2017 Reading Challenges Wrap-Up | Okay, I totally failed.

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Ooo, how exciting! I’m finally doing that end of the year thing where I make excuses for how badly I failed show you all the amazing books I picked up! I had quite a few challenges, so let’s jump right in!

Around the Year in 52 Books was “supposedly” my main challenge for the year… And I just barely managed to complete all of the topics! I was down to a few at the end there, so I read a couple of children’s books and short stories to fulfill them all. I’m so proud! XD You can check out the list of everything I read here.


Beat the Backlist ended up also being a major challenge in 2017! It was based on all things Harry Potter and the topics were rather difficult and obscure. Which was super cool. I was able to complete the Harry’s Trunk and Weasleys topics fairly quickly, but it took me quite a bit longer to finish the “Seven Years at Hogwarts” books! I believe there were 42 topics for that one. I just finished the last book in December, which was Switched, for the troll topic! If you’re interested in checking out those topics, you can do so here.

Spoiler Alert: This one is actually going to be my “main” challenge for 2018! I only set my sights on 12 books for 2017, but I think I’m going for 100 in 2018. My physical TBR is just getting out of control.

Mount TBR Reading Challenge (Goal 12 books; Pike’s Peak): COMPLETE

  1. Highly Illogical Behavior
  2. After the End
  3. Talker 25
  4. The Hobbit
  5. Girl in the Blue Coat
  6. Cracked Up to Be
  7. The Revenge Playbook
  8. The Enemy Within
  9. Sweep: Book of Shadows
  10. Firegirl
  11. The Prophet of Yonwood
  12. Disclaimer

Image result for monthly keyword reading challenge

This was… Basically just a fail. To be fair, the blogger who created the challenge actually deleted her blog halfway through the year. This has nothing to do with my success.

Monthly Keyword Reading Challenge (Goal 12):

Jan- Hidden Deep


March- FAIL

April- FAIL


June- FAIL

July- FAIL


Sept- FAIL

Oct- Dollhouse: DNF




I think I’m going to stop tracking this particular challenge. I’m just not interested.

Read One Million Pages (Goal 1 Million… Obviously):

According to Goodreads, these are my page counts for past years:

2013- 184 pages

2014- 1737 pages

2015- 56802 pages

2016- 45677 pages

2017- 48264 pages

Total: 152,664 pages so far


I’m so proud; I totally finished this one!

Book Bingo (Goal One Bingo): COMPLETE

The Cover is Your Favorite Color (purple)- Empress of a Thousand Skies

A Banned Book- The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events)

The Last Book in a Series or Trilogy- A Conjuring of Light

A Book That Was Translated to English- The Little Prince

A Debut Novel- You’re Welcome, Universe

2017 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge Sign Ups

I managed to get 6/12 of these challenges! I’m actually pretty proud of that, especially since I kept forgetting about… literally all of my challenges. Go me!

Monthly Motif (Goal 12 Months):

Jan: Diversify your reading- If I Was Your Girl

Feb: Undercover Thriller- FAIL

March: Time Traveler- FAIL

April: Award Winners- Bone Gap

May: Book to Movie or Audio- FAIL

June: Destination Unknown- FAIL

July: Believe the Unbelievable- The Enemy Within

Aug: Seasons, Elements, and Weather- FAIL

Sept: Creepy, Chilling, and Frightful- FAIL

Oct: Games, Challenges, and Contests- All Rights Reserved

Nov: Last Chance- United We Spy

Dec: Picking Favorites- Perfect Scoundrels

Pages Read (Goal 48,000; Apple Tree):

OMG I MADE IT. Apparently I was expecting to actually hit 50000 but I GOT 48,264!!! How cool is that?!? Wow I feel special.

A Non-Fiction Adventure (Goal 10 this year out of 50- click the name to see my list):

Yeeeeeah… I gave up on this challenge. I did actually read a couple of non-fiction books this year though, so I’m pleased with that!


This was definitely not the challenge for me. I did not read ANY of these except for January’s, and I have no idea why I picked the books that I did. Eugh. 2016 Amy was strange.

Reading Assignment Challenge (Goal Level 1- 12 books total, 1 per month):

Jan- Sinful Cinderella: READ

Feb- I Was the Artist: FAIL

March- The Glimpse: FAIL

April- Bright Smoke, Cold Fire: FAIL

May- As I Descended: FAIL

June- The Lit Report: FAIL

July- Open Road Summer: FAIL

Aug- Epic Fail: FAIL

Sept- Ash: FAIL

Oct- Stormdancer: FAIL

Nov- Every Last Word: FAIL

Dec- Tash Hearts Tolstoy: FAIL

Reading Challenge Addict

And finally, since I went so overboard on the challenges, I also signed up for the Reading Challenge Addict challenge. If that isn’t meta, I don’t know what is.

Reading Challenge Addict (Goal On the Roof; 6-10 challenges):

  1. Around the World in 52 Books
  2. Mount TBR
  3. Monthly Keyword
  4. Read One Million Pages
  5. Book Bingo
  6. Monthly Motif
  7. Pages Read
  8. A Non-Fiction Adventure
  9. Reading Assignment
  10. Beat the Backlist

Whew, that’s that! I hope you guys enjoyed this (or at least weren’t too bored). Did you participate in any of these challenges? If so, how did you do? If not, did you participate in any challenges in 2017 (and how did you do)? Are you signing up for any for this year? You bet I am!

With love and chocolate,

                                          Amy Lou ❤


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