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Hellooo everyone! I like books and I cannot liiiiiieee!!! So obviously, I was telling the truth when I said this was the most fantastic book haul ever. Because it is. Obviously. Before I start being all excited and everything, I just want to get this out of the way- Sorry for missing Shoutout Sunday! And, of course, Recently Finished Friday, as I am doing this in place of that. But I cannot let my life be ruled by memes! New books are much too exciting for that. I can definitely tell you that I’m trying to be better about posting regularly, as well as checking out your blogs. When I have lots of spare time (rarely), I really need to schedule stuff! (Which I am hoping to do. Emphasis on hoping.) Now. Let’s get started!

So, for anyone new, or anyone who just can’t remember (I know I forget what I’ve posted on here all the time. No worries.), we’ve never done a book haul on here before! Nikki does not actually buy books (her dad would rather she didn’t), and I rarely do. If you’ve seen my 2016 Challenges, you know most of my books come from the library! But, of course, they don’t have everything, and it’s always best if I can call them mine. (As in, ten times the fun.) However, I did buy a few last summer, and started a book haul… Which has yet to be published. Okay, okay, okay. I’m sure you’re all dying to know why this is the best book haul ever. Because it’s special. Veeeeeery special.

*notice me skipping to the next line because this is just too important* Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, readers and bloggers, friends, acquaintances, say hello to…

BOOK OUTLET!!! is the best thing that ever happened to me. As in, literally. You can read about it tons more on their website, but basically (if I’ve read this correctly), publishers send them copies of books that they have extras of. By marking the top or bottom with a dot or slash, the publisher ensures that they will never sell the book again. And PRESTO, we have Book Outlet! This way, they are able to have incredibly low prices for all kinds of books! Everyone should use Book Outlet, because Book Outlet is for everyone! XD Sorry. Corny joke. But the bottom line is, Book Outlet is amazing, incredible, wonderful, and life-changing, and you should all go check it out! As in, stat! Guys. I got 9 books. For $36. I know. Unheard of, right? I kid you not. These people are precious. Alright, I have spent far too much time rambling. Let us continue, should we not? The haul:


If you look closer at my first image, you’ll notice that it had ten books, one of them being The Fill-In Boyfriend. That’s because I received it from a friend (If you’re reading this, you’re the best! Thanks!) for my (very late) birthday party-thing. (We painted. It was SO FUN.) I’ll share that one last. For this picture, I turned around all the books so that you can see the different types of marks (and one does not have any at all, so I took it out):


YES. YES. YES. I am very willing to sacrifice a dot of perfection for that level of cheapness. UNHEARD OF, I TELL YOU.


Hello, my pretty! (Okay, that wasn’t creepy at all…………) Ahem. *restarting* I found this beauty on Book Outlet! (They have a great method for filtering kinds of books. *sigh* I am in love. Love, I tell you!) What Goes Around is actually two books in one: Cracked Up to Be and Some Girls Are. On the one hand, you’ve got the formerly perfect Parker Fadley, who is way off from the mark, because of some unknown secret. On the other, Regina Afton is struggling to maintain her Fearsome Fivesome status with all the rumors going around about her and her best friend’s boyfriend. (I am just shortening the Goodreads summaries for all of these.) I cannot wait to get to this one! It looks so interesting. Plus, both books are just over 200 pages long, so it should be a quickie. 🙂img_0318

The Summer of Chasing Mermaids looks so sweet! I keep seeing it reviewed, and it just seems so inviting. I mean, it’s classic girl is amazing, loses talent, playboy meets girl, girl changes playboy, etc. What’s not to like?


I found Meant to Be on Book Outlet too, and fell in love immediately. Julia has her whole life planned out, until she’s partnered with her nemesis on a school trip to London, and starts receiving romantic texts from an unknown number. Oolala!


In Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend, Gemma gets dumped and has to go back to the Hamptons after being gone for five years. She knows she will eventually bump into Hallie (former best friend whose life she ruined), but when she does, there is a mishap and she is mistaken for someone else. Lies, broken relationships, boys, and unknown identity? Um, yes please! (Found on Book Outlet as well)


All of the previous books were cutesy, romance-y, realistic fiction types. You didn’t think it would stay that way, did you? Fates is about Corinthe (I can just see the face of the girl on the cover matching that name. Yup, it’s for sure.), who made a mistake in Pyralis Terra, and as punishment, was exiled to the human world to make sure all fates went according to plan. Years later, she is told she will be allowed to go home- if she kills Lucas Kaller. Okay, yes, that is romance. But hey, it’s fantasy too!


So Close to You is different from what I’m normally interested in, in that it’s a historical fiction-type thingie ma-bobber. Honestly, I usually can’t get into historical fiction books (I think they’re dusty), but this one is about a girl going back in time. And a secret (government?) project. I have high hopes!


Storm Siren immediately caught my eye. I mean, why shouldn’t it? I love that cover. I think it’s the shocking white hair that does it for me. Nym is a 17-year-old slave girl with a lethal curse during a war, facing her fifteenth sell. However, her hood is removed, and she is taken to be used as a weapon. Should she fight, or be killed?


OH. MY. GOSH. I HAVE BEEN WAITING ALL MY LIFE FOR A BOOK LIKE THIS. Me being a perpetual perfectionist and yada yada yada, I am a very what-iffy person. So a book where there is a new universe for every little choice you make? Bingo! Say hello to Dissonance.


I found Incarnate last minute, after I had already picked out my other books. But the opportunity was just too good to pass up. In this world, all of the souls are reincarnated over and over again. There are no new souls. Except for Ana. Of course, she has to find out why, and prove that she’s not a no soul.


 The Fill-in Boyfriend is about as cutesy as they come. I actually just finished this one! I started it this morning, and here we are, a mere hours later. In any case, the main character’s name is Gia (LOVE). And she gets dumped in the parking lot at prom. Like, who does that??? Even if your date is awful, WHO DOES THAT??? Ugh. So, she decides to persuade the guy reading a book ( 🙂 ) in his car to pretend to be her boyfriend. And, of course, he needs a favor back, and so on and so forth… Adorable. You can be assured you’ll be hearing about this one again.

So, how did I do on my first book haul? Did you enjoy it? Have you read any of these? Plan to? Plan on looking them up? Have you heard of Book Outlet? IS IT NOT AMAZING!?! Was this not the most fantastic book haul ever? Let me know in the comments, guys! I love to hear from you all. 🙂 Hope you all had a great week! Toodles!



  1. Only problem with Book Outlet is international shipping xD Even with Book Depository I’m annoyed: it has free shipping, but it ships from the UK to me, so I have to wait, whereas with I get books in 1-2 days as I have prime!!!

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  2. I have never heard of this website before but now I feel as though I am going to have a new addiction! I love finding cheap bargain books and so long as most of the book is in good condition, I don’t mind a mark or two on the pages especially considering the discount!

    Great haul and thanks for the tip!

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    1. Awesome! I’m so glad I could help. Yes, there is just the one mark on most of the books, unless you shop in the scratch & dent section. Book Outlet makes it quite clear which ones those are. Good luck! 🙂


  3. Storm Siren is also on my list, and I’m pretty sure I picked it up from Book Outlet last year maybe. Book Outlet is amazing, but I really have to be careful not to go overboard on too many books. My shelves are all pretty full!

    Good haul. I hope you enjoy reading all your new goodies!

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