Introducing… Bekah!!

Hi! This is Bekah! I am Nikki’s little sis and Amy’s little cousin. Aren’t they amazing bloggers? I think so. I will not be a full time blogger, but I will try to post my stories as soon as possible! Well, I don’t know if Nikki or Amy already told you, but I will be entering the short story contest between the three of us, (Amy, Nikki, and I) and occasionally post some short stories. Here is a little info about the story I am working on now! So far it is twelve pages, and it’s called The G Hotel. (DUN DUN DUH…) Well, here’s a little bit about me. My favorite sport is gymnastics, my favorite color is red, and I love writing! I want to be a pediatrician/author. My favorite book genre is Young Adult. BTW, I love reading and was wondering which books I should read this summer! Make sure to leave suggestions! If you have any questions for me, just comment! Thanks so much! 🙂


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