Day 4.. And Then No More! :-(

IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!! YAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!! No, please don’t leave. I promise I’m not screamy and squealy all the time. Just about 99%. ;-P I’ll cut right to the chase here, guys. It’s late and CHRISTMAS EVE and I need to get up early tomorrow because DID I MENTION IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE!!! (By the way, Happy Christmas Eve!!!) So basically I’m trying to tell you all that I’d loveΒ to stay and chat, (I really would- you guys are all so awesome! Virtual hugs! Seriously. I want to send each and every one of you a book for under the tree. That’s how much I love you.) there’s really no time! It’s Day 4 of my (Amy’s) personal little challenge, and that means this is the last one before CHRISTMAS DAY WHOOP DEE DOO!!! HURRAH!!! Can you tell how much I love Christmastime? You can see my Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 posts by clicking on those links. πŸ™‚ So I keep saying how much I have to hurry and my beginning two sentences have already turned into a paragraph….

I was especially pleased with myself when I realized the order these books/posts would come in! I just happened to read them with creepiest for last. Oo La La! Best for last, Creepiest for last, same thing, am I right? Today’s (Tonight’s, This morning’s, whatever it may be for you) book is From Bad To Cursed by Katie Alender.

Now if you guys have been reading this whole group of posts, you’ll have noticed that I talked about the first one (and that I really really loved it) in my first post! (See above for the link) Well, I’m going to tell you straightaway that I loved this one twice as much, it was twice as creepy, and not nearly as close to a happy ending as the first.

The entire concept of this book intrigued me. I also feel it was completely fitting to hear about Alexis’s photography. It is in the same style as the book itself. So completely different and out of place, unlikely, that it peaks your interest and makes you want to learn more. I can definitely say I loved all of her descriptions and would be curious to see if someone could recreate those images! In the first book, Kasey is the one possessed, so although you do see some struggle once she realizes the ghost is using her for evil and is going to become violent towards her family, we don’t really understand what she is going through. In From Bad to Cursed, Alexis is possessed (I really don’t think that is a spoiler). It is so odd to see her go from being resolved to shake off the spirit’s hold on her for good one moment to being taken over the next and only having one goal- to harm or kill her family or friends. I mentioned before that it isn’t really a happy or even very concluded ending. For a while I didn’t really know what to make of it, but after some thought, I really appreciate that. I know using the term “realistic” is rather ridiculous in a fantasy book, but it really does feel more realistic to have the story end the way it does instead of having everyone go back to their jolly happy selves and being best friends forever and ever. It kind of seals up the job of working the paranormal factor into the story by showing that in a world like that, the bad things don’t all run away lickety-split when you’re onto them.

Wow, was that long or what! I hope you didn’t lose interest. Plus, I really didn’t go back and read it as I’m ting to post this before midnight. πŸ˜‰ Better go! Toodles!

Is Christmas not amazing???!!!??? Have you read From Bad to Cursed? Plan to? Heard of it? Do you plan to after reading my little rant-ish review thing? Speaking of which, how did you like that’s? What did you think of this series of postwar? Let me know in the commentator! You know you always brighten up my day with those! πŸ™‚



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