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I joined an impromptu readathon!

I feel like half of my crazy posts start with that. I was hanging out with my family, doing a puzzle (sort of) and checking Twitter, when- WHAT? THE 24 IN 48 READATHON STARTS TONIGHT?

So of course, I had join. After all, what was I going to do with my weekend anyway?

I was still halfway through Clancy of the Undertow, so I started off by finishing that while timing it on my iPod’s stopwatch:

I went for almost exactly an hour before I saw someone talking about an app called Bookout to use for timing, which of course I had to download. And it’s genius. After I finished Clancy of the Undertow, I started Bound by Duty for the next week of the Around the Year in 52 books. It took me a while, but eventually I was able to finish Bound by Duty, and then I needed a book less than 100 pages for the COYER challenge, so I read The Oregon Kids…. It actually only took me 3 1/2 minutes to read, and Bookout was not very happy with that! Apparently I needed to read for ten minutes before finishing the book. I eventually got away with an extra minute. 🙂 I immediately started reading Never Never Part Two as my “cheat” book, because after that cliffhanger, I had to read the next book right away! After that, I had a bit of a book hangover, so I decided to start in on an audiobook. I only have a couple to choose from, so I picked Magic Study. Somewhere recently, someone was talking about how they always listen to audiobooks on 2x speed. I’ve always had an issue paying attention to audiobooks, mostly because of how slow they are, so this is totally genius! I started out on 1.25x and eventually went up to 1.5x. After that, anything slower felt like it crawled! 2x was a little fast for me to follow, but I really appreciate that tip (wherever it was; I completely forget)! 🙂 I got most of Magic Study done in the first day and went to bed listening to it…. However, when I took my earbuds out, I forgot to stop my timer and my book. Agh. Took me a while, but I figure out where I was the next morning and finished it in a few hours. Afterwards, I decided to finally read The Falconers! I’ve heard so much about it recently, so I figured I should find out what the talk’s all about! After finishing The Falconers at around 8:30, I realized that even if I kept reading until 11 (I went by eastern time), I still wouldn’t make the 24 hours…. by ten minutes. So I decided to take a break and watch an episode of Canada’s worst drivers with my family. XD

For some reason, my total hours on Bookout were not the same as the individual times, so I’ve gone with the individual times instead!

Total reading time: 21 hours, 20 minutes, & 31 seconds

Towards the beginning of the second day, I started seeing a lot of tweets with people that had finished and I felt really dejected, until I also started to see a lot of tweets with people who weren’t going to make it, but were still really proud of themselves for how much they got, whether it be 15 hours or 9. And I realized that this readathon, although it may seem strict, is really just about having fun! I think it may be my new favorite, and I’m already geared up for the next one. I can’t wait! XD

Overall, I think my weekend was extremely successful. I read for almost 21 1/2 hours, read 6 books and started a seventh (Insanity), met tons of new people, and had gobs of fun!

Ah. Well. That was a quick little post. Hope you all enjoy it! I know I’ve been absent for a week or so; I was totally planning to post over the weekend but then this readathon came along…. And now I’ve got a cold and I’m miserable. 😦 I desperately need to write… Let’s see… 14 reviews. Okay, that’s scary. Wish me luck! XD

Lots of Love, Amy ❤





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