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Hello everyone! Amy here! Of course you all know that this is a book blog, so we talk about books. A lot. Which means we read. A lot. Buuuuut let’s be realistic, shall we? I LOVE Netflix. I don’t have cable, and Netflix is a LIFESAVER. Although sometimes I just watch a show over two months, often I’ll binge-watch all of the seasons on Netflix in a few days and then not watch for a month. And repeat. It’s called… The life of a serious binge-watcher. XD So we thought we would give you guys some recommendations! Of course, Nikki has shows that she loves as well (some the same, some different), so we’re hoping to do this occasionally, and switch things up a bit. šŸ™‚ For today, I’m just going to do TV shows, not even starting with Disney or movies! (They’re not in any specific order, either- I couldn’t possibly decide!)

TV Shows

  • The 100- I’m only halfway into season two, but this show is amazing! There was so much radiation poisoning on earth that people had to move to space. Now, 100 years later, they’re sending down 100 teenage criminals to see if it’s livable. The show is based on the 100 trilogy by Kass Morgan (which is also amazing), and although they are very different, they also both manage to be interesting.
  • House- I believe I’m on season two of this show as well, and I’m working on finishing it right now. The main character is Gregory House, and he has a bad leg and even worse attitude, but he is the best doctor in the hospital, and he specializes in cases that no one else can figure out. It’s always interesting to see his weird cases!
  • Jane the Virgin- I LOVE this show. I just finished the second season, and it was AMAZING. A 23-year-old virgin lives with her mom and grandma, and then she accidentally artificially inseminated, and then things go downhill from there…. It never gets old. šŸ˜€
  • How I Met Your Mother- Okay, if you haven’t watched this show yet, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN. GO WATCH IT. RIGHT NOW. This show is the BEST and, okay, I didn’t really like the ending, but everything else was SO GOOD. AND TED IS SO FUNNY AND JUST… SIGH.
  • Once Upon a Time- I believe I’m also on season two of this show, and it’s so interesting! It’s about a woman named Emma, who is approached one day by a 12-year-old (?) boy, claiming to be her son. From there, we meet all kinds of fairy tale characters, and the story just keeps growing (and the relationships- oh, the relationships! How confusing!).
  • Drop Dead Diva- I finished this show a little while ago, and absolutely adored it. It’s about a 20-something “hot and skinny” model who dies in a car crash, but then hits a button and ends up coming back to earth in a plus-sized lawyer’s body. She’s absolutely hilarious, and I LOVE the way she solves her cases!
  • Hart of Dixie- I haven’t watched this show in a little while, but the main character is Zoe Hart, and she’s a doctor. She ends up in Alabama (I think- somewhere in the south, in any case) in a very small town, and has to figure out where she belongs and what to do with herself while she’s there.
  • Cedar Cove- The show is about a woman named Olivia, who lives in a small town as a judge. The show doesn’t move as quickly as some others, but I love all of the characters and I can’t wait to watch the third season! (It just came out on Netflix.) Apparently, it’s based on a book/books, but I haven’t read them (and probably won’t).
  • Gilmore Girls- I think I’m on season four right now??? I LOVE this show. SO MUCH. It’s about a mother and daughter, who share the name Loralei and are only 16 years apart, so it’s just them. Loralei (the mom) is the manager of an inn, has a tough relationship with her parents, is addicted to coffee, and has a best friend who is an amazing cook named Sookie. Loralei (the daughter) goes by Rory, is top of her class, loves reading (as in, she does it all the time- go Rory!), and has a best friend named Layne whose mom is extremely strict. They live in a small town in Connecticut, and they are absolutely hilarious with each other and their friends.
  • Baby Daddy- I’m not sure what season I’m on, but this is a really cute show! The episodes are only 20 minutes long, so it’s really easy to just put on quickly in between things. Basically, a guy named Ben, his big brother Danny, and his best friend Tucker all live in an apartment together, and one day, and baby shows up on their doorstep. Surprise, surprise, it’s Ben’s, and the three of them have to figure out how to raise her!
  • Reign- I’m also not sure where I am with this one (not very far), but the story is about a girl named Mary, who is the queen of Scotland and has been engaged to Francis (the future king of France) since they were six. Of course, Francis’s mother absolutely despises her, and the king is in no rush to marry them.
  • Friends- I think I’m on season two of this as well, and of course, it is totally hilarious. It’s about 7 friends, some boys, some girls, and some roommates, trying to figure out their lives.
  • The Fosters- This one is about two women, a cop and a vice principal (I think) who have one biological kid and two twins that they adopted from the foster system, and end up taking in a troubled teenage girl who ran away from her foster home.
  • Young and Hungry- I’ve finished the third season of this show and OH MY GOSH WHEN CAN I GET THE NEXT ONE. A girl named Gabi applies for a job as a chef for (very rich) Josh. Aaaaaand they end up sleeping together and their relationship is very interesting from there. She also happens to have an awesome best friend named Sofia (Lo So So!), who is her roommate. Yes, very interesting.

So I hope you all enjoyed the list! As always, let me know what you think down in the comments! I love hearing from you all. šŸ™‚

Have you seen any of these shows? If so, what did you think? Don’t you just love Netflix? Are you planning on watching any of these soon? Did I recommend any that you hadn’t heard of that you’re interested in watching? Do tell!




28 thoughts on “I LOVE NETFLIX. AS IN, A LOT.

  1. I LOVE Jane the Virgin so much, oh my gosh. It’s incredible! I love the humor, and the main character is one of the most endearing protagonists in any TV show ever. I have to ask: Team Rafael or Team Michael? I’m Team Michael through and through!
    I also can’t believe I haven’t seen the 100 yet. I’ve heard such great things!

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    1. ISNT IT THOUGH??? I’m completely obsessed!
      Well, as soon as Rafael was introduced, I was Team Rafael. And then when she wasn’t with either one, I rather liked that. But now I’m Team Michael… And I want Rafael and Petra together! (Anezka needs to DIE! Okay, I probably shouldn’t say that, because she probably will…)


  2. The writer’s from The 100 heard about the idea of the novels, before they were finished, and took the idea and made it into a show (with permission) I love The 100, I’ve seen the first two seasons but haven’t started on the third (I haven’t heard positive things about it)
    – Yasmin

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  3. I have UK netflix (which is so much crappier in comparison – the US has so much variety!), but I LOVE LOVE LOVE some of these shows. I only started it a few weeks ago AND I’M SOMEHOW HALFWAY THROUGH SEASON 3 ALREADY. puts life on hold – it’s just so good!! Have you read the books? Are they worth it?! I’ve heard quite disappointing things about them, but I want to give them a go in all honesty.

    How I Met Your Mother and F.R.I.E.N.D.S will ALWAYS be two of my favourite EVER shows ā¤ Great post!!

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    1. I didn’t know there was such a thing as UK Netflix! Oh well, it’s better than nothing, right?
      What show??? The 100???? I need to finish season two so I’m ready for the third! I read the first two books (and they were amazing) and I really need to read the third. Both the books and the show are amazing in their own ways…. They’re completely different.
      YES. JUST YES.

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      1. UK Netflix is like the lesser value US Netflix with about 4 actually good shows on it (we get none of these!!).

        Trust ME to be able to bang on about a TV show for a paragraph WITHOUT ACTUALLY MANAGING TO NAME IT. Yep I am officially a failure takes self to corner, and stares at wall. I did mean the 100!! I trust your opinion, and I’m actually going to pick up a copy of the book xD wishes self luck IF I HATE THEM, I WON’T HOLD IT AGAINST YOU – I’m basically a Saint.

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        1. Oh, that’s terrible! Do you guys have some good movies to make up for it or is your selection just as bad as ours?
          Hahahahaha OOPS. I was pretty sure, so I just went with it hehe.
          OOOO YAY. Aaaaaaaand you are a saint. You really are. You have no idea.

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          1. Hmm, the range of films is better than the TV shows, but I forever find myself saying “WHYYYYY DON’T THEY HAVE X, Y OR Z?! sad face

            Hehe, I’M JUST TOO KIND. (jk I’m secretly evil). Maybe I should look into becoming a Saint as a full-time career? Is there money in that?! xD

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  4. Netflix=life :’) sad but true haha I absolutely loved How I Met Your Mother! If you like Reign you should watch Tudors as well!!(if you haven’t seen it already that is). House is just awesome…nuff said šŸ˜® And Marco Polo! You should watch that too :’)

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      1. I only finished HIMYM after my boyfriend made me (had to make sacrifices to watch it though… Completely against my will ofc), damn such a good show!

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  5. YESSS THE FOSTERS JANE THE VIRGIN (duh lol) HIMYM (though still bitter over that ending as well) GILMORE GIRLS FRIENDS WOOO. I used to watch OUAT and Reign, but I dropped both of them as I stopped enjoying them šŸ˜¦ Hope you won’t feel the same way though!

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