My #TheReadingQuest TBR!

The Reading Quest Sign Up Post

Hey guys! A couple of days ago, I posted a list of all of the August read-a-thons I’ll be participating in, and I mentioned that I would be participating in The Reading Quest and also posting a TBR before it started! Aaaaand here I am! To start, here’s a little run-down on what this whole thing’s all about:

The Reading Quest, hosted by Aentee @ Read at Midnight, is a month-long readathon based on a video game format, in which you attempt to complete prompts for your quest to gain experience and HP!

In this challenge, you’ll be embarking on a journey to conquer your TBR pile through a series of stages. You’ll read new stories, gain experience, and level up a character of your choosing.

The quest will take place between Sunday 13th August to Sunday 10th September, 2017. All adventurers are encouraged to register their interest in the sign up form in Aentee’s original post, which will be open until Sunday 13th August.

CW of Read, Think, Ponder is the amazing artist behind all of the character illustration provided for the readathon! Make sure to give her lots of love; you can find her on Instagram, Twitter, and of course, her fabulous blog!

To begin, first you must choose one of four different character classes:

The Reading Quest Character Classes

Eek! After reviewing all of the challenges for each, I decided to take the path of a Rogue! This is the character card I’ve created:

Rogue Start.png

If you want to create one as well, Aentee gave links to all of the necessary elements in her original post. Hopefully I’ll be updating the card with my progress at some point and posting it on Twitter/my blog, depending on how it goes! Anyhoo, “underrated gems” describes a lot of my TBR quite well, especially the eARCs I have, so I figured the Rogue quest would be perfect for me! Since I’m trying to participate in ARC August, I’m going to try to fit a few of those in my TBR as well! Now… ONTO THE QUEST BOARD!

Reading Quest Board

Since I’m following the Rogue path, I’ll be starting with the bottom five challenges! If (hopefully) I finish the Rogue path, I’ll start on the Bard path. I have a basic TBR laid out, but it’s very likely to change, especially as I have a couple of other readathons going on, and I might need a little wiggle room. In any case, here it is!

A Book With a One-Word Title-  Maud/Firegirl

A Book Published by a Small Press-  The Last to Die/Ronit and Jamil

A Book With <500 Ratings on Goodreads- The Tower of Never There

A Book Cover With a Partially Obscured Face- Bluff/The Mother-Daughter Book Club

A Banned Book- To Kill a Mockingbird/The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Since there are also little mini-game challenges, I’ll also probably do at least a few of these. I have some ideas for what I could read for each, so here those are as well! I do not have a buddy read planned, so let me know if you’re interested and what book you might want to read! (It has to be different than any of these books anyway, so throw out a few suggestions)

Potions (2+ Authors)- Never Never Part 3

Multiplayer (Buddy Read)- Girl Out of Water/The Cresswell Plot/Out of Sight, Out of Time?

Grind (500+ pages)- The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

Time Warp- Down Among the Sticks and Bones

Open World- Sweep: Book of Shadows/Girl Out of Water/The Cresswell Plot

Respawn (Previous DNF)- Dreamology/Emancipated

Expansion (Companion novel/short story)- Roar and Liv (Under the Never Sky companion)

Mini-game (Novella)- Remade

Animal Companion (Animal in title)- Alice and the Fly

I last-minute decided to join the 7 in 7 readathon (my TBR should be up tomorrow), so I’m trying to make sure all of my potential books for that match up with this readathon; hence some of the challenges having multiple books listed! As I said, I’m looking for someone to buddy read with, but especially if you happen to be interested in reading any of the books I listed above (Girl Out of Water, The Cresswell Plot, Sweep: Book of Shadows, or Out of Sight, Out of Time) in the next week! *wink wink*

I’m also going to be using the FANTASTIC spreadsheet that Austine @ Novel Knight created to keep track of my points, so I’m super excited about that! If you don’t already have a way to keep track, I would definitely recommend it. 🙂 Aside from that, I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of the books I’ve listed (whether you’ve read them or they’re simply on your TBR), or, if you’re participating as well, what’s on your TBR for the month! I’m super excited and I hope I don’t do too poorly on this… 🙈 Wish me luck!

Lots of Love, Amy ❤


10 thoughts on “My #TheReadingQuest TBR!

  1. Good luck Amy!! I’m starting on the mage path, and then hopefully going to go to the knight path. I’d love to read Roar and Liv, but it’s been so long since I’ve read the series. I barely remember what happened in the third book, but I do know I loved it! For sure hitting up that spreadsheet, all the points can get a bit daunting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, good luck to you too! I’m doing pretty well so far, actually. 🙂 Same, I’m reconsidering it! I’ve actually only read the first book, too- I’m not sure when the novella was published.
      Hahaha that makes sense!
      Awesome, glad to share! It’s perfect and so organized!


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