Some leftover Black Friday excitement for ya!

**Just a little note before we get started… As I mentioned in my last post, I began a Recently Finished Friday on Black Friday. This is that post! Although I didn’t get it posted yesterday, I hope you guys still enjoy some leftover Black Friday silliness! Nearly everything in this post is from two weeks ago; I will just have a little note at the end. Here goes!

Oh (that O does not want to bold! Geez, WordPress!) ho ho ho Happy Black Friday and all that jazz. XD It is semi-late for me, too late to start a post, but whatever. If this post is published on November 28, that’s probably why. Pretend it’s not. Just go with it. Anyway. Here goes. You all remember Nikki’s super genius awesome idea, right? (Yes, that makes this Amy.) Recently Finished Friday, eh? Weeeeeeeell I’m kinda hoping you all remember my post from yesterday that was an early/late Recently Finished Friday too…? You still with me? (If you’re new here, please don’t click that red X. I’m really cute and sweet. Honest! 😌) Well. I know you’ve all stretched your limits for those memories of this blog that you haven’t thrown into the forgotten pit (you better not let them disintegrate! Sorry, Inside Out reference…) yet (humph), but I’ve got one more for ya. Ya’ll (I missed that word!) remember that post from a REALLY long time ago about Rereads Week? Last thing! Promise! (I hope- I can’t doing any more remembering either. Neville, can I borrow your Remembrall? Thanks! And yes, that totally means Neville is right next to me. Which totally doesn’t make me crazy. And totally means this is a long note to have in parentheses. Say goodbye to Neville, guys, he’s busy! With what, I don’t know, but that’s beside the point.) Now that I’ve got you (I hope) thinking about it, do you guys remember how that Rereads Week never really ended? Mmhmm? And (I suppose this is another thing, but it’s just the same thing) remembering back to my post from yesterday, I had only had two books left. JUST TWO!!! Yup? I don’t know how you’re reading it, but guys, this is an extremely round-a-bout way of telling you all the good news… REREADS WEEK/MONTH IS OVER!!! RAH RAH RAH YAYYY!!! Oh, was that me? My most sincere apologies, kind lady next door. *door shuts* WOOHOO!!! Okay. In all seriousness, (as if) to have Rereads Week be completely and officially done, I have to tell you about my books. (AND SHE FINALLY POINTS OUT THE OBVIOUS) But. I did a Recently Finished Friday yesterday ack what has gotten into me!?! *gnashes teeth together while pulling out hair* So. I turned to those I can trust. You. yeah, you. I read some of your guys’s posts and commented (etc etc etc blah blah blah) and looked for inspiration from the most inspiring people I know! So, I came up with…


By the way, if this GIF does not move, you have my sincere apologies. It is genuinely funny. Promise. But animated GIFs usually don’t work on my iPod for some unknown reason.

Yeah. What I really wanted was a GIF saying “This much NOTHING” but apparently such a thing does not exist. In all seriousness, Nikki and I should make GIFs. There’s never a good one when you especially need it. Anyway. I came up with a big fat nothing, so I turned to my next inspiration. NIKKI!!!!! Yay!!! And there, in the magical land of Nikki ideas, I found the equally magical land of the…

*and cue the applauuuuuuse* (Oh, come on. The world needs that GIF in our lives.) Yup, that means you can expect a very GIFy Christmas- I mean post, yes of course, we were only speaking of the post. Shall we get on with it now?

As a helpful hint, here are the:

(Photo courtesy of Google. I can only dream of making edits like that.)

  • What’s the title and author of your book? Cover image optional, but preferred. Please include a link to the Goodreads synopsis if you can.
  • How long ago did you finish your book? (So we can see how fresh your feels are.) If you can’t remember, that’s okay.
  • On a scale of one to ten, what would you rate your book?
  • What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about your book? If you loved everything about your book, just say so.
  • The real thing is, LET THE RANTS BEGIN! but this was the closest. And cutest.

Ironically, I don’t actually like this cover. I am posting it on my blog, and therefore promoting it, and yet I really don’t like this cover. Huh. There’s one you don’t see every day. Anyway. Both of the covers have links attached, so just click on them, will you?

Started and finished yesterday. One day! Woohoo! Either I’m really getting better at this thing, or this book was extremely short. It’s probably safe to say the latter, although we can hope the former helped a bit too! The rating is a bit tricky. The writing was younger than I had remembered, but of course I have to take into account that it is technically a children’s book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, weird writing or no. I think I would probably go with a

(It looked cool, okay?)  As for favorite and least favorite, I’m gonna say my

Moment was… Simply rereading it! No, really! My mom and I read the series together when I was very young, so it holds dear memories.

Plus, I didn’t really understand the whole “Surprise- it’s actually a Christian book” thing until I was much older, so it was cool to look at it and see those references.

Again with the style. Although I definitely wouldn’t want someone to go back and change it now, the style just feels a little rough and sometimes confused me. However, I will live.

(Whatever happened to smiling’s my favorite Amy?) Now for the rant- oh, but wait-

Maybe next time! Sorry, losers! (Wow, this Amy is mean!)

Remember that to get to the Goodreads synopsis, all you have to do is click the picture! I finished this one today. FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY YAY!!!

Guys, I was typing this out before I put it on WordPress (yes people actually do that, and yes we are human too! I think… I’m still sick with a cold. Still….) and my GIF list went something like this:

1. Black Friday GIF

2. TGIF GIF (Haha the word GIF is in TGIF! Hey wait a second… WHAT DOES GIF STAND FOR OH MY GOSH!?!)

3. But…  GIF

4. Oh no I have a huge thanksgiving tomorrow GIF

Oh wait… That last one doesn’t exist… See? See what happens to us poor people out here typing it up first? *puts it all on WordPress* Anyway, no need to TGIF! I have a ginormous family Thanksgiving at my house tomorrow. Nikki’s side of the family, and there’s a lot of us! (Many, many cousins removed a couple times or second cousins or whatever those are called- that means lots of thirty-something year olds. That means lots of babies.) Oh well. I get to see Nikki, eh? 😉 As for the rating? I haven’t put Nikki up to the test yet. I’m really curious to see what she thinks, and I haven’t been able to ask yet. I will let you know ASAP! Okay, as for the things that I…

That would be everything! I can’t think of anything I don’t right now, at least. It was really good! Rick Riordan! YES!!! Guys, I would totally do a rant for you right now. I totally would. (I won’t) But my rant yesterday was just gosh darn AWFUL and

1. I’m still recovering! Give a girl some slack!

2. You guys won’t want a rant, because in its place I am stuffing ALL THE QUOTES THAT’S RIGHT GUYS HERE THEY COME!

“‘You do everything I say and give me your dessert and do my chores-‘ ‘Leo!’ Piper snapped. ‘Fine. Ignore that last part.'”

“‘What’s Cabin Nine?’ Leo asked. ‘And I’m not a Vulcan!’ ‘Come on, Mr. Spock, I’ll explain everything.'”

“‘A weed whacker? What’s the god of fire want with a weed whacker?'”

“‘Hmm,’ Clovis said again, and this time Jason realized he was snoring. ‘Clovis!’ he yelled. ‘What? What?’ His eyes fluttered open. ‘We were talking about pillows, right? No, gods. I remember.'”

“‘Hardship, monsters, terrible suffering. Possibly none of you will come back alive.’ ‘Oh.’ Suddenly Leo didn’t look so excited. Then he remembered everyone was watching. ‘I mean…Oh, cool! Suffering? I love suffering! Let’s do this.'”

“Boys interested in shopping for clothes? A definite sign they were under an evil spell.”

“‘Along the eastern starboard-oh, hold on.’ He tapped his earpiece. ‘Sorry, folks! Poseidon is angry with Miami today, so it looks like that Florida freeze is back on! Sorry, Demeter. Over in the Midwest, I’m not sure what St. Louis did to offend Zeus, but you can expect winter storms!'”

“‘Bring it on, gas bags!’ Hedge yelled up at the storm spirits. ‘I’ll pulverize you!’ ‘He’s magnificent,’ Mellie sighed. ‘Concentrate?’ Jason prompted. ‘Right!’ she said.”

“The idea of fighting a forty-foot-tall immortal bare handed was so ridiculous, even the giant seemed surprised.”

“‘Let’s come to order,’ Chiron said. ‘Lou Ellen, please give Miranda her nose back. Travis, if you’d kindly extinguish the flaming Ping-Pong ball, and Butch, I think twenty pencils is really too many for any human nostril. Thank you.'”

**And back to the present! I hope you all had fun with this; and had fun on Black Friday too! Hopefully I will post again about my two latest reads sometime in the next week. Until then, toodles!

How was your Black Friday? Have you read these books? Were my GIFs okay? What did you think of my quotes? Say hi, I miss you guys!


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