December 2017 Wrap-Up | 20 books… Say whaaaaat?

Hullo! I posted my classics/comics wrap-up just this morning, but I wanted to make sure to put up my regular wrap-up close behind. If you're interested in classics, short stories, or comics (web or traditional), definitely check out that wrap-up! Thanks to the winter break (which is absurdly long this year- not that I'm complaining), … Continue reading December 2017 Wrap-Up | 20 books… Say whaaaaat?

My December Classics/Comics Wrap-Up

Maybe I'm crazy, but I read a bunch of comics and short stories this month, so I figured it was a lot for one wrap-up. Therefore, this is a separate wrap-up for the comics/classics/short stories that I read this month; I hope you enjoy it in any case! Let's get right into it. Ms. Marvel … Continue reading My December Classics/Comics Wrap-Up

The “Booktuber Book Blogger” Tag!

Hey guys! I know that at the beginning of the month I said I was going to attempt Bookmas... Welp, that was a total fail! I apologize for the unplanned mini-hiatus; finals were unexpectedly stressful and I've just had really severe blogger burnout lately. However, I feel like I'm in recovery and I do want … Continue reading The “Booktuber Book Blogger” Tag!

So many old ARCs… Oops?| Mini Reviews!

Designed by Freepik Hey guys! As you may know (if you've been reading my latest monthly TBRs), I have quite a few "backlist" ARCs that have been overdue for FAR too long. Thanks to the joy that is Netgalley (and Edelweiss). Therefore, I will preface this by saying that all of these books were kindly … Continue reading So many old ARCs… Oops?| Mini Reviews!

Jingle All the Way Book Tag

Eek! Thanks so much to Anna @ Adventures With a Book Nerd for the tag! This tag was created by The Left Handed Book Lover. It's the first day of "unofficial" bookmas, so I figured, why not start off with a Christmas-y tag? Alright, let's get right into the questions! Jingle Bells- A fun, light-hearted … Continue reading Jingle All the Way Book Tag

December TBR: Christmas books, catch-up, and more!

Hey guys! It's December first... Crazy, right??? This year has gone so fast. Especially the first semester of the school year, haha! In any case, I'm hoping my TBR for this month won't be too crazy, although I haven't planned it out yet, so... We'll just have to see! I have a few Christmas-themed books … Continue reading December TBR: Christmas books, catch-up, and more!

Review: The Thing With Feathers by McCall Hoyle

I kindly received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. Goodreads | Amazon Ummmm what is this book EXPLAIN PLEASE: Emilie has epilepsy (That means seizures at random times and that's not pretty) (Therefore she is HOMESCHOOLED with a CAPITAL BOLD H) She also has a seizure … Continue reading Review: The Thing With Feathers by McCall Hoyle

November TBR: Oops, I went overboard?

Hey guys! It's a few days into November, but I wanted to get this up so I'm not completely reading blind. 😉 I'm honestly not sure at all what I want to read this month, so there's a lot of catch-up and a LOT of options. Let's get started! This month, I'm participating in Remember … Continue reading November TBR: Oops, I went overboard?

October Wrap-Up: SpoOOooooOoOOOky!

Hey guys! October has now come to a close... Which means it's wrap-up time! As you've probably already noticed, I read 19 books this month. Yep, I'm insane. No time to waste; let's dive right in! The Raven Boys- My October TBR was seven books. I managed to get to six (the last of which … Continue reading October Wrap-Up: SpoOOooooOoOOOky!

Alphabethon Round 4- D TBR!

Hey guys! Alphabethon round 4 is upon us! If you don't know what Alphabethon is, it's a readathon based on the alphabet. As I've said in the past, Alphabethon is a super cool, relaxed, and fun readathon that is designed to help you work through your TBR, one letter at a time. I’ve joined the … Continue reading Alphabethon Round 4- D TBR!