Looking for a book similar to the one that got you into that slump?

For #boutofbooks Day 4, the topic is “If you like this, try this!” I was actually thinking about doing this for quite a while, after seeing Epic Reads‘ countless “Like, Try, Why’s”. However, this is the perfect opportunity! As you can see, I have Storm Siren and (a library copy of) Glass Sword in the picture. First of all, I want to say that I have NOT actually read Glass Sword yet. However, I don’t have a copy of Red Queen, and the comparison was too perfect to pass up. The comparison goes both ways. Basically, in both stories the main character (a girl, basically or literally a slave with not many options) has a power that SHOULD NOT exist, and is discovered. Of course, they then become pawns in the major war happening conveniently nearby, and are betrayed by many friends and have multiple love interests. Okay, for those of you who don’t know, I’m NOT just describing Red Queen. This is a real life book. A real life story. Both are original and SO AMAZING that you should all read both and be as dumbfounded as I was by the plot twists!
I haven’t really made any progress with Shiver… I was just counting my days and realizing I have three days to read five books. 😦 Yikes! Wish me luck; TOODLES!


2 thoughts on “Looking for a book similar to the one that got you into that slump?

    1. Eek! I’m actually reading Glass Sword right now and ACK I don’t know if I like where it’s going but the writing style is JUST SO GOOD. That’s unfortunate! Glad you liked RQ, though. 🙂


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