December TBR: Christmas books, catch-up, and more!


Hey guys! It’s December first… Crazy, right??? This year has gone so fast. Especially the first semester of the school year, haha! In any case, I’m hoping my TBR for this month won’t be too crazy, although I haven’t planned it out yet, so… We’ll just have to see! I have a few Christmas-themed books that I really want to get to, some carry-over from last month’s TBR, and a couple of other challenges that I’d like to complete. Let’s get into it!

First, my Christmas-y reads:Image result for christmas tree gif

  • My True Love Gave to Me
  • Let it Snow
  • The Afterlife of Holly Chase (I am SO excited for this one!)
  • Gideon’s Gift
  • The Grift of the Magi

I know there are a few other YA Christmas books (including What Light, which I’ve read), but these were the only ones that really sounded appealing to me, so definitely let me know if you’ve read/enjoyed any others as well!

Last month, I participated in Remember November, to try to catch up on all of my yearly reading challenges. I was able to get through a few of them, but definitely not everything, so these are the challenges I neeeeeeed to get through this month (if I want to complete them this year, which would be totally awesome).

From Around the Year in 52 Books, I have:

  • The Inconceivable Life of Quinn
  • The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (I did check out the audiobook for this one; is that a good way to read this one or should I try to pick up a physical copy?)
  • Night
  • I Am the Messenger/Cry Blue Murder/Finnikin of the Rock
  • The Afterlife of Holly Chase
  • Ruby Red

A couple of these fulfill other challenges or are carry-over as well, so I don’t think it’s totally crazy.

From Beat the Backlist, I only have Switched, as I did manage to complete the other challenge!

And from my other collective challenges, I have:

  • Perfect Scoundrels (Monthly Motif)
  • Tash Hearts Tolstoy (Reading Assignment)

For State of the ARC last month, I actually did manage to get to two of the books, but not the other two, so those are my hopes for this month:state-of-the-arc-345x225

  • The Inconceivable Life of Quinn
  • Alice and the Fly



Last but not least, I put up a few different Goodreads polls about my “owned TBR” shelves because I’d really like to focus on them more (especially in 2018), so these are the four most voted that I’m hoping to get to:

  • I’ll Give You the Sun
  • Alex, Approximately
  • Daughter of the Burning City
  • Night

Whew that’s still a lot of books! Alas, still not nearly as many as last month. I counted, and I believe there are 17 I’d really like to get to this month. Only a couple of those would I really be fine with not finishing, so we’ll see how that goes, what with finals and the holidays! Anyhoo, let me know if you’ve read any of these books or plan to, and if so, which I should make my priority. As always, I love you guys, and I’d love to hear what you managed to read last month and/or what you’re hoping to finish by the end of this year!

With love,

               Amy Lou ❤



4 thoughts on “December TBR: Christmas books, catch-up, and more!

  1. Oh my gosh, I actually haven’t read any of the books that you listed in this post. hides I am really interested in reading Alex, Approximately & Daughter of the Burning City though! I know this was your December TBR, so I hope you were able to read lots of books and enjoyed them all! P.S. I LOVE THE SNOW ON YOUR BLOG! It’s super cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eek, oops! XD I did end up reading Alex Approximately (which was cute), but I didn’t pick up Daughter of the Burning City. Maybe this month? Hopefully soon!
      Haha thanks so much!! I think it’s going to disappear in a few days but I’ll miss it! 😉


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