I’m sticking to my promise! :) <3

Hello everyone, and welcome to yet another Quote of the Day, and also What’s Been Going on In My Life, which is not a real thing, but I feel like sharing! ‘K?

“Why, Nikki, that is such a fantabulous title!”

Sweet! Moving on! Wait! Halt! Before we go on, yes, these posts seem off and stupid to me as well. I don’t know if I’m experiencing writer’s block or have run out of creative juices (which is not true, because I wrote a totally kick-butt essay in English today) or maybe I physically cannot write short posts, but I am well aware that these past two poss have been othing like usual ones and I’m sorry you guys. I don’t know what’s happening. Seriously, these posts stink like skunk. Are you guys realizing this as well?!?! IT’S. BOTHERING.ME. Current mood:


And if I keep this up, you guys are gonna’ be like:

So, let’s just hope this ends. For both of our sakes. Hey! That feels better. Nothing like a little rant to cheer ya’ up! 🙂 Now THAT’S how it’s done! (See, you must be loud and obnoxious with a dramatic flair! Add a hint of humor, and voila! AYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I got it back!!!)


So now that that’s been established, let’s move on. Shall we? We shall, because frankly, you don’t have say in the matter. Isn’t tyranny just lovely?

Soooo…. I started out the day by almost displaying the contents of my stomach for the world to see because we were to find out if we made the cut for this singing competition. (For you newbies, singing is EVERYTHING to me.) You see, this competition is a pretty big deal. Thousands of people from call over audition, and they only take about a hundred or so. So yeah, pretty intense, right? And then I had to go about like that until my third to last class (Yeah, that made gym class suppppeeeerrrrr fun.) until my choir teacher finally called us to the office. I think there were about seven of us from my school, so we were all standing there, practically shaking. (Well, I was full-out shaking, but that’s besides the point.) And then he calls three of us out of the room, so the rest of us are all like, “Did they make it? Did we not make it? I’M SO CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!” Turns out, they were the ones who didn’t make it, and the ones remaining had. For choir, it was only my friend Mya and I, and the other who made it had gone for band. But I had to keep it all contained because my best friend was one of the ones who didn’t make it, so now I’m spilling EVERYTHING to you guys! (Hope you don’t mind, but then again, remember the whole tyranny picture? *taps head*) And we have cheerleading tryouts this Friday, so… wish me luck! I was on last year, but this year we have more people trying out. *gulps* Just kidding! 😉 Super confident. Somewhat. So this post has basically been the rantings of my life, because I’ve had no time to read today, sooooooo I’ve only read about one page of The Bane Chronicles. *sly smile* But, I’m going post a quote anyway and pretend I’ve read this book. Because I totally have, right, guys? 😉 So the Quote of the Day, is..

Not really sure if this is an actual quote from the book, but it’s pretty fantastic! 🙂

  See ya tomorrow, lovelies! ❤



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