Shoutout Sunday off.

Hey guys, it’s Amy! I know I haven’t done a Shout-Out Sunday in a while (my last one was at the beginning of August, yikes!), but since then, I’ve just kept collecting posts and things to share. NOT A GOOD COMBO. Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Include one shout-out for an “old” blog (Old meaning you discovered it a while ago; it doesn’t matter when they started blogging.) that you’ve loved for a long time now. Please try to limit yourself to one old blog per post so you don’t run out due to the fact that this is supposed to be (Key words) a weekly meme. :)
  2. Include one or two (If you really want to you can include up to three or four, but more than that so you don’t bore your audience. Take it from me, I’m a boring expert. :) ) “new” blog/blogs. (Again, it doesn’t matter when they started blogging, just when you discovered them.)
  3. Include one or two shout-outs for posts that you absolutely loved this week. You don’t even have to have loved them; they just could have been posts that made you think or stuck with you throughout your week.
  4. Extra Credit that’s sort of required: Include one or more book shout-outs (After all, this is a bookish meme. :). Along with the book title and author and cover picture, if you can, please include your rate on a scale of one to ten and also either a synopsis and or a link to the Goodreads page.
  5. More Extra Credit that’s sort of encouraged but not enforced: This part is just something fun and cute that will help your followers get to know you better. Include two or more songs that you’ve been addicted to this week (This is my favorite part.) and why you love them if you can explain it. Sometimes you can’t. :) If you like visual media (Fancy.), include either a TV show or movie, or both, that you loved this week.



  • Ahem. Anyway. For my newbie, I’ve chosen someone I met from Hufflepost (yes, I spelled that right- I’ll talk about that in a sec). She has a cute blog, a cuter personality, and I just love her name. Elly @ A Hufflepuff’s Thoughts definitely has a blog worth checking out!

PostsHow many posts do you think I can list before you guys start getting bored and/or annoyed with me? Hmmmm… Let’s just see, shall we?

  • As I mentioned when talking about Elly, I’m participating in Hufflepost- AKA the “Hufflepuff” of Blogwarts. Anthony @ A Very Awkward Blog has come up with the amazing idea of Blogwarts, which is a competition between bloggers, doing a bunch of different tasks. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a Hufflepuff and PROUD OF IT, so thankfully I was sorted into Hufflepost, and we are currently working on the first task, which is making a theme song for your house. We have to decide on a song, and change the lyrics to fit our house. And have someone sing it. WE ONLY HAVE TEN DAYS. TOTAL. AND OH- I FORGOT TO MENTION. I’M HEAD OF HOUSE (which is amazing and weird and strange but fun). VERY STRESSFUL. BUT SO FUN. Anyway, if you want to join, I’d urge you to join right now, so as to not miss too much of the competition!
  • Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense talked about the perils of the Twitter grapevine, which was (of course) super interesting, and totally true!
  • Kimberly @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer has a list of blogs to stalk (because I totally needed more to add to my never-ending list).
  • I discovered this totally awesome year-long challenge that I really want to participate in next year called Around the Year in 52 Books: If you’re interested, you can see the 2017 polls/suggestions/news/etc. here!
  • Amanda @ Nellie & Co. talked about how and why she dropped her “book blogger” label, which was very eye-opening and thought-provoking. (Don’t worry, I won’t be dropping mine anytime soon, though!)
  • There was a very interesting poll on Goodreads about whether or not you dog-ear your pages…. Which was slightly scarring and totally hilarious, because some people said it added character, one person said it was “book abuse”, another said that was sacrilege, and a third proudly said “Yes. I am a monster!”
  • Someone made an edit for the third A Court of Thorns and Roses book– it’s called A Court of Pain and Feels. Literally SO TRUE.


Weeeeeeeeell…. At the moment, I’m attempting to STOP CHECKING OUT LIBRARY BOOKS (ahahahahaha) and read all of the books that I’ve recently bought. And I do mean all. I may or may not have bought 24 books at once. And quite a few others besides. Yeah. That’s the book situation.


  • Elly @ A Hufflepuff’s Thoughts (yes, the same one from earlier- we’ve come full circle now) has made TWO epic playlists. Not one! Oh no! TWO. Her latest is simply titled August 2016, and has a mix of interesting songs, etc.
  • The other one is OVER FOUR HOURS LONG, she KEEPS ADDING TO IT, and is literally the best thing ever. I’ve added so many songs to “my songs” because of this playlist. You should all check it out because IT’S SO AMAZING.


  • Hannah @ Wordish Wonderland made a video on how to make butterbeer…. YUM.
  • Sierra @ Sierra Reads did an unhaul of books, which was really interesting because I’d never heard of it before! I can totally understand the need, though!
  • Olivia @ Olivia Jane Books is simply a new YouTuber, and has a very fun channel! Definitely worth a look-see!
  • And finally, the fourth season of Young & Hungry has finally come to Netflix. I LOVE IT. SO MUCH.

What did you guys think? Do you like this meme? How are all my links? 😉 Are you interested in doing this meme? If so, I’d love to see it! Tell me everything down in the comments! Toodles!





  1. AHH YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME CRY YOU’RE TOO LOVELY!!! It honestly makes me so happy that you thought to include me here; it means so much that you enjoy my blog and posts and everything else and just AGH YOU’RE TOO SWEET ILY

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AHHH THIS WAS SO NICE ON SO MANY LEVELS AND I JUST GOT ALL THE FEELS ❤ Thankyou so much for the shout out; honestly, I can’t comprehend how lovely it was sniffs. Reading THE PERKS was possibly the best decision of my month, and I’m so so so glad I was paired with you guys in the Comment Challenge (like unbelievably appreciative of our friendship) Here’s to many more months clinks glasses Now I’m off to go and start an ecosystem with my pools of happy tears.

    PS. currently DYING over that 4 hour playlist – THE MUSIC IS SO GOOD. Ed, Taylor, Troye, AM and more in one playlist?! SIGN ME UP.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Okay, scratch my recent answer. I saw it on my iPad and it got rid of MOST of your comment. I FEEL CHEATED.
      OH GOODIE GOODIE GOODIE! XD I’m glad too! I feel like I wouldn’t have met you without the challenge, and I feel like this is a lasting friendship. 😉 Saaaaaaaame.


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