2 Days In and 2 To Go!

Hey guys! Wow, what a grand opening! Today is is December 22, which means there are TWO DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!!!! Woohoo!!! How exciting is that!?! That also means that it is Day Two of my 4 Days, 4 Books, 4 Posts Challenge! (It’s Amy) I was extremely pleased with how well the first post was received, so hopefully I continue to interest you all. 🙂 Boy, I’m not off to such a good start, now am I?

Today’s book is Hollow City by Ransom Riggs.

Hollow City by Ransom Riggs
I’m really loving the characters in this series! It’s been a week or so since I’ve read this, so let’s see if I can remember them all:

  • Jacob- the main character; can see and fight hollows
  • Emma Bloom- creates fire
  • Hugh- controls bees
  • Olive- lighter than air
  • Addison- a talking dog
  • Daphne- a talking emu-raffe
  • Horace-
  • Millard- invisibility
  • Miss Peregrine- a ymbryne
  • Miss Wren- a ymbryne
  • – brings the dead back to life momentarily
  • The Gypsy Boy- invisibility
  • Bronwyn- incredible strength
  • And more that I cannot possibly remember!

I always get Hugh, Horace, and the boy that brings the dead to life mixed up. Any help?

I was definitely interested in how Emma and Jacob’s relationship developed as they were both realizing the possibility of Emma’s death and Jacob’s leaving. They were inevitably attracted and always looking to the other, but constantly denying it in the hopes that it would make the emotion go away. I also really like Addison. He completely cracked me up! I love dogs. 🙂 I also really appreciated learning more about Bronwyn. She definitely stepped into a new light in this book. And of course, Jacob’s power! It has grown so much!

This entire series absolutely intrigues me! I was hooked right away on Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children. The pictures completely made the story! I think it is awesome that all or most of them are just odd, old pictures.

And now for some more quotes courtesy of my very good friend Google!

I apologize for the meh post! I’ve been watching a movie and I’m so very very tired after a long day… *snore* But you all do have reason to be proud of me! I am officially caught up on all emails! Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!!! I don’t remember (tire) whether I told you guys, but the Bloglovin’ unread count was over two hundred not so long ago. It’s getting better! By a little! 😉 Alright, I have to apologize AGAIN for this post. I’m probably going to fall asleep before it gets published! Ah, boo me! Go away, sleepiness! Okay, goodnight everyone. Toodles!

Have any of you read Hollow City? Are you planning to? What characters am I missing here? Did I get any wrong? Aren’t those quotes cool? Was my post alright? Did you fall asleep listening to me fall asleep? Don’t you love Bloglovin’? Does anyone have any book suggestions for me (as mentioned in the day 1 post)? Scroll down and shoot me a message! I love to hear from you all! 😉


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