Hey, guys; it’s Nikki! Don’t think that I gave up on you and my promise that quickly! Oh no, I’m here to stay. Okay, so here’s the deal: I kinda’ really suck at titles and beginning, so if you can ignore that suckiness you’re currently wading through, it will get better as you go on (hopefully).

Public Service Announcement: I wasn’t quite sure where to put this and this seems like a nice place for it. As you probably don’t know, I recently spent the night at Amy’s house and we devoted our entire day to ordering books via my library’s catalogue. The grand total of holds placed reached 81, and I, being me, forgot to freeze some of them like I said I would. As a result, I now have 52 in my possession, with more on the way. Needless to say, I won’t be blogging very often. Enjoy, or suffer through it, while you can.

Moving right along then! Do you ever feel the urge to write- No, not the urge: the NEED- to blog when you physically can’t? Isn’t it just lovely the way that works out? Yeah, that happens to me a lot. Today (actually a few minutes ago) is a prime example. I decided to take a walk around the outskirts of Smalltown, USA (Which is just me cluing you in to the fact that I live in a small town; I don’t really live in Smalltown. *cheesy grin and thumbs up*) with my current read, Fallen by Lauren Kate, as my companion. As I was about halfway through the three or four mile walk (Actually, let’s round it up to five because that sounds better)… I mean, my five mile walk when I got the urge, nay the NEED, to drop everything that I was doing and start writing. But alas, I was stuck in the middle of nowhere! And I didn’t want to tarnish my current thoughts, so I walked the remaining three miles without reading a page more. Truthfully, that’s a lie but more on that later.

I quickened my pace and repeated my opener (see above) in my head as a mantra, “Hey guys; it’s Nikki!… Hey guys; it’s Nikki!… Hey, guys; it’s Nikki!… over and over and OVER again for three miles. Fun, fun. As a result, I’ve become as insane as Arraine <<character in Fallen. Hey! Speaking of Fallen, let’s talk about that! (It was a bad transition; I know, I know.)

Okay, I may have lied by omission when I said Fallen was my current read. What I should have said as current REread. I actually read Fallen a couple of years ago when my best frannnn (other than Amy) recommended it to me. I first time I thought it was amazing (or I have taken too kindly to rereading it). I’m currently on page 249 out of 452. Let’s just say halfway. My opinion of the book hasn’t changed too drastically other than my views on the protagonist, Luce. Seeing as I haven’t read the book in several years, I don’t really recall my judgement of her during my previous reading. Overall, I like her but now that I’m maturing and my tastes as a reader have become far pickier, I find that I’m more flaws and hindrances, not just in this case, but in other books I’ve been rereading as well. Fortunately the same did not hold true when I reread my favorite series, the Throne of Glass….But that’s for another post, another time; I always get off track.

I may be a little unfair for saying this, but I find Luce is to be a little immature and selfish. However, it’s hard for me to place a verdict on her when I’m: A. Only halfway through the book, and B. My opinion of her changes with each page I read. For example, on one page I’ll be a little ticked at her and then the next time I’m feeling sorry for her because I mean, she’s trapped in a reform school, thinks she’s crazy, when in reality, she’s just *sPeCiAl.*

 Oh. man! I forgot a synopsis. Can you tell I’m a little rusty, guys? Maybe this will help you understand her *sPeCiAlNeSs*:

What if the person you were meant to be with could never be yours?

17-year-old Lucinda falls in love with a gorgeous, intelligent boy, Daniel, at her new school, the grim, foreboding Sword & Cross . . . only to find out that Daniel is a fallen angel, and that they have spent lifetimes finding and losing one another as good & evil forces plot to keep them apart.

Get ready to fall . . .

Sure she’s a little bit stupid at times… and crazy stalkerish… and a little irritating. Sure! Sure she has an unexplained connection to a guy who flipped her off the first time they met! Sure I’m all for those *sPeCiAl* first-time-the-eyes-meet, sizzle sizzle connections but only when they’re done correctly! Sure Daniel’s (Luce’s obession) actions are a little all over the place! Sure it’s explained in the end! Sure it could have been done wayyy better!  Sure she doesn’t think about anyone else other than herself! Sure on the rare occasion she does think about someone else, or Trevor, the boy she watched die, it’s for her own ssseeelllffiiissshhhh reasons! Sure everyone else hates this book, as I’ve recently just learned when I went to Goodreads to get that handy, little synopsis picture above! Sure they’re reviews are making me feel better about myself for liking this book despite the obvious problems with it! Sure I use the word “sure” a lot! Sure, I forgot commas every time but now! Sure, sure, sure, sure, sure!

I apologize… I’m not quite sure what that was. Was it a rant? Was it a sad, little pathetic escaped sob expressed in poorly written words? Was I imitating Luce? *Ha burn*

Despite all the hateful reviews, and although I completely understand where they’re coming from, I still like the plot, even though it’s a bit slow-going. However, most of us are fairly fast readers, so I know I don’t have a problem with slow plots. Even though I don’t care for Luce and Daniel too much at this point, I love Arraine and Cam. Cam, Cam, Cam. I could rant about the things wrong with Daniel and Luce’s relationship thus far, but I think these sum it up far better than I can: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6487308-fallen

Demo’s review is great and spot on!^^ (Unlike me!) You know, I had also planned out an ending while I was walking those five miles..,

But I can’t quite remember it. Oh, well! MUCH LOVE!

(insert proper interrogation thingy here… and then skip over to mine) Have you read Fallen? Do you plan to read Fallen? What were opinions on the book if you have read it? Do I really suck or what? Have you read my FAVORITE SERIES? PLEASE DO! PLEASE ALSO COMMENT BELOW AND LIKE THIS POST BECAUSE IT RAISES MY SELF-ESTEEM! I promise to do better next time! XXOXOXOX


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    1. Thanks! It’s kind of a mess though, lol. I’m hoping to write a much more polished review now that I’ve finished the book; I think my jumble of feels got in the way of my meager writing capabilities. Lol, fortunately my sister is willing to take some of them!!


  1. YAY YOU’RE BACK! I’ve tried to read Fallen, but I couldn’t get through it. I found it really boring :/ Though to be fair I didn’t give it much of a chance since I didn’t read that much of it lol

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    1. YESSS! I’ve missed you!!! I completely understand. I think the reason I stuck with it is because I read it when I was younger and my tastes were less “refined.” Although I still like it… I’m not sure why. I think it’s a scientific phenomenon! Call me Special Nikki

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      1. MISSED YOU TOO! Sometimes you like things that you can’t explain. As long as you like it it’s good though 🙂 I’d rather like books than dislike them; that’s much more fun 😛

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