I never make the same mistake… Thrice?


For those who haven’t heard about this challenge, Lonna @ FLYLēF and Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense are hosting the Comment Challenge all summer long. Every month we’re pairing up bloggers and encouraging them to comment on each other’s blogs.

It’s Amy here! So…. I’ve failed yet again. Last month I participated in the Comment Challenge and had a fantastic time (although my sign-up post was late, of course), so I signed up for August! I then proceeded to go to camp and take a mini-hiatus from the blog…. And so I thought that SOMEWHERE in there, I had posted this! I could’ve sworn I posted this! Alas, I did not. My sincerest apologies to both my amazing partner, TT @ Intro to Blurb (who has already reached out- yay and thank you so much!) as well as Lonna and Alicia. Thank you both for hosting this; I love the idea and I’ve enjoyed the experience thus far! Wish me luck, guys; toodles!


7 thoughts on “I never make the same mistake… Thrice?

  1. Better late than never, aha! Super glad you got the post up, and that we’re partners!!

    Here’s to a (hopefully) fantastic August!

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