Hey, guys! Guess what?!?!

First of all, our post we did in honor of our 100 follower anniversary was very, very cute. Seriously, Amy and I just now read it for reference and we literally said, “OMG! I love me! I’m so cute!” fifty million times.

And then we had a hug/squee-fest at the end. It was very nice. *nods head in an authoritative report-like manner*  (NFA: And yes, this is a thing now. No, seriously. Anyway, NICE????? Really, Nikki? You can do better than that.) Fine, fine, darling. It was… divine. *says this in a stuffy, old lady type of voice* IS THAT BETTER?! (NFA: Yes, yes, dear. It was.) Glad you’re happy, “dear.” *rolls eyes* (NFA: Like “darling’s” any better….) IT. IS. SO. Don’t you dare insult “darling,” it has such a dramatic flair! And we all know how I feel like about those. (NFA: I’ll insult what I want, heaven knows you wouldn’t hold back if it was me.) *smacks head* Amy, we can argue about this later!  Gosh darn it! Amy and I had pre-written this darling (See, Amy?), little opening, but now we’ve gone and ruined it! So, let’s pretend this never happened and we’re going to start over! *Clears throat as if preparing to read a long, lengthy speech*

Alright guys, I know that title’s vague. Why are they doing a random post about nothing, you ask? BUT JUST LOOK! OVER THERE! *says in exasperated tone* Okay, look on the right. Below search, below stats… EUREKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!!!!  You found it! 200 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!! *says in a very snotty, typical Nikki voice* 202, to be exact. (NFN: And if you couldn’t tell by now, Amy is currently narrating. *rolls eyes once more*) EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(NFN: See, this is the squee-fest we were talking about earlier. Amy was literally dancing on a picnic table. You don’t wanna’ know. Seriously, man. It wasn’t pretty. I mean….No comments are available at this time.) See? Wasn’t the opening the most awe-dork-able thing ever!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way (whatever that was), let’s get down to business!

Business, Business... Butterflies!
Bhramori, this one’s for you!

First off, we want to say thank you, ah-vee-us-ly.

Love ya, Beyonce! I mean followers. Not Beyonce. Followers! Go followers! Yay! (NFA: As cute as that was, just no. No. NO!!!!!!) Yes. Yes. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beyonce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (NFA: Uh… What do I say to a fangirling Beyonce-lover???) Nothing, dear. You say nothing. (NFA: Girl, you got problems. Alright, business. As Nikki would say, business Business BUTTERFLIES)

Be free, young one.                Be free!

Remember at the top? The very very top? Before we went crazy all over the place? (Or at least, some of us did… Not pointing fingers or anything.) (NFN: Oh, Amy. You think you’re so clever!) Because I am! Hehe. Back to what I was saying. We said we were just reading our 100(+) followers post, and it was the sweetest thing ever. (NFN: Not to pat ourselves in the back or anything, but we can see why you guys follow us.) Ahem! We just wanted to tell you that… Not to guilt you into checking it out or anything… But it pretty much says it all. Hint hint check it out here! Although it’s gonna be pretty to top, we’re gonna try anyway. Ya think we’re doin’ a good job so far? 😉 Nawt likin’ the Southerness? Dahlin’, get used to it. Ah’m’a be around a long time. Sorry, guys, that was probably really offensive to all y’all Southern gals… (and guys, too) But I promise I really love y’all. (NFN: Sorry, guys. We’re gonna stop this now. Amy forgot to take her meds today. 🙂 ) Oh, lordie. Nikki has issues. Anyway, I was just going to say that I have an aunt and uncle that are Southern, and I really admire them. So all teasing is purely loving. Pinky swear.

Okay, okay. Enough of our adorableness, let’s talk about YOUR adorableness, because you guys are pretty darn adorable. (Okay, I literally just said adorable three times. That was a record! Wow, I AM good! By the way, Nikki here!)

We tried to find a gif of Harper’s parents singing “And cue the applause” from Wizards of Waverly place, but we couldn’t. And it would have been so perfect, too! Grr.

(That moment when your caption is longer than your actual picture. Oops.) We have done nothing, NOTHING, to deserve you guys, and yet, here you are! You keep poppin’ up all over the place like litters of kittens! Pop! Pop! Pop! (Yes, I’m aware that was a horrible metaphor.)

Nikki, git! (NFN: Okay, I guess I’m a dog now! Woof woof!) You know we never get anything done when you narrate. (NFN: True, but I am certainly one fun gal, as Amy would say! 😉 Hmph. Moving on. Nikki’s right, (That’s a new one!) we haven’t done anything in this post yet. Seriously, all we’re doing is (NFN: But I swear, we actually do thank you guys for the wonderful stuff you do! Listen to this! “I haven’t seen this before, but Amy insisted that I must see this NOW, while we’re the middle of writing a post. And we rarely write posts together, so I was like What’s so important? But now I understand. Jordan, I think you are the nicest person I have ever met. What you said about us, it never nearly occurred to us that people like look forward to reading our posts and that it helps you get through you’re day; that is amazing. I, Nikki, have always dreamed of being a “star” or celebrity, and you make me feel like one. You have made my dream come true. Thank you so much for that. -Nikki” See! I can be nice! Sometimes… But I love you all as much as I love Jordan!) Wow, that was a REALLY long NFN… If you want to see the amazing person she refers to (otherwise known as Jordan from I Will Never Own Enough Books), and the post she was commenting on, click here. Moving on AGAIN…. Nikki and I want to tell you what you mean to us. Or try anyway; you mean more than we could ever put into words. To make this go quicker, (Nikki’s idea) we’re going to put this into list form. Besides, we’ve kept you long enough. You should probably get back to that book lying behind you… I know you’ve been ignoring it. JUST FOR US! (Just kidding! Teehee!) Okay! The list!

Why We Love You Guys So Much And Why We Could Never Put This Into Words

  • You make us smile, laugh, and sometimes even cry.
  • You’re always, Always, ALWAYS, there for us, and you accept us for who we are. You guys are like, 100% love! YAY! In case you haven’t noticed, we’re VERY big on love here.
  • You understand us, whether you know it or not.
  • You love books just as much as we do. Dang guys, you hit the big one!
  • You accept us for who we are, and that’s hard to find nowadays.
  • Whether you realize it or not, we are one, big, happy, crazy family, and you love us even though:
Amy doesn’t get this reference, but I hope you guys will!
  • The obvious: You guys mean the world to us… Or, you know, a couple trillion planets over…
  • YOU ARE SO, SO BIBLIOTASTICAL! (Reference to the last post.)

Yes, we realize this list is very, VERY inadequate. We really do cover it all in the last post, so you should click here, and read and be touched all over again. We’ll be here, waiting, waiting, waiting, and waiting (because we love you guys, in case you didn’t pick up on that yet) with a nice box of tissues. And with that, we will close and go work on some of those tags and awards you guys keep nominating us for and we haven’t gotten done, and by that, we mean ALL of them! So we’re gonna go now, and yes, parting is such sweet sorrow, but we’ll see ya soon!

Nikki’s ending! ❤ 🙂
Amy’s ending! Love you guys! 😉


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