I Need A New Nickname

Ok, guys. It’s offical. I need a new nickname. I mean, how can Nikki compare to something like “fire-breathing-b-queen???!!” That’s right; I’m finally reading Queen of Shadows and quite franky, I’m rather jealous Celaena’s, sorry Aelin’s (Sorry, still getting used to that. By the way, I think those are some of the two prettiest names ever. Celaena Aelin. Sigh), kick-butt new nickname. It screams adventure, sass, and thrill. Seriously, have you ever heard anything better? It just speaks to me. And it totally describes Celeana (cross out) Aelin perfectly. Especially with these new changes shes made to her personality. In the book, it makes Celaena out to be this totally cruel monster, but to me, it’s sorta seems the opposite.

Aelin and Celaena seem like totally different people, but totally the same at the same time, you know? Like totally! Okay, that was stupid and didn’t make any sense whatsoever. Sorry, guys. I’m sick, yet again and at play practice and am bored and am going through new show Netflix withdrawals, where you just start a show and can’t stand to be seperated from it. (Young & Hungry is soooooo good! Watch it! But beware, there’s only two seasons! Don’t get too attached! If you’re looing for something long term, can I interest you in How I Met Your Mother?? Great show, great show.)Yes, folks, I’m in a halfway reading slump. Like it’s not fullblown (yet) and I still want to read, sometimes. I don’t know. Again, I’m sorry; I’ve gotten totally offtrack. Is this how you guys feel about Red Queen? (Still haven’t read it, sorry sorry sorry. Man, I’m getting really tired of this word. I’m sorry I’m putting you guys through this. Darn it! There I go again! Sorry!) Like you love it so utterly and completely and yet you still sort of don’t? And now that I think about it, I don’t really know why I’m don’t love it. But I still sort of do, and I’ll try my best to explain it to you. Gosh, this is so confusing. I can’t sort out my feels! Normally I’d be reading right now, but I’m trying out to in order to make this a currently reading post. I’m currently on page 499 in this glorious hunk of a book. Okay, I took a trip to this resort/hotel for Thanksgiving to meet my family and was in the car for fourteen hours round trip. And during that time I had composed this perfect post in my mind, and yes, this part of it. But now, two days later (I was going to do this post yesterday but then Amy came along.) I’ve completely forgotten almost all of it which was my, like, my biggest fear. SO, I’m just going to type along- la,la,la,la,la- and hope it comes back. So far I’m totally failing and this post is far from perfect. But anyway, this book has got me so stressed out. While in the car, it had me so enthralled that I was completely devouring my lips, which I normally never do, and now my lips hurt so badly! Do you have to such a good writer, Sarah J. Maas? I mean seriously, if your writing wasn’t so alluring… I know I’ve said Cassandra Clare is my favorite author, but I think I may be reconsidering. But I don’t know if I can call her my favorite if she continues to do this to me. I mean my heart starts racing, and I can’t form coherent thoughts, and I can’t think about anything other than the book and then when it’s over it shatters my mind and leaves me feeling numb and awestruck at the same thing and just HBJgbnhfjksbfhjvknshzxlkcsbc ;islcbjsv;cvc;caj bj bfbbaffbjndbnjfkb bsgrge daffsbgrabd gjvibn vn,!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS ME!!!!!!!!!! I mean, you guys have read these books! You know how it feels!!!!The one thing that I actually don’t like that drives me insane is her overuse of the word male!! HONESTLY!!!!!! Do you think it makes your writing special and sophisticated because you use this word fifty times a page?? They invented other words in the English language for this purpose! Crack open a thesaurus, please! Like I understand that Rowan and Adeion arent really men, in the human sense, but I don’t think anyone will really mind if you say that every now and then! Is this an issue for anyone else?? Anyone at all?? I can’t be the only one. Exhibit A: “You’re a better male than this.” Come on now. That’s soooooooo…. dare I say it? Stupid! What is that even supposed to mean You aren’t worthy of the great tile that is the word male, Lorcan. Being a male is such a great honor. INsert eye roll here. Give me a break. I did have another example, but then my bookmark fell out. Don’t you hate when that happens? But I’m going to try and find it for you guys. Found it! This one is even worse than the other one because it took had should have been a beautiful, heartfelt sentiment, but instead, it was ruined by the use of the word I am now starting to detest, you guessed it: male! “She looked at them, at the three males that meant everything- more than everything.”…I rest my case… But, since I’ve now finished the book. Yes, it’s been a while since I started this post, but I’ve so busy you have no idea! So let’s just skip past that minor detail so I can finish this and go watch some more T.V. in the only free time I have! YAY! I finished the book today in math class and it was a long day so my feels aren’t as fresh as they should be. However, I love this book so much! At first all I wanted to devour was devour this book but I couldn’t because the plot was so complex that I had to slow down and keep going over everything had happened! It’s like the first book never existed! I mean, we need like a freaking timeline or something, you know?Now, I’m not saying I want it any other way, I’m just saying. However, it all really came together in the last 150 pages or so and it was so perfect and beautiful and now I need the next one NOW. Is there a next one? I mean, I would be satisfied with that ending because yay happiness, but at the same time I’m totally NOT! That ending, though… PLOT TWIST! THE KING! I mean, Perrington as the evil guy’s name that begins with E? Dang! MANON, ELIDE! By the way, have I mentioned anything about how Sarah has the best kick-butt strong female (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.) leads ever?!?! Obviously Aelin, but also definitely Manon, Nesryn, Elide, Kaltain, Lysandra. I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH!!!!! New. Favorite. Series. Of all time. And how she saved Dorian! Just uabhgfjifbhjgjgh! BUt CHaols legs… I swear if she doesn’t FIX THIS I will snap. Maybe I won’t be able to take out a million prison guards like Celaena, but my wrath is still to be feared. Okay, I think that pretty much covers it! I guess this’ll substitute for the Recently Finished Friday’s I’ve missed. I mean, I’ve totally gotten the rant part down. Don’t be disappointed if all rants pale in comparison from now on; you know where you can always find some good ones. “You’ve got a friend in… my rants.” Okay, maybe that doesn’t work as well as I had hoped. AHHHH!!! Only an hour left until play practice! Gotta run! Love ya!!!!!

Postscript: I’m sorry I haven’t been very active when it comes to reading posts and stalking you guys thoroughly. I’m also sorry if I haven’t replied to any comments you have left for me because you that it makes my entire year (hint hint); Amy always buries mine! I issue a challenge unto you: Drown Amy’s comments with ones for me! (I wonder if anyone will actually do this… I mean there are 249 of you… Just say hi!) My excuse: TECH WEEK!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH! BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



4 thoughts on “I Need A New Nickname

  1. The word ‘male’ didn’t bother me, but now that you pointed it out… I CAN’T LET IT GO. It does sound weird :/ Also a nickname… OR A: NIKKINAME *ba dum tss* Sorry that was bad. Very bad. Book-breathing queen? XD Sorry I suck at nicknames lol

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    1. It didn’t used to bother me until I noticed it one fateful day… and then it started popping up EVERYWHERE! Literally because that book is my EVERYTHING and she uses the word like every ten other words….. HAHA! Nikkiname! I shouldn’t have laughed as hard as I did. 😉 Book-reading b-queen??
      -Nikki… for now

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