A Bookworm’s Relationship with the Common Read-a-thon


Hello everyone, it’s Amy (well, not for long)! Recently, I posted on Twitter, asking about anyone interested in guest posting on my blog. I got a couple of takers, and I was super excited! Recently, I did a guest post on Kendra @ Reads and Treats’ blog, and after I responded to her query, I pushed out my own. I’ve been thinking about guest posting/having guest posts for a while now, and especially with school starting, etc., a guest post here every now and then could be really good for me. Feel free to comment below, email me, or tweet me if you’re interested! Anyhoo, my first guest post (EVER!!!) comes from Anna @ Adventures With a Book Nerd! Take it away, Anna!

My relationship with the common readathon is complicated. A little bit of background; I participated in my first readathon a little over a year ago when I first started blogging. It was a three day readathon, and I read five books. I know, I used to be incredible at them. But ever since, I haven’t been able to participate in one the same way. I’ve been getting slightly better at them lately, but here are some reasons why I still can’t conquer the readathon.

First of all, who ever thought of Netflix is amazing, but Netflix is terrible for readathons. I find that whenever I say, “I’m going to read and only read. No distractions!” that I find the urge to rewatch all thirteen seasons of NCIS. This is a problem because every time I sit down to read I keep thinking about Abby, Gibbs, and McGee. It’s like a ritual for me now; I sign up for a readathon, and my brain thinks that it’s time to have a Netflix marathon.

Who here has to go to school, work, or have any other commitment like that. I’m guessing that most of you raised your hand. Work and school can be huge factors in readathons! I always think that I can do everything. I think that I can totally do school work and read seven books this week, no problem. Well, then I have to write a four page essay instead of reading, and that sucks. Guess what I do after I write the essay. I then go…and watch more Netflix because I don’t feel like reading. I swear, one day someone will find me dead in front of Netflix. It’s a problem.

I’m also just really lazy and a really good procrastinator. I find that I’m always starting late because of one reason or another. Usually, I’m writing a post that needs to go up the next day. So after I get the post written and posted, I feel bad that I didn’t start exactly when the readathon started. This makes me feel even worse, and then I start getting thoughts like, “Is it even worth it to read tonight?” So I then miss the amount of time I could have been reading, and I’m instead (you guessed it), watching Netflix. It’s the circle of readathon Netflix binging.

Okay guys, I want to know what causes you to have problems staying on track with readathons! Let me know that I’m not the only one by telling me what struggles you face with readathons. Also, let me know if you have any tips for me! Help me dominate my next readathon. 🙂


~ Anna


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