I started this blog for a reason. Want to know why?

Well hello out there! Okay, it took me absolutely forever (like seriously, you don’t even want to know) to figure out that title (don’t ask, seriously) and I start with that? How pathetic! 😦 Oh well. I’m still unsure about that title. There must be something wrong with me. ANYWAY!!! This is a happy post, why is there a sad face in that paragraph!?! No sadness, self! (Self=Amy, by the way. It has actually been exactly a week since Nikki last posted. *hangs head in shame*) So. It has been over a week since I last posted, which is rather the opposite of what I was going for (daily posts, remember?)… Dot dot dot… PLUS, I haven’t stopped reading while I was away (ooo, that’s a new one! Maybe next time I try something new I’ll stop procrastinating! Oh, who am I kidding. That’ll never happen…)! Last time I posted was a Recently Finished Friday on Thanksgiving (yikes, that really was a long time ago… Enough with the dots, self!) and I actually started a post on Black Friday (anybody who doesn’t know for whatever reason, that’s the day immediately after Thanksgiving) that was ANOTHER Recently Finished Friday (I know, how lame is that’s? Okay, I need to stop commenting on myself. Is it weird in here or is it just me?) that (obviously) never got posted. I will schedule that to post sometime later this week, probably Thursday or Friday. So that is to be expected. (*proud of self*) Okay. Seriously, guys. There’s something wrong with me. I’ve said self, like, five times. In the last paragraph. I haven’t even gotten down to business (business butterflies) yet! Gah! I just spent a whole long paragraph using dot dot dots and ‘self’s and I haven’t even done anything yet. Moving right along now!

You guys are probably wondering about the title (I hope you are. Are you? At least pretend!) up there. Just to clarify, I’m going to get this over with right away: I technically did not start this blog. I take no credit for the idea of starting a blog. That’s all on Nikki (ain’t she wonnerful)! However, lately I’ve been kind of losing track of what I’m here for. Hit a bump in the road, so to speak. I basically just found my way again (Yes, I did this over the course of a week. I am that awesome.) and I have to tell you about it because- um. I tell you guys every single book and blog related thing that has ever happened to me. I really do. ANYWAY!!! I just keep blabbing and blabbing and blabbing and there I go again!

Sooooooooooooo. I’m hoping you guys are curious about this magical thing that changed my whole blogging attitude. It comes in the shape of this beautiful item I like to call… A book!

Gasp! Look at this beauty!

Yes, guys. I read Carry On… And as expected, it totally blew my mind!!! WHOAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Just trust me when I say it’s totally awesome and you should go read it if you haven’t already.Unfortunately, it has now been a couple of days since I finished Carry On, but I still have yet to do a proper rant, so you guys are in luck! I wrote a page in my journal immediately after the ending with ALL OF THE FEELS GUYS ALL THE FEELS GAHHHHHHHHHHH CAN YOU TELL ITS COMING BACK TO ME!?!?!?!?! Ooooooookay then. Direct quote from the journal of yours truly: (except for the asterisks- those would be minor spoilers)
What even. Carry On, Simon. Simon is- ****** but THE **** and lordie BAZ but VAMPIRE but LOVE ack ******* oh Penelope and but what LUCY and and and AGATHA OH GOSH KILL ME NOW AGH! Agatha. AGATHA UGH! And and and Penelopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…
“It’s just- I really hoped there’d be sandwiches.” This is all going in my book journal, I’d say. SIMON OH MY GOSH LUCY AND OH What about **** UGH **** and what even is his name ********* THIS ISNT FAIR LIFE ISNT FAIR RAINBOW ROWELL DO YOU ENJOY WATCHING THIS HAPPEN BECAUSE ITS YOUR FAULT OMGGGGG!!!!!
Why am I even writing this
to my whole life right now my whole brain oh my goodness gracious AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No. Just no. I just can’t.
I’ll be back tomorrow. Hopefully with answers. BUT THERE WILL NEVER BE ANSWERS!

Best rant I’ve ever written. Period point blank. I also sound a bit crazy. Speaking of which,

“It’s just- I really hoped there’d be sandwiches.”

*blows mind* Speaking of which,

“…a star going nova…”

I really liked that description, how about you guys? (I’m kind of all over the place with this stuff. I just don’t even know where to begin, you know?) Also. The whole THERE WILL NEVER BE ANSWERS thing. It’s just that… THERE WILL NEVER BE ANSWERS!!!???!!! Enough with the standalones. I need more Simon. I do, I do, I really really do. Did you guys notice that I said it was all going in my book journal? Did I tell you about that? No, seriously, I don’t remember. Anyway, I found this totally awesome book journal at a garage sale for two dollars and I absolutely adore it. It’s amazing! (Somebody please comment and tell me if I’ve posted pictures; if not, I will) So, the thing about all this randomness and rantiness is that it’s really confusing. At least to me. Does it confuse you too? To get to the point, my title was about why I started blogging and I HAVENT EVEN TALKED ABOUT IT YET! See next paragraph, peoples.

When I was reading Carry On, it was amazing. I totally got back into the spirit of reading. I was reading it EVERYWHERE and while doing EVERYTHING, just like old times. And to think, I wasn’t even that excited about it before I started! (Gasp!) I have to take a word out of Analee @ Book Snacks’s dictionary- I was devouring it. Positively eating up the pages. (Not literally, don’t worry.) As I was finishing up the last fifty or so pages, I realized- this was why I started blogging. I didn’t start blogging because I’m a fast reader and I can read more in a year than most people. That would be a ridiculous reason. And nobody likes a braggart, anyway. I didn’t start blogging because I thought we would get tons of followers (although I’m going to take this time to point out to you the follower count!!! WE HIT 250!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like, how crazy is that? We love you guys. We do. We leave you for long periods of time at random times for random reasons, or sometimes for no reason at all. We go on and on and on and on and on about random things for weird reasons or no reason at all and you still read this stuff, and obviously some of you press that follow button, too. You’re all amazing, and you all deserve free books for a lifetime. Sadly, I cannot afford that, so you’re just going to have to settle for a GINORMOUS HUG!!!!!!!!!! Bring it in, people! Come on, I don’t bite! I’m just a hugger!), because honestly, I had no idea if we would get any at all. I didn’t even start blogging to get into this amazing group of people! I didn’t even know it existed back then! Guys, I started blogging because of that reading sensation that you can only get by reading a REALLY good book. That feeling when you get when you can JUST SEE the end but not quite. And then it all gets turned on its head. That feeling you get when your brain is telling you you have better things to do such as eating, sleeping, doing homework, working, blogging, or , I don’t know, breathing, but you completely override all those nagging thoughts because they’re simply not important compared to this book and nothing else in the world can possibly exist until you read that final word. And then you have to throw a tantrum until you get the next book- or, if there is no next book, like Carry On, throw a larger tantrum about that too. And then go cry about it to your book best friend. Nikki, in my case. That is why I started this blog. Because I knew I had discovered something amazing that not all people do, and I just had to share it with the world, because it’s simply worth sharing. I hope you have all, each and every one of you, experienced that sensation, because it is WORTH discovering. And if you haven’t, I always say that if you don’t like reading, you just haven’t found the right book yet, so don’t lose hope!

Alright, maybe this is a little too self-promoting, but that was just beautiful. Beautiful, I tell you. Sorry you guys had to dig through all that crap to get it. Moving along. I really have to apologize for being so behind on all of your guys’ stuff. I promise I still love you! I just… May or may not have completely let our email and Bloglovin’ get overrun with stuff. So I’m sorry. Hopefully I’ll get to that later today, how does that sound? Now, I really must be going to decorate my Christmas tree… Cross your fingers that I come back in less than a week!

Aren’t books amazingly? Have you read Carry On yet? Yes, that says yet, because you ARE going to. YOU ARE!!!!! IF YOU HAVE, WHAT DID YOU THINK!!!???!!! What did you think of my reason for starting this blog? You all got in the group hug, right? Right? Right? Are any of you decorating for Christmas now too? Are you already decorated? If you don’t celebrate Christmas, tell me about what you do celebrate! I’d love to know! Toodles!


13 thoughts on “I started this blog for a reason. Want to know why?

  1. Hahaa this made me laugh so much, love your book journal entry (that was pretty much my reaction while reading Carry On too!!!) I really really want a Carry On sequel! I need more Simon and Baz in my life!

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