I’M SO EXCITED!!!! Why? Wouldn’t you like to know!

Fortunately, I’m, ah, not evil??? AND I WANT TO SHARE THE EXCITEMENT.

YOU GUYS. I GOT A DOMAIIIIIIIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not sure if I ever really talked about it, but for my birthday, my aunt BOUGHT ME A DOMAIN. (If you’re massively confused, it’s the URL at the top of your screen. Yeah, that thing!) And therefore, if you’re reading this, I hope you can easily see all of the changes! My URL has changed from abookwormsperfectapple.wordpress.com to burstingwithbooks.com, and I’ve changed the header and background of the site to match! I’m working on making all of my social media, etc., match it, but if you’re just used to typing in abookwormsperfectapple.wordpress.com, don’t worry; the old URL will automatically redirect to burstingwithbooks.com!


Recently, I’ve noticed that people just don’t know the name of this blog. Sometimes it’d be called Every Book You Need to Read and More, sometimes A Bookworm’s Perfect Apple, sometimes The Bible of Books, occasionally The Bookworm Girls 123. And the url was just so long to type in! I’m mostly excited because I feel that this is truly the next step for this blog. I want to make reading my content as easy and enjoyable as possible for you guys (obviously), and I want to improve my little corner of the blogosphere. People and the world change fast, attention spans are short, and I want to make sure I change with you all! I believe that Bursting with Books can get me there. I’m currently working on changing all of my platforms to say burstingwithbooks.com, and don’t be surprised if my usernames start changing; I’m working on changing those as well!


I finally sat down with my dad (because dads are awesome and he understands money/legal things haha) and got myself signed up for the Amazon affiliate program!!! Yay!!! (Omigosh, I’m so peppy) In order to make sure you guys are completely informed and understand what that means, etc., I created a page about it, which you can check out here! I mostly just want to keep it clear that although this is now an option for me to make money off of this blog, I’m not making a whole lot (like, seriously, it’ll be a good while before I get anything at all), and it’s still the same blog you’ve come to (hopefully) love and know. Unless you’re new! In which case, I’m awesome welcome!!! The only real difference you guys will be able to see is that my aunt showed me how to put links on images (*total face palm*) so book covers will start to link to Amazon.

Ahem. I’m super happy that both of these things happened at the same time. I’ve been meaning to get this post up for ages. I’m on spring break now and just came back from a short (two day) trip (I went to a bookstore and got a fabulous idea for all of us bloggers!), so I’m trying to write a bunch of reviews and get back into the flow of things! 😉 O-kay, time to wrap this up now. I’ll leave you with a link to Amazon, just in case you want to help me get started. XD 

Lots of Love, Amy ❤

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19 thoughts on “I’M SO EXCITED!!!! Why? Wouldn’t you like to know!

  1. Very happy for the domain! Yes, the Bookworm Girls 123 is the one I knew you by…so I did get a little confused. As long as I can still follow and comment easily, that’s all I care about, lol!
    Did you upgrade to a paid account on WP? Or is it a different thing altogether? Is it monthly? (I want to upgrade but I don’t have the money yet).
    Very happy for you! Congrats!

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    1. Yay, thanks! Whew. I left the picture, but I’m trying to slowly convert everything over. Hahaha, glad to hear it!
      I actually did; my aunt bought the domain on GoDaddy (which is for two years) and then got me a year for the paid plan. I believe you need it to have a custom domain? I know that a custom domain is free with the paid plan, but I’m not sure if you can use the free plan and buy the custom domain without the plan.
      I also don’t think it’s monthly- the rates are shown as monthly, but I believe you’ll be billed once a year. I think the cheapest is $3 a month, so about $36 a year. Hope that helps! Feel free to ask anything else. I’ll gladly share my limited knowledge, haha.
      Thanks again! XD


  2. YAY AMY!!!!!!!! I saw your logo picture on my reader and assumed it was you then saw the domain, got confused, and then read the post and… YAY!! That’s so exciting and I adore the domain name you chose!! Happy blogging!!!

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  3. CONGRATS ON THE DOMAIN NAME THAT’S SO AWESOME!! I got one about 3 years ago and loooove. ❤ It makes typing in URLs so much easier and they all feel fresh and clean and tidy somehow?!😜 So it’s definitely cool and i love the new name.🎉

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    1. Oh, by the way Cait: would you be interested in hearing about this idea I have for bloggers? It’s an event kind of thing and I think it could be super cool! I’m trying to send an email out to a bunch of people to get some feedback and see if it would be something people would be interested in. 🙂


  4. AAAAAAAAHH!!!!!! I’m SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!! YOUR NEW DOMAIN IS BEAUTIFUL ARHGHHHH!!! YAS!!!! And I can tell you’re so so happy and here’s to some amazing new times for your AWESOME BLOG!

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