you can include up to three or four, but more than that so you don’t bore your audience. Take it from me, I’m a boring expert. 🙂 “new” blog/blogs. (Again, it doesn’t matter when they started blogging, just when you discovered them.)
  3. Include one or two (If you’re like Amy, three or four. I tease because I love. 🙂 shout-outs for posts that you absolutely loved this week. You don’t even have to have loved them; they just could have been posts that made you think or stuck with you throughout your week.
  4. Extra Credit that’s sort of required: Include one or more book shout-outs (After all, this is a bookish meme. 🙂. Along with the book title and author and cover picture, if you can, please include your rate on a scale of one to ten and also either a synopsis and or a link to the Goodread’s page.
  5. More Extra Credit that’s sort of encouraged but not enforced: This part is just something fun and cute that will help your followers get to know you better. Include two or more songs that you’ve been addicted to this week (This is my favorite part.) and why you love them if you can explain it. Sometimes you can’t. 🙂 If you like visual media (Fancy.), include either a TV show or movie, or both, that you loved this week.

YASSSSSSS LET’S GET STARTED!!! I love this meme so much. SO MUCH!!!!


Everyone, say hello to my old friend… Becca @ Becca and Books! I find her (and especially her about me) so incredibly hilarious. I remember first finding her blog and feeling like she was so much smarter and wiser. It was like (if you can picture this) Becca looking down her nose at me from her position as a giant person (and queen of the world) and me being this tiny little ant about to get stepped on by said Becca. Very odd. But come to find out, Becca is an ACTUAL PERSON *gasp* with actual real opinions and feelings and I CAN TALK TO HER LIKE WHAT!!!???!!! So yes, Becca is that amazing that she managed to instill that feeling in me. Go check her out. I promise she does not flaunt her superiority (even though it totally exists). Hi, Becca!


If you think about it, it’s really amazing that I haven’t featured this person yet. The first time I met this person, they had nominated me for those 2015 Blogger Awards without evening knowing me. LIKE WHAT??? The first time I visited this blog, I nearly died (okay, I just hyperventilated, but still) laughing reading the about me and all of the funny remarks made throughout the rest of the blog. Guys, Anthony @ A Very Awkward Blog is such a cool guy, he just had to be featured today! He’s recommended MULTIPLE books to me, and we’ve many a conversation that left me in stitches. I am now kind of regretting using him… Only because he could have been an oldie!


Libraries of the World over at Bookbox– “I believe libraries are the last magical places left on earth. That is where the man keeps all the magic protected and unseen from the non-believers.” ‘Nuff said.

Top Ten Fairytale Retellings on Reading Every Night– Okay, first of all, I love that name. What a great blog name. Wish I’d thought of it first. Also, RETELLINGS PEOPLE. Plus, Cinder and The Wrath and the Dawn are on the list. Did you not just hear me go go go!!! ALL of the books are either on my TBR or I have already read and loved them. Definitely a list worth seeing!


Oh, books. I could talk for hours. But hey, that’s a good thing, because this is a book blog! Buuuuuuut… I suppose I could narrow it down to just one. This time. Lately I’ve added so many books to my TBR. Meet It’s All Your Fault by Paul Rudnick. The premise of this book just sounds so hilarious! The maid character is a “good” girl, who had basically not done anything bad in her life until the weekend before. And it’s all because of her cousin. Okay, you guys have to read the synopsis. It cracked me up. Really! It looks like a really fun, light read.Music

  • Alone Together by Fallout Boy
  • Uma Therman by Fallout Boy
  • American Beauty/American Psycho by Fallout Boy


I have recently become addicted (of course, all thanks to Nikki) to the TV show (on Netflix) The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Honestly, don’t watch it unless you want to get addicted- and start hating on Amy with me. (Yes, really! The main character’s name is Amy!)

That brings us to the end of this one (and hopefully only) Shoutout Thursday! Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow! I’m thinking I’ll be back with a Recently Finished Friday. 🙂 Toodles!


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    1. Sorry I didn’t reply earlier- for some reason your comment was not approved! Haha I understand the feeling; however after the second season or so I started to really hate Amy so I stopped watching it. Does it get any better?


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