Just a tad bit of poetry…

Life is always In progress Never done Never truly finished Always something more to do Waiting for something to happen Never done My work is ongoing And I will never reach the end I am buried in all this never ending work It only grows It will cover me up Until I no longer see … Continue reading Just a tad bit of poetry…

The Veracity Challenge!!!

We weren't ACTUALLY tagged for this, but I found it on Bhramori's website (The Crazy Perfectionist), and it looked fun! RULES: Write a paragraph without using a single adjective. Keep the link Veracity challenge in your post (so that the creator of the challenge may receive a pingback).  Anyone can join the challenge, you don’t have … Continue reading The Veracity Challenge!!!


Hey guys, it's Amy! Recently, I decided I was going to participate in the Comment Challenge for July. Of course, after I signed up and got paired up, I completely forgot to make a post about it. Here goes! For those who haven’t heard about this challenge, Lonna @ FLYLēF and Alicia @ A Kernel of … Continue reading THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ARE FORGETFUL.

Thoughts on a Whim… June! November? Er, February.

It's been a long time since Nikki or I posted a Thoughts on a Whim, but here is a short one from June! I have some pictures and poems to share with you. 🙂

Butterbeer, shameless plugging, why Nikki is awesome, and more!

Hey guys! Believe it or not, this is not Nikki, (in case you're new, it's Amy here) because I have a fantastic reason for giving her a big head! I hope... Okay guys, let's do da (day) ORDER OF ATTACK:   And by the way, that is NOT my hand. I made one for my brother … Continue reading Butterbeer, shameless plugging, why Nikki is awesome, and more!


Hey guys! Amy here. I can't believe Nikki's back!!!!! Actually, I can. You guys are too amazing to stay away from for long. If you're new to the blog or haven't checked your reader in FOREVER (that happens to me too, no worries) you can see Nikki's coming back post here. 🙂 I won't link … Continue reading NIKKI’S BACK! PARTY AT MY HOUSE!!!!!


Hey guys!!! It's Amy. FINALLY. It's been 3 1/2 weeks since I last posted! Wowwwwwww Amy wow. I've just been procrastinating. Hopefully most of you know that I've been interacting on other's blogs, commenting and liking and such. Unfortunately, the blog has started to feel like a chore to me. I always feel like I … Continue reading HELLO EVERYBODY!!!

Thoughts on a Whim… Spring!

Hello there! Amy here. To be perfectly honest, we've had these mostly done for a long while. After much consideration, we eventually decided to do separate posts! And hopefully you can all expect this type of post from both of us each month. Nikki and I just wanted to share our excitement for spring! It … Continue reading Thoughts on a Whim… Spring!