Thoughts on a Whim… Spring!

Hey, guys! Ahhh! I’m so excited for this post! In case you haven’t seen Amy’s post, these posts are the first in our Thoughts on a Whim series. I know you’re probably thinking, “Nikki, what is this whimsical nonsense you speak of?” Well, hold your tomatoes, er horses, because I’m gonna’ tell ya’ in a long, lengthy explanation. You’re welcome. So basically, we’re going to try to do these posts about once a month, and they’ll be filled with all sorts of fun stuff we don’t usually do that may or may not be related to books. This one just so happens to be all about Spring! Even I was late (as usual), and it’s practically Summer, I still wanted to hurry up and do this! And since this post is hysterically long, and it is now June, I “May” (See what I did there?) as my posts for May and June because they take me so long! But I guess only time can tell… Anyway… For instance, I have a few poems, pictures, drawings, and short stories in store. *insert adoring crowd saying ooo, ahh* Sound cool? Amy and I thought so, and we hope you will, too! Let’s get started!IMG_2265

For your safety, I must inform you that: This is a post just written by Nikki, with no Amy to stop her, so brace yourselves because it might take awhile. 🙂 I’ll try to keep it short. Key word: try. You read some poetry in Amy’s Thoughts on a Whim (Well, hopefully you read Amy’s Thoughts on a Whim because it was pretty great!), and you’re going to read some poems in here too! (Even if you don’t like poetry you should read these poems because they’re pretty great. I know I’m biased, but still. 🙂 But, we also have some other delectable items on the menu for tonight.  I drew a few pictures that made me think of Spring (And random Disney characters, because I love Disney. Who doesn’t?!), and there are some other cool surprises in store just for you guys! I’m not going to keep you waiting anymore… Please enjoy my Springtime Whimsicalness!


Ok, guys. So in this poem, I tried to convey and share with you guys about how much I love Spring. Obviously, I failed. But, I’m hoping to get the image clear enough to paint a picture in your minds. I’m hoping you see what I see: flowers, the green, green grass (because the grass is unbelievably green this time of year), the blue, blue sky with the fluffy, white clouds dotting the horizon (I honestly like it better that way; it’s too plain without the clouds. They complete the look.), the trees with their fresh, green leaves that sway in the breeze (I don’t know when they got here, but I’m really loving them.), the gentle roar sound the wind makes (Oxymoron!), that amazing Spring smell that is so hard to describe, running along barefoot with your toes squishing the mud, laughing so hard that you collapse in the grass, reading on your porch swing. That is what Spring is about, and that is the message I’m trying to convey. Ok, I know I just said a ton, but… Ok, no more but’s. Either you feel Spring, or you don’t. Without further ado, please enjoy my poem, Spring. (Hey, for once I shut up and kept it simple. 🙂



I rush outdoors to greet the wind with arms wide open.

I sense the sensations of Spring

with all of my senses.

I feel the whimsical wind

whistling and winding a course in the fresh tulips.

I hear the whimsical wind

rustling noisily through the new grass.

I taste the whimsical wind

with every deep and satisfied breath.

I smell the whimsical wind

in the scent of the freshly tilled dirt.

I can’t see the whimsical wind but I know it is there,

carrying spring on it’s steady, invisible shoulders.

Please let me know if you liked my poem, and let me know if you felt Spring! 🙂 (Amy’s the poetry genius, I’d rather be writing short stories, not to spoil the surprise or anything…:)

Before we move on to the next section of this post: Please take notice of the pictures. Tune your eyes in on the fact that there is only one collage. I apologize for this because I lost my tablet at previously mentioned five-star hotel. Luckily, they IMG_2271found it and are sending it back (Yay!), but that is not the point. The point is the app I used to make that collage is on said tablet, thus meaning no more collages and lots of cluttered pictures because I couldn’t bear to eliminate any because I love flowers so much! I was able to get the pictures by… Well, you aren’t reading this post to learn about my tablet so let’s move on!


This next poem was written after I read the heartwrenching book, Angelfall. (I know I said this wasn’t going to be book-related, but I don’t know what our kind would do without books. They are in our bloodstream, from our toes to the ends of our, well my, naturally curly hair. Not to lecture you or anything, but I love books! If you really don’t want to read this poem, just skip ahead and I’ll meet you there! But I really think you should give it a chance.) I just had so many Angel feels, that I didn’t know what to do with them, so I did what all great writers do, and I put quill to paper. Or fingers to keyboard. (In fact, I still have so many Angel feel that I’m afraid to read the second one.) In this poem, I tried to imagine what feelings Paige might be experiencing because of her, um, transformations. Does Penryn still feel the same way about her? Will this change their relationship in any significant way? Can Penryn even love her? Anyway, I present to you from my screen to yours, my poem,

20150506_141619          From Paige to Penryn: My promise.

Slowly I guide you through the night

Promise you’ll be there in morning’s pure light.

Quietly I tiptoe while your asleep,

I promised the Lord your soul I’d keep.

IMG_2267Do not let your hope in me waver or take flight,

Nor see me with a newly renewed fright.

I do what I have to do,

In order to protect you.

Yes, I now have claws,

and you have fictional laws,

that may keep you from loving me.

But always know,

That wherever you go,

Even if it’s away from me,

That I will never flee.

You were always there for me

And that love came with a fee,

For I had baggage,

And you couldn’t salvage


But don’t worry about me,

For now I am free.

I love you, Penryn.

But do you love me?

Your Baby Sister,

The Monster

What’d ya think? Was it worth it? “Give it to me, I’m worth it. Baby I’m worth it.” It being the applause which you should shower me with. Hehe. :)I thought about adding the lines, “I love you very much, so much that I am Dutch,” but I figured it didn’t really match the theme of the poem. Hehe.

IMG_2266Warning! ProceeIMG_2268-0d with caution! Book poem ahead! I repeat, book poem ahead! Same rules apply, if you’re really sick of books, (unimaginable) then just skip ahead. But, I think if you read this you won’t regret it! Take a chance fellow bibliophiles! Trust me. *hides vampire fangs as to look innocent*

Breathtaking Books

Books are like enticing hooks

They guide you over to a reading nook


They rather sneakily drag you in

You can’t put them down ‘til the very end


They contain a thrilling story inside

It’s quite a shock when the main character dies


They weave quite a spell

With their secrets they will tell


A story that sticks with you all your life

But their endings might cause you a bit of strife


Quite a story they will weave

With their plots and clever schemes


Books can take you on a trip

Quite like a refreshing dip


Into a cooling pond of words

Or maybe you’ll be like the birds


Flying far far away

But in reality you stay


Right where you are

Not traveling very far


Books are part of who I am

I swear this isn’t just a scam


I think it’s pretty clear to see

Books are a part of you and me

*wipes tears from eyes* This poem describes my love of reading. That is it’s purpose. I wrote down my feelings, raw and pure, in that poem so I don’t feel the need to explain it. I hope you can relate! I’m sorry this has been so long, but stick with me! The best has yet to come! It’s… Short story time! This actually started out as a cliffhanger we had to write for English class, but I liked it a lot so I wanted to share it with you! Let me know what you think!

A pair of rough, sweaty palms covered my mouth so I couldn’t utter a sound. Another pair tightly bound my wrists and feet together with rope. The dark sky overhead and the rushing river below provided the perfect cover. Tons of bodies were found floating down the river each year. One more wouldn’t make a difference. We were at the very edge of the cliff now; one swift blow was all it would take to knock me over to my death. A pit of terror began to grow in the bottom of my stomach, eating what remained of the rational part of me. I was in full-blown panic mode. Panic drove me to swirm and wiggle until I was so tired I couldn’t move a muscle. They had starved me for ten days to make sure I wouldn’t have any chance of fighting back. It was stupid of me to waste all of my energy then and there. But any closer to the edge, and a sudden burst of power might have pulled us all over. At least that way I would have gotten a morsel of revenge. There was no hope for me; I was to die today. I wished the panic would secede so I would enjoy my final moments. But it wouldn’t, and it cut down any comforting or relaxing thought that would happen to pop up in a measly attempt to bring me peace. As a last resort, I bit down on the sweaty hand clamped over my mouth. He yelped and released me. I tried to wobble away as quickly was a could, but I knew it was useless. Angier than ever, my captors grabbed me again and hung me over the cliff by my toes. They didn’t drop me, not yet anyway. They just wanted to enjoy the look of agony and sheer horror on the face. When their commander radioed in to tell them to finish the job already, they unceremoniously dropped me over the cliff. My mouth finally free, I screamed until I was forced to take a breath. Maybe it would be better that way, to force myself to pass out so I wouldn’t feel a thing. I took a tiny breath, and held it until my vision started to grow fuzzy…

Dun…dun…dun… So I was thinking I would keep in suspense for now (Mwahahaha, I mean cough cough), and write a little for each post! How’s that sound? Throw that tomato, I dare ‘ya! Okay, I didn’t think you would actually do it…IMG_2263

Take a moment to emerge yourself in the pictures. Take a deep breath and fill your lungs with the sweet, Spring-like odor of the flowers. Admire the beauty and delicacy of each one. Feel the velvety softness of the petals. Marvel at and praise the strong little root for being able to support such bodacious buds! I love flowers so much for these reasons and more. One of these reason simply being, they make me happy. No-brainer, much? I also really, really love planting flowers. It’s just… I don’t know. Being a teenager, (and a very immature one at that) means I’m definitely not a mother yet (Wait, hold up. Some of you could be, and I have nothing against you. I mean, your reading this blog so you must be pretty awesome! It’s just that I am personally not ready for motherhood, in fact, the very idea of it terrifies me!) so I like the idea of, in a way, giving life to something, nurturing it, and fondly looking after it. Do you know what I mean? I don’t know, I just think it’s magical. And definitely very Spring-like!

IMG_2264Ok, so next up we have my drawings!! *taking a Picasso moment* I’m really proud of the way these, well most of these, came out. Some of made me feel full of Spring, and others made me feel full of fun, which made me think of Spring. Goodness Glaciers! (If you can tell me who says this, I will love you forever. If not, your childhood Winters were never complete!! Hint: Google ‘goodness glaciers + movie quotes.’) I’m so excited! Okay, so here goes nothing! IMG_20150505_153653 Say, “Hi!” to Dory, everyone! As you can see, Dory has put on a few pounds (because she didn’t go on a diet), but I still expect you to be very kind to her! Maybe she’ll lose the weight if she, “Just keeps swimming, just keeps swimming.”

Up next is another creature of the sea! And no, it’s not Nemo! All the way from the depths of Atlantica, I present for your viewing pleasure, Ariel, the Little Mermaid:

IMG_20150505_152923 2015-05-04

I am really proud of the way she turned out! Up next is someone sure I’m will “bring honor to us all.”


Mulan! Is my drawing “worth fighting for?” Our last Disney character for the evening is, well… I guess she whistled/worked too hard or something because she’s a bit disfigured…

2015-06-08 (1)

I’m so sorry, Snow White! I didn’t do justice to your beauty! She looks better in real life, I swear. I should have spent more time on you, but I just needed to get this post out there! I’m soooooo sorry… *sobs* And yes, in case you’re wondering why Snow White is hovering by Ariel, I did draw them all on the same sheet on paper.

2015-06-08 (2)

And it’s side-ways… Oh, well. I’m not the techy one! Ooooh, AMMMMMYYYY! The last portion of the picture section is…

2015-06-08 (3)

I honestly just drew this as a fun, little thing, but I’m going to pretend it has symbolic meaning. The setting sun represents two things: A. The end of May and beginning of June, AKA the end of Spring and the beginning of Summer because this post was so late, and B. The end of Amy’s patience. The color quality was A TON better in real life, but the crappy camera didn’t do it justice. Sorry, guys. Basically, the colors were a lot brighter and you could see the blended colors and stuff a lot better, which was the part that made it pop.

Now we need to talk business. You had your fun; the jig is up.

First of all, I’m sorry this post was so late. Amy’s was in May, on time (no surprise there), and mine, obviously, was not (no surprise there). To make up for it, here are a bunch of pictures I didn’t have the time to put anywhere else:

14296510412092015-04-212015-04-21 (1)2015-04-21 (2)

You’re welcome! Hehe, I’m such a:


Anyway, I’m sorry this has been so long! I hope you didn’t take it all in in one setting! Maybe I should add, “Insert break here.” Nah, you guys are smart. Well, now that I think about it… Just kidding! But seriously, this post is long! (I can litrally hear Amy’s voice in my ear saying, “Well, what did you expect when you gave Nikki an unlimited textbox.” Do you hear it too?) So long that it might count for June and May! How do you feel about this? Will you survive without me? Be strong!

Okay, I’m going to adjourn this meeting early because all the business stuff was mentioned in our last post, the One-Hundred Followers one. If you haven’t read it, please do so now. Biggest News in there: My sister Bekah will be joining us! And yes, she’s even worse than me! Actually, she’s sort of a mixture of Amy and me… Anyway, I got distracted. We will also be doing two monthly writing contests, one for us, and one for you guys! Details for that are listed in the One-Hundred post.

Thank you guys for reading and I hope you’re having a happy:





7 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Whim… Spring!

  1. How exactly did you manage to make this one post so long??! 😮 I really thought it was never going to end! (not that that bothered me, anything that concerns you is always fun 😀 )
    Great post!
    You know, whenever I read your posts, I’m reminded a bit of myself. But at the same time, whenever you talk about Amy, I’m reminded of myself too! It’s a bit weird, to be honest. (or maybe I’m just a very contradictory person :-P)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know!!! Her post was unbelievably long. I TOLD Nikki to make two instead of one, but NOOOOOO… Lol.
      Yes, I actually don’t think it’s you. Nikki is a very relatable writer… Did that make any sense? 😉 Well, happy reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh and by the way, that short-story cliffy was pretty good! The first part actually reminded me of that part in Divergent when Al and the others were about to throw Tris into the pit. Remember it?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. See, what I was trying to do was turn it into a never-ending post like the Never-Ending Story. I failed, but next time… just you wait! I think it’s because Amy and I are kindred souls. Deep, huh? I’m so happy you liked it! It took me forever! That’s why I think I might make it count for both of the months because it obviously had more than enough stuff for two momths. I totally see your point, but that didn’t actually inspire me. Throwing me teacher into a pit is what inspired me… Violent twist, much?


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