Thoughts on a Whim… June! November? Er, February.

Thoughts on a Whim

Hey everyone! Amy here. 😀 Yes, I know the title says June. And yes, I know it’s not. But I did miss June’s TOAW (gasp! The horror!) so I’m keeping this (now very old) draft with all of its’ beautiful pictures and so-so poems. As for the flowers, the one that appears more than once is a bush in our backyard, and the rest are from a butterfly place we stopped at during vacation. I know how long Nikki’s last TOAW was…

So I can’t compete! But I did feel like mine was a little short, so maybe I can find a balance in between there.

Yup, that’s right, if you haven’t figured it out by now- I CRACKED THE SECRET OF GIFS!!!!!!!!!!! Isn’t it a beautiful day!?!
My first poem (sorry, I’ve only just started my non-book related post and it’s already about books!) references Paper Towns, and also books in general, of course.

We think our world is sturdy,


And UnbeatableButterfly

We’re wrong.

Everything is fragile,


And Tearable.

Like paper. We live like paper people in a paper world,

The same paper story every day.

Where’s the tall tales? The fantasies? The plot twists?

We’re all one big book, full of everyone’s stories.

But books are only paper:

The real story is in the words on the page. The paper words on the paper page.

Often we get so caught up in how we are a storyFlowers

That we forget we’re also just a paper book.

But when we remember that we’re merely paper,

We remember that paper only lasts so long

We remember how we could tear at any instant

And we remember that life should be treasured, yours and every other that you meet.

If life is treasured, it is truly worth living.

When you find it worth living, your reader will find that they care about your story

You will live on in their head, still paper, but important and someone cared for.

Empty, nothingness, the lack of something.

How can I be worth anything

If I am made of this?

I’m full of veins and organs and tissue

And yet somehow, there is a lack of something

I’m missing that special spark

Why am I different?

Why do I lack the same?

I’m soulless, coldhearted, unfeeling


I could just fade away

And who would be there to notice?

What makes me different?

Why can’t I be the same?

Look at me-

I’m already fuzzy on the edges

Once the lines are gone,

I’ll disappear.

Because there is no more left to see

I am hollow.

(This does not describe me. I was simply inspired.)

Well, after months of editing and re-editing, this post has become quite different… And a heckuva lot shorter! Many of the pictures (most) were lost between edits, as was lots of thoughts along the way. Hence the extremely short (I failed) post, etc. etc. Do you guys still enjoy these types of posts? Would you like to see more of them? Just scroll down to that comment section and tell me what you think! I always love feedback on my work, good or bad. (This isn’t my best work, but oh well. Inspiration doesn’t come on demand.) Well, that’s it for now! Toodles!



8 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Whim… June! November? Er, February.

  1. I really like this creative side of you. I’ve been randomly reading poems today so that’s kind of cool. I actually have or at least I have seen lots of the red flower at the top of the page. I really should tap into my creative side more often.

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  2. It feels a bit like June here . . . At first I thought maybe your post was in reference to that. 🙂 It’s a beautiful poem, Amy. I write poetry now and then, but haven’t shared any of mine in years. I’m too afraid too. Maybe someday. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha. Well, I don’t know about you, but where I am, it’s freezing out! 🙂 Thank you so much, that means the world to me. Hey, I’m always scared to death! It’s worth it, though. Let me know if you post any. 😉


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