Alert: You might get mad…

Don’t get mad, but…

I’m sorry, guys! No TTT for me. This might sound lazy of me, but I’m too busy relaxing poolside, shopping, Polyvoring, and currently reading Little Women. (Gotta love the classics.) You must think me to be a horrible person, but wouldn’t you do the same in my place? Hey, you better not get tomatoes on my new swimsuit!! I mean, it’s not every day a day you get to go to a five star hotel!! But I’m honestly really sorry, and I hope you don’t totally hate me and stop visiting our blog because our posts are your lifeline and you’d die without them and that would be bad. Or something like that. I’ll see you next week! I love you all, even if you turned my pink polkadots into red blobs!

-Nikki’s Sorry Excuse of a Top Ten Tuesday


There! My plan is fool-proof! Now you can’t be mad at me!


9 thoughts on “Alert: You might get mad…

  1. Not mad, just pulling own hair out/cursing the world jealous! But as you name dropped Little women(one of my all time faves) and you used the adorable puppy to guilt people, you’re forgiven. Now i’m just gonna go and stare at the ever-present rain…just think about that while you’re having tons of fun in the sun!;-)Katherine x

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    1. Yes. Everyone is jealous of that lucky duck. I feel pathetic in comparison (I was… shall we say… VERY happy school was out…) to a five star hotel… NIKKI, YOURE NOT FORGIVEN ANYMORE!!!


  2. Whoa! Although I’m very flattered that you consider me a “five-star hotel goer,” that was my first time ever going to one! My sister was in the Scripps National Spelling Bee, and it was being held at the Gaylord National Hotel, and let me say that is definitely worth a kidney or two!


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