That time of week has finally arrived!


Hey guys, it’s Amy! It’s time…. For a Shout-out Sunday!!! I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I have a few websites and posts ready, so I thought it was about time. 🙂

  1. Include one shout-out for an “old” blog (Old meaning you discovered it a while ago; it doesn’t matter when they started blogging.) that you’ve loved for a long time now. Please try to limit yourself to one old blog per post so you don’t run out due to the fact that this is supposed to be (Key words) a weekly meme. :)
  2. Include one or two (If you really want to you can include up to three or four, but more than that so you don’t bore your audience. Take it from me, I’m a boring expert. :) ) “new” blog/blogs. (Again, it doesn’t matter when they started blogging, just when you discovered them.)
  3. Include one or two shout-outs for posts that you absolutely loved this week. You don’t even have to have loved them; they just could have been posts that made you think or stuck with you throughout your week.
  4. Extra Credit that’s sort of required: Include one or more book shout-outs (After all, this is a bookish meme. :). Along with the book title and author and cover picture, if you can, please include your rate on a scale of one to ten and also either a synopsis and or a link to the Goodreads page.
  5. More Extra Credit that’s sort of encouraged but not enforced: This part is just something fun and cute that will help your followers get to know you better. Include two or more songs that you’ve been addicted to this week (This is my favorite part.) and why you love them if you can explain it. Sometimes you can’t. :) If you like visual media (Fancy.), include either a TV show or movie, or both, that you loved this week.
  • I’m going to skip number one today, because even just thinking about choosing only one of you stresses me out. 😦 But I love you all anyway! You know that!
  • For my first newbie, I’d like to introduce to you someone that both Nikki and I are best friends with (In real life!) and who loves books. Please check out Sawyer Belle! She is super cool and awesome, and she does a huge variety of posts. Go. You won’t regret it!
  • My next newbie is someone who used to blog, but then went on an extended hiatus. However, they’re back, and I’m all the more interested and excited because of it! Take a spare moment to check out Jada @ Reader Connected if you will. 🙂
  • SURPRISE!!! Happy Birthday! *confetti rains* Wait, why aren’t you smiling? Most people love birthdays, but some people really don’t! Check out Sawyer Belle’s reasoning for hating her birthday.
  • I was going about my business, reading blogs, growing my TBR, etc, when I found a link for a Buzzfeed post! Now, what could that be? Apparently, some guy named Patrick Lenton decided to make a list of ALL of the books ever mentioned on Gilmore Girls. If you’ve ever watched it, you know that Rory always has a book, and there are tons of seasons. The grand total of books is 339, and he’s made it his mission to read them all! You can see his list here.
  • Somehow, I totally missed it when The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson came out. How??? HOW??? HOW?????? I honestly have no idea. But now it’s all over Instagram and everyone’s either reviewing or reading it. I’ve read all of her books published except for this one, and every one is gold. I have got to get my hands on this.
  • A week or two ago, I somehow got sucked into the world of BookTube. (If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically book blogging in videos.) I watched tons of videos, occasionally stalking one particular person for a freakish amount of time, and left so many comments. But I only subscribed to two people! The first person is Hailey @ Hails Hearts NYC. She’s super interesting, and apparently has the exact same book taste as me. Seriously. It’s freakish.
  • The other BookTuber that I am now subscibed to is Cayleigh @ CAYLLLES. She’s completely hilarious, knows how to make something funny out of absolutely nothing at all, and is an amazing drawer. Definitely worth checking out.

How do you think I did? I know my thoughts were kind of scrambled all over the place today… And the bullets probably didn’t help all that much. Oh well, what’s done is done, am I right? Have you read The Unexpected Everything or anything else by Morgan Matson? Have you seen Gilmore Girls (no spoilers- I’m still watching it!)? Have you read any of these people’s blogs or watched their videos? If not, you definitely should! Is anyone thinking of doing this? Let me know in the comments! I won’t bite! 😉



6 thoughts on “That time of week has finally arrived!

  1. I’ve never even heard of Morgan Matson. I haven’t watched Gilmore Girls either. Booktube sounds rather interesting though.
    I would like to do the meme thing but I shan’t because I’m lazy and proud of it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eek! That’s so crazy that you haven’t heard of her! She’s all over the community with her new book right now. 🙂 It is!
      Haha I understand. Well, you don’t have to be locked into every week if you don’t want; you could do it less regularly or just once if you want! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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