A Little Something Christmas

Merry xmas

Okay, I really don’t think that that title makes sense, but it’s kind of cute and so IT STAYS!!! Moving along. GUYS I GOT A LAPTOP!!!!!!!!!! That’s basically all I wanted for Christmas aside from the obvious books. Why, you ask? Well, my dears, so glad that came up! (Just go with it. Two crazy people makes it all seem less weird.) Because now that I (AMY!!!!!) have a laptop, this blog becomes WAY more easy for me to work with/on, and you know what that means: A much better reading experience for you! YAYYYYY!!!!!!!! XD Besides, it means that my posts won’t get boring near the end (alright, probably still a little sometimes, but not as much) because I won’t have spent HOURS on a short bitty thing. (Not usually, anyway. Okay, enough with the parentheses. They’re pointless! And driving me crazy!) So now you all should be cheering wildly at your computer screen, jumping up and down, dancing, screaming at the top of your lungs, and completely weirding out everyone in a fifty foot radius. *this is me not using parentheses* Is weirding out even a term? Is weirding even a word??? WordPress is telling me it isn’t. But then, it’s also saying that WordPress isn’t a word. *this is me not using parentheses again* This paragraph has gone on way too long, with way too little peppiness, cheering and all.

Before we do anything more, I have a serious confession to make. Remember how in my last post I was trying to post before midnight so that it would still be Christmas Eve? Weeeeeeeeeeell, I didn’t succeed. I feel so guilty! The horror! Oh well. Let’s move this along. No more sadness!

Last night I was thinking of today and what I would do…. Should I post? Should I let it sit? It is Christmas day we’re talking about. And if I did post, what would I post about? Now, you guys (most of you, anyway) have experienced how weird and crazy I get when I’m tired. Turns out, I also have bad judgement, because this is the thought that stood out: “Hey, I’ll just write a short little Christmas story! Easy peasy.” Some of you may not see the problem with this ridiculous idea. But sharing my writing? And especially something Nikki hadn’t edited yet? NO WAY JOSE!!!!!!!!! This may or may not mean that I set out writing this post with a picture that I created on Picmonkey with my beautiful new laptop baby and bored hands that I wanted to put to work typing up a new post on my favorite little laptop girl.

Laptop, baby, same difference, right? Come on, you can’t possibly tell me you know which is which.

Since I don’t really have anything prepared (and I can’t let this whole post be nothing), I’ll just give you guys a couple of updates! πŸ™‚

First of all, the one thing I did have in mind when I began this post! Just a little something Christmas for all of you! *cough cough present cough cough* Unfortunately, Nikki and I are broke noooooot the richest so although I would love to send you all books, it’s just not happening. Instead, we are going to make your reading experience here that much more easy, awesome, cool, and fun by making a few upgrades! You’re probably looking around at the theme and sidebar and all that stuff, wondering where the promised land new things are right about now. Since Nikki is out of town for the week, we are going to work on it when we next get together (hopefully this weekend) and let you know when it happens! So YAAAAAAAY to that!!!!!!! And I’m sorry for any disappointment I caused when mentioning presents and failing to tell you first that I’m not sending books.

Books x3
Kudos to you if you just said that like Becky says, “Boats, boats, boats!!!”

Also, I have been looking into 2016 book challenges! Since we started in April of this year, we really haven’t done anything like that, but I would like to! I’m hoping Nikki and I can do some together as well. I have a whole long list, but feel free to suggest anyways! XD I wouldn’t want to miss out on a really fun one.

To my very few (don’t worry to the rest of you, you’re really not missing out on much) Goodreads friends, sorry I added a bunch of books all at once! I hope it didn’t send you alerts. My challenge was below my goal because I have been extremely inactive, so I had to add a bunch and take a wild guess at the dates.

And finally, I am reading Tiny Pretty Things and I have to say it is just all over the place! I don’t even know what to think anymore! I am nearly finished with it, so I will probably be back tomorrow for a Recently Finished Friday, since it’s been a little while. I would wait to finish it and do it later today, but boo that! I’m here now! πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I genuinely hope I didn’t bore you too much with all my ridiculous nothing talk.


I’M SO RIDICULOUS!!! XD Anyway, I love you all and wish you a very Merry Christmas (Even if you don’t celebrate it, I wish you a happy day and lots of luck for whatever you may need it for in your life right now- exams, tests, family, friends, anything.)! Again, I really hope I didn’t bore you to sleep (Or at all would be nice too). See you soon, my amazing people! Toodles!

What do you all think of my edits? The rah rah rah meme wasn’t mine, by the way. The laptop and baby look the same to you too, right? Are you excited about the new changes around here? You weren’t too disappointed about not getting books, were you? My most sincere apologies. Don’t you wish you had as many books as in that picture? Do you have any challenges for 2016 that you’re doing and you think I should too? Are you hosting one? Did I bore you to sleep? OH, AND BEFORE YOU GO- I almost forgot to stick this in here! I wanted to tell you guys that I always try to visit the blogs of everyone that follows us and comment if possible. However, I didn’t used to do this, and I know for a fact that some of you I have never talked to! Also, I am not able to see the names/email/website/anything of the people that follow us by email only (I think you’re supposed to be able to, but I can’t… Anyone else have this issue?). Basically, I’m trying to tell you to speak up and make your presence known! I absolutely love meeting and chatting with each and every one of you, but in some cases I just don’t have the ability to initiate that conversation! Don’t be shy! Talk to me in the comments, or shoot me an email! πŸ˜‰





22 thoughts on “A Little Something Christmas

  1. Hi. I’m following you, and as you asked, this is my info. –
    Blog: The Romantic Pen @ http://kwolf114.wordpress.com
    email: kwolf114.kw@gmail.com.
    I am hosting a monthly event: AVFiction.
    Develop your own video or podcast, maximum 5 minutes, on a book or author.

    ● On the first Wednesday of each month embed and then post it on your blog, adding a link in your post to The Romantic Pen.

    ● Remember to add the tag, #AVFiction, encouraging readers to visit your blog.

    ● Then add a link to your post in the Comments area of the AVFiction page of my blog: https://kwolf114.wordpress.com/avfiction

    You could, for example, try a book review, or interviewing one of your new blogging buddies who is an author. I’m eager to see what you create! Have any questions, contact me at:

    Start date: January 4th, 2016

    Have a good night.

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    1. This sounds like a great idea! I definitely look forward to seeing these, but I got a little pouty at videos; we aren’t doing pictures or videos of ourselves at this time. :-/ Thank you so much for informing me about it! πŸ™‚


  2. First things first, am grinning for you (for your Christmas present that is). Not very wierd, but good enough. Second, you should try 30 days book challenge, or 31 or 29 (you got the point). I’m planning for one, next year.
    And third, it’s kind of late to wish you Merry Christmas, but I can wish you a Happy New Year in advance. All the best!

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                1. Haha. Of course you were helpful!
                  I looked it up and it appears that there are different ways of doing it: you can post every day for thirty days about essentially anything, about a different book each day, or have a theme for each day. I clicked on the first two links that came up and I liked the second better:
                  This looks very fun! It is quite possible that I will do it! XD

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