I bring you… A hate review. Yikes!

Hey guys, it’s Amy, and this is another review for the COYER Challenge!


Rating: 1/5 Stars

Genre: New Adult Romance, Fantasy

Published: October 16th, 2016

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

Tracey Warren has her last year of high school mapped out–stay focused, graduate in a few months, and get the hell out of Bennington Virginia. Everything is working out in her favor. Life has finally started to normal out, until… a car accident sends her plans spiraling out of her control.

Her pedestrian reality crashes around her after an innocuous encounter with a diabolically handsome stranger. Nathan Newcomb has her head and her world altering minute by minute. Soon, she discovers the only cure for the uneasy feelings and abrasive pain is Nathan himself. A man whose very existence balances between violent chaos and rigidly controlled dangers.

Nathan knows the life of a woman mated to a Burdened Sephlem is destined for peril beyond a human’s reckoning, that he’ll be required to literally hand over his heart to her. But Tracey calls to his desire to experience love in spite of the hazards. And Nathan’s impossibly potent magnetism draws Tracey into a bonding that will put her in mortal danger again and again.

Once the pair becomes one, the threat escalates and nowhere is safe. There are enemies that lurk behind every corner. But the greatest danger may be in the bloodlines that course through Nathan’s veins. (Goodreads)

I absolutely hated this book. It was so bad that I actually started it and immediately thought about DNFing it. Immediately. And continued to think that throughout the entire book. I honestly think it’s a miracle that I finished it at all. I know that the New Adult genre is kind of iffy. Sometimes it just means that the sexual content is too much for the Young Adult genre, and sometimes it means that the characters are just college age or a little older. In this case, I have no idea why it is New Adult. The characters weren’t that old, but they acted like they were adults.

Okay, there was a serious case of insta-love. In the synopsis, it says a “car accident”. It’s really just a little bump, and then Tracey literally faints after seeing Nathan. And they immediately become a couple. And mate. And they start considering moving in after a week. What. Is. This. Relationship.

They had the worst relationship. Nathan wouldn’t tell Tracey things. Ever. And then when she would get annoyed about it, he would get angry at her, which prompted her to apologize profusely because, of course, Nathan is perfect and she doesn’t have to know anything about how her life is in danger. Right.

Talk about nonexistent parents. It’s no secret that a lot of books just kill off the parents to get rid of them. But this book was actually worse than that. The parents existed, but they were absolutely stupid. Tracey’s parents had no rules, and they basically did everything she wanted. Even when they had decided to move, they thankfully had a little more backbone, but Tracey still thought that they wouldn’t move just because she said she didn’t want to.

As for the writing itself, it was very choppy. I understand having some grammatical or spelling errors in an ARC, maybe a couple of semi- major errors, but there were entire sentences missing at points, and other random things that really confused me and made me have to go over pages again, because I felt like I was missing something major.

And the friendships! Tracey’s friends disappeared completely after one or two mentions at the beginning of the book, and even though her best friend, Glen, was in the story, Tracey didn’t even care about her. Glen was seriously being taken advantage of by her boyfriend, and he was actually taking away all of her memories of anything bad that happened with him. What does Tracey say about this? Wow, those two are so messed up. WHAT?!? Um, no!!!

There were so. Many. Things. Wrong. It really is insane that I got through the whole thing.

Finally, the ending. At the end, for some random reason, Nathan’s POV was thrown in for the epilogue. For no particular reason. It didn’t add anything. Tracey could have easily narrated the same thing. He didn’t even sound like himself. Yeesh.

I guess this book would be okay for someone who was willing to overlook all of the book’s many writing and relationship faults, and just try to enjoy the romance. If you do try this book, good luck!

Have any of you actually read this book? If so, what did you think? Do you plan to? Let me know down in the comments; I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

Lots of Love, Amy ❤


8 thoughts on “I bring you… A hate review. Yikes!

  1. For a second I thought this post was going to be about how much you hate reading/writing reviews. haha

    This book does sound pretty bad…entire sentences missing?? Looks like it needs some serious edition. But almost nothing can save it, judging by your review.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that you put yourself through this. Well thanks for taking one for the team and then sharing this honest review, Amy. From the premise alone, I probably wouldn’t have picked it up, personally, though. After reading several books that were set in high school and that they all had let me down this year, I have finally come to accept that I may have outgrown these type of books. (But not YA as a whole genre just yet! Phew.)

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    1. Hahaha thanks for the sympathy! XD I totally didn’t think that’s what it was going to be about based on the synopsis. For starters, I thought it was contemporary. And a car accident that was actually bad.
      Hahaha that’s alright! Obviously, you don’t want to read anything that doesn’t appeal to you. 🙂


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