The blogger who lost her shadow…

Hey, guys! Nikki here, though not for very much longer. I guess my Quote of The Day is:

And I plan on doing just that. I think I’m going to take a break from blogging for a bit for the sake of Amy’s and my relationship. (No idea if I just did that right.) You see, if I keep going on like this, I fear that I’m going to start to resent Amy. Amy is like the sun, bright and radiant and shiny. People can’t help but look at her. I’m like a star, I’ve always been a star. An unknown, uncatalogued star in the infinite universe. People don’t even know I’m there. Who knows? I might be a star bigger than the sun, but nobody has gone looking for me. This is petty and jealous of me, and that’s what I’m afraid of. Amy is my best friend, and I wouldn’t want to lose her, so that means giving up you guys. For the two of you who actually kinda like me, I’m sorry, but I think I’m holding Amy back, and she could do so much better without me; she’s already begun to. You know the story, all the greatest and biggest stars turn into black holes.


21 thoughts on “The blogger who lost her shadow…

  1. Nikki, shh! You know what the Sun is? It’s a star. And every star in the sky burns bright, no matter what. And you Amy are JUST as special as each other, and just as wonderful, and just as fantastic and funny. Hey, if you do leave, I’d love to stay in contact with you 🙂 You’re a great person; ALWAYS remember that.

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  2. Oh no 😦 Nikki, I’ll miss you! Your presence was so wonderful, and your comments always brightened my day. But if you feel that you must take some time off, by all means! Your friendships and health always come first. I’m sure you and Amy will be just fine. ❤ Take care! x

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  3. Nikki, no! What are you even saying?! 😮 This doesn’t sound like you AT ALL, you know? You and Amy… you’re both so awesome and funny and quirky in your own way. I can always tell which one of you has written the post, without even needing you to reveal it — your ways of writing are just that unique from each other. I love you both equally, as does EVERYONE ELSE. Why are you doing this??!! 😥
    Btw, I need your email (ASAP, mind you); I feel like we’re not keeping in touch enough.

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