Beat the Backlist


The Beat the Backlist Challenge looks extremely complicated and super fun, and I can’t wait to get started! I don’t have a specific TBR, but I’ll end up keeping my progress for scavenger hunts here. 🙂

Harry’s Trunk


Snitch- Bound by Duty

Cloak- Insanity

Hedwig- A Hairy Tail

Broomstick- Shadows and Dreams

Lightning bolt scar- If I Was Your Girl

The Weasleys


Arthur- The Bad Beginning

Molly- Hidden Deep

William (Bill)- Girl in the Blue Coat

Charles (Charlie)- The Hobbit

Percy- Clancy of the Undertow

Fred- Cracked Up to Be

George- A Thousand Nights

Ron- With Malice

Ginny- Lucky Me

Hermione’s Library



C- Catching Fire

D- Dumplin’


F- Firegirl

G- A Gathering of Shadows

H- How Not to Disappear





M- The Mother-Daughter Book Club


O- The Ocean at the End of the Lane

P- The Prophet of Yonwood


R- The Raven Boys

S- Siege and Storm

T- This Shattered World

U- Under Rose-Tainted Skies






Seven Years at Hogwarts


Sorcerer’s Stone

Sorting Hat/Houses- Bone Gap

First Quidditch Match- The Enemy Within

Troll in the Dungeon- Switched

Invisibility Cloak- The Falconer

Forbidden Forest Detention- The Revenge Playbook

Chess Game/Sorcerer’s Stone- The Tower of Never There

Chamber of Secrets

Flying Car- City of Bones

Chamber Threats/Petrified- All These Lives

Dueling Club- The Legacy Girls

Polyjuice Potion- Every Day

Diary- Claudia and Mean Janine

Basilisk- The Sun is Also a Star

Prisoner of Azkaban

Black Dog- A Monster Calls

Knight Bus- Sinful Cinderella

Dementor- Uprooted

Firebolt- Highly Illogical Behavior

Time turner- The Magicians

Buckbeak- Curtsies and Conspiracies

Goblet of Fire

World Quidditch Cup- The Hunger Games

Triwizard Tournament Selection- Every Heart a Doorway

Hungarian Horntail- Talker 25

Mermaids/Golden Egg- All the Bright Places

Maze/Labyrinth- Through the Woods

Harry/Voldemort Duel- Stalking Jack the Ripper

Order of the Phoenix

Expelled From Hogwarts- After the End

Umbridge/Detention- The Cellar

Dumbledore’s Army- Magic Study

Occlumency Lessons- Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

O.W.L.S- The Wrong Side of Right

Prophecy/Department of Ministries- The Prophet of Yonwood

Half-Blood Prince

Borgin and Burkes- Book of Shadows

Potions- Never Never Part One

Pensieve- Never Never Part Two

Felix Felicis- When

Locket/Horcrux- Time in a Bottle

Dumbledore- A Tyranny of Petticoats

Deathly Hallows

Wedding- Ms. Marvel

Camping- The Little Prince

Grindelwald vs. Dumbledore- Girl Mans Up

Dobby- Milk and Honey

Hogwarts Battle- The Oregon Kids

Always- Everything Everything