Thoughts on a Whim… Spring!


Hello there! Amy here. To be perfectly honest, we’ve had these mostly done for a long while. After much consideration, we eventually decided to do separate posts! And hopefully you can all expect this type of post from both of us each month. Nikki and I just wanted to share our excitement for spring! It has inspired us to write these posts. Yes, this post isn’t about books. (Shhh! Don’t tell!) But hey, if spring makes you happy to the point that you think you’ll burst from all the excitement, you should share, right? 😉 The flowers are from my backyard. My mother and I worked with them for 3 1/2 hours of backbreaking work, so I hope you enjoy! 🙂 What are some of your springtime inspirations?


Soft, delicate fingers

Touch my face

                  Caress me carefully

flower4             Brush my ears

      Move on

                                 To play in the grass flower5

                                     Then a change of heart

     Flies back to hit me

   Whips my back

                                           Tossing me like a doll

                                                              I am a small part of this huge world

flower6Full of all the wonderful things

And Mother Nature knows it

And she tries me

 Again and again


  She waits for me to break

And my lover the wind

It comes back with bite



When the birds start chirping and the sun gets hot;

When the buds open and it’s time to garden plot.

When the mornings are frosty and the evenings are sweaty;

When your house is cold one moment and the next it’s hot and the air is so heavy.

When the river starts flowing and wind tousles hair;

   When all the girls “glow” but don’t even care;

When new life is born and love’s in the air.

When the children in school get restless and daring;

When the people in public are sharing and caring.

When you can have hot chocolate and popsicles all on the same day;

When the sun makes you smile and the moon is so gray;

You call it Spring, I call it May.



Alright, well, whatever faults my poems may have, I’m sure they won’t get any better… ;-P So throw out suggestions for my writing! Do you like poetry?


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Whim… Spring!

  1. I loved the second poem! ❤ And I'm so happy it's spring for you people, here it's already moved on to hot summer… spring is definitely my favourite season, though! Which is why I really loved this post… 🙂
    And those flowers are beautiful ❤

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  2. Okay, i’m not generally a poetry person so I don’t actually know how to comment on them other than to say they are very spring-y and spring is my favourite season too soooo….thumbs up! And that the second ones’ my favourite(i’m all about longer sentences. 😉 ) Its surprisingly refreshing reading something non-book related(sshhh,secret.). Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. Katherine. x ps The flowers are really pretty! Time well spent!.

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    1. Hehe. Spring is my favorite season too! Yes, the second one seems to bemore popular with everyone (this includes me). Hehe; we all need a little change every once in a while! No, of course nt! I love your feedback. 🙂 Thanks

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