Hey guys, it’s Amy, and I’m back with another review for the COYER Challenge! This is a requested review, so in typical fashion, my last requested review was for Being There Awakenings by R.C. Henningsen!

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Rating: 5/5 Stars

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary, LGBTQ+ Romance

Publish Date:  September 17th 2016

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

Juliet represents the road less traveled. Will Lena take it?
Lena Newman is 17, her best friend’s a cheerleader, her boyfriend’s a football player, and as far as everyone is concerned, her life is sorted. But that’s before she befriends the new girl. Juliet is confident, slightly damaged, drop-dead gorgeous and a lesbian.

Lena realizes that her interest goes beyond just friendship. She sets off on a path of self-discovery where the loyalty of those closest to her will be tested. (Goodreads)

OH MY GOSH. OH. MY. GOSH. A FIBBLE JIBBLE I CAN’T EVEN ACK. This book was so amazing and adorable. It was just over 224 pages and I read it in a DAY. Actually, I stayed up until one reading it…. Which, given the time I woke up, was an incredibly stupid idea. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. Because OH MY GOSH SO MUCH CUTENESS AND EEK.

Okay. Calm yourself, Amy. First of all, it’s LGBT. *happiness* Second of all, it’s LESBIAN. *rainbows* Third of all, there is a prominent gay couple (boys). *puppies* Fourth, there are POC. And so much acceptance. The main character is friends with a teen mom, someone who sleeps around, and a very openly gay couple. And the book actually said that it was completely okay to not have sex too. Something along the lines of, if it’s not hurting anyone, why should it be a problem? THIS BOOK IS JUST SO MUCH ACCEPTANCE AND DIVERSITY AND ACK.

And the characters. Sure, they had their problems, but it was so hard NOT to like them. Lena and her best friend, Lacey, had a… different… relationship, but it was totally hilarious and it was obvious that they loved each other anyway. Juliet may have been a rather “perfect” love interest when first introduced, but as the story moves on, it is clear that she has her issues as well.

They were realistic people. They had their hardships, but they were still fairly realistic teenagers, and they still did hilarious teenager things.

Granted, the book itself wasn’t all that realistic. Juliet’s dad, Mr. James, was extremely laid back, and his house was some kind of magic world or alternate universe, I’m not really sure which. In any case, I doubt that it exists (I wish) but it was amazing to visit, even if just for a little while, and their way of life just made me smile. All. The. Time.

And the ending!!! Oh, the ending. I nearly cried, but it was amazing and perfect and UGH WHY DO BOOKS DO THIS TO ME.

I could not stop reading this book and it was an immediate five star for me. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cutesy F/F romance that you will love and adore and never forget.

And finally, I want to make a public apology for NOT READING THIS EARLIER. I’ve been so busy and completely slacking on my review requests and therefore was unable to post this on the release date… But it ended up being spectacularly amazing and I regret not reading it earlier. So do yourself a favor! Go! Read! It! Now! Eek! And then we can squeal together!

Sigh. I am a very nonsensical five star review writer. Summary: You should read. Very importanto.

Have any of you read this? What did you think? Do you plan to? Let me know in the comments below! Toodles! 🙂





  1. This sounds wonderful!! I’m always looking for LGBT and diverse books and this sounds like it has everything! I’m adding it to mt TBR. Great review!

    Thanks for linking up on last week’s Saturday Situation!

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  2. AHHH this is the book you told me!! It sounds so awesome and cute and SO MUCH DIVERSITY! I think I need this in my life hahaha and I love this level of enthusiasm, makes me want to go read it immediately 😛 and is this some kind of magical realism or some things are just plainly impossible? (re: the house)

    Liked by 1 person

      Hahaha I’m so glad to hear it! XD
      No no, everything is physically possible, but just what the parents let the kids get away with and how little responsibility they have probably isn’t so realistic.
      Also, I AM NOT A CREEPY STALKER. (Wow, that sounds real creepy stalker-ish) I commented on all of your posts because I was going through a linky that you were in…. But I’ve also started to hear about you a lot from friends. I’m subscribing! (I would say following, but that sounds strange. I prefer YouTube terms, haha!)

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      1. AHHH I’ve seen that kind of trope before and don’t really like it 😂 HAHAHA it’s okaaayyy! I love it when people binge read (?) my posts hahaha and I’m glad you like my blog 😛 ah yes, subscribing sounds a little less stalker-ish than following though hahaha 😂

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        1. True, but all the cuteness and the fact that they own up to it makes up for all of it.
          Hahaha good to hear! XD I don’t know why subscribing is a term just for YouTube, and following is just for blogs? If anything, there are more stalkers for YouTubers than bloggers. XD

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