Getting Back to Blogging Tag

Getting Back to Blogging Tag
Arnel Hasanovic

Hey guys! I’m well aware that I’ve been absent from blogging this year- I’ve posted a grand total of 7 things this year, and 5 of those were in the very beginning of January. I don’t have a super great excuse for all of that, but I’ve just had various things happening in my life, and I just haven’t known how to get back into blogging. However, I saw the “getting back to booktube” tag on the channel Novel Ink, and I thought it was the perfect way to get back into blogging. Fair warning- I haven’t watched this yet, so fingers crossed these questions can translate into blogging! I’m excited! XD

1) Why haven’t you been posting on your blog?

Honestly, the reason that I stopped blogging in the first place is because I was feeling a constant slump. I was starting to feel bored with my content, and I didn’t know what I could post that could make me feel good with what I was putting up. Moreover, since I was unhappy with the types of posts I was making, I really didn’t enjoy sitting down to write them either, so I just eventually fell out of the habit.

2) What have you missed about blogging/the book blogging community in general?

I’ve missed having my outlet! My reading year has been super weird in 2018- I’ve read a TON (more than I ever have), but I still approach books with a blogger’s perspective, so I want to review them and talk about them in that way. However, of course I didn’t really have anywhere to put that energy, so I had some difficulty with not having a place that I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings. I started to post reviews on Goodreads, but I really missed being able to share my more in-depth and complex emotions and thoughts on some of my favorite books this year. And of course, I’ve just really missed the interaction with the community! I’ve been watching a good amount of Booktube in the last couple of months (highly highly recommend BooksandLala and Merphy Napier if you’re not into Booktube yet or don’t know of them), but even though you can comment on videos, there tends to be less interaction (in my opinion) and it’s definitely not the same.

3) What are some books you want to read even though the hype has died down and/or you’ve been otherwise unmotivated to read them?

Like Madalyn, I don’t believe this question really applies to me like it was intended to, but I suppose I can answer this anyway! A couple books that I’m not sure about (but I think I want to read??) would be Champion from the Legend series by Marie Lu, and World After from the End of Days series by Susan Ee. I read the first books in both of those series at least a couple of years ago, so I don’t really remember them, and I would probably have to reread the first books to continue on with the series. I’m not sure whether they’re really worth the hype (as I don’t really see people talking about them anymore) so please let me know in the comments if you think I should give them another shot!


*covers link to Amazon- if you click these links, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

4) In a perfect world, what are your reading and blogging schedules like?

To be perfectly honest, I’m super happy with my reading this year as far as schedule, amount, and my choices in books, so I don’t think I have anything to change there. However, with blogging, I’m not really sure. I go back to school in two weeks and I’m really not sure how busy I’ll be, but it would be amazing to post at least twice a week, and hopefully no less than once a week.

5) Why do you want to continue blogging and not just “call it quits”?

I really missed blogging while I was away! I missed this outlet for sharing my reviews and making excessive and weird lists about bookish things, and I REALLY missed all of the interaction with all of you lovely people! I really want to get back to being involved in the book blogging community, and I’m hoping that this tag is the perfect way to do that. 🙂

And that’s it for this tag! I really hope you guys enjoyed this tag, and I’m really excited to back into blogging. Let me know if you have any specific types of posts that you’d like to see from me (or book recommendations), and whether I should continue with the End of Days and Legend series! And hey, if you’re a book blogger, I would love for you to leave me a link to one of your favorite posts from the last 6 months. XD

Lots of Love, Amy ❤


21 thoughts on “Getting Back to Blogging Tag

  1. Welcome back! ^_^ 💕📚 & if your ever looking for more podcast or book recs. definitely let me know!!( &thanks again for all the lovely comments)💕📚😍 + omg after reading this post, I just remembered I haven’t read World After either! 😂(Still not sure if I want to continue w/ the series though b/c I really enjoyed Angelfall, but its just been a while since I read it & there’s always so many new books to read).

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  2. Hey Amy,
    I love your blog, and I think that you do a really good job!
    In fact, I decided to write my own blog, as previously, I was just looking at your posts from my friends computer!
    Welcome back!

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  3. Well, welcome back! I hope you find the enjoyment you once had from blogging again. Champion – I am getting really sad just thinking about it. I remember when my co-blogger finished reading it, she was crying, and it was the same for me. Really emotional.

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  4. Ahh welcome back to the blogging life!! It’s kind of hard to keep going full-tilt at times, right?! So I’m glad you took a break but more glad that you’re back and you love it still. 😉 The community is definitely one of the reasons I still adore blogging. People are so nice and it’s SO fun to discuss all the books. Ahhh.

    (Also I haven’t read End of Days OR Champion yet.😂)

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  5. I’m so happy to see you back Amy! Blogging slumps can be so frustrating ugghhh I’m glad you still love blogging though! Although I’ve been going on an off hiatuses myself this year, I definitely missed your posts ♥

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  6. I was in the same place as you for the longest time. I couldn’t connect with my blog anymore and it just didn’t feel like me. So I rebranded and levelled down my focus to lifestyle and books! The books your unsure about do sound interesting, might give them a go myself! I’m glad you didn’t call it quits. I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your blogging journey!

    Luce xo

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