The Riveting Throne of Glass that Shatters your Brain, Explaining and Picking Up all of the Shards of your Mind

Hey, guys! It’s Nikki and Amy again (who else?), and we’re here for one purpose: to do our civic duty. Because, frankly, it would be a crime not to enlighten you about this great book. Seriously, this book is second only to The Immortal Rules. Well, I’m not going to deprive you any further. Enjoy!

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Review written by Amy: In a world of no magic, there is a kingdom, there is a king, there is a captain, and there is an heir… But who shall be the champion? Celaena Sardothien (Say it: Sell-lay-nah Sar-doth-ee-en. For more pronunciations, see here.) has been working in the salt mines of Endovier as a slave for a year where the average life span is one month. She almost escaped once, when she snapped. (FYI, you do not want to see her snap.) The average distance most slaves who try to escape get is three feet. Calaena got three-hundred-sixty-three feet and killed twenty-three sentries on the way. She was “a finger’s tip from the wall before the guards knocked her unconscious.”  Celaena is no ordinary girl. Orphaned at eight, she trained with the best to become a well-known, feared assassin. The best in all of Erilea. But escorted by a man in a black robe after work to meet with the prince? Unusual, even for her. Prince Dorian has a proposal: Friends of the king are competing to find a suitable champion. The competitors must go through diligent training and perform in weekly tests to rule out the weak. Celaena must compete against twenty-two others to test strength, motives, and perseverance. At the end of the competition, the final two will compete for the win. If she wins, she must serve as the king’s Champion for four years in exchange for her freedom. After dreaming of being free for so long, how could she possibly say no? When she arrives at the palace, she discovers that things are not all that they seem. Throughout the competition, she masquerades as a jewel thief, forcing herself to stay in the middle of the pack. Meanwhile, Cain, her main competition, is getting stronger every day, and is in it to win. Competitors turn up dead, expressions frozen forever in terror, gutted, intestines eaten. Strange symbols are painted in blood and chalk, and no one is safe. Something Celaena thought she would never have again- a friend- goes silent, and even her growing relationship with Dorian is in peril. Throughout all of this, the king has gone, the queen wants Dorian to marry, and Kaltain wants the throne. Can Celaena push past her biggest obstacle-herself-, find the evil lurking in the palace, and stay alive long enough to gain her freedom?

How I Found this Book written by Nikki: I was looking at a list on Goodreads, and I saw the newest book in this series. I clicked on it, thought it looked good, and ordered the first one. And of course, I told Amy about it.

Why We Love This Book & Why You Will Too written by Nikki: I love this book because Calaena is so sarcastic and funny; I love her sense of humor. The plot is so good, and interesting. I was never bored once during this book. Never once did I want to put it down and do something else. The characters are simply perfect. There’s a perfect amount of drama and suspense. Gaaaaa! This book is fantastic. Amy loves this book because: it is an interesting, alert perspective of a world that was, and it shares the concept that you’re not your looks, you’re not what you eat, and sometimes you’re not even what you do. To elaborate on Amy’s reasons for loving this book, Calaena looks like just another beautiful face, but you better look twice because if you don’t, your head will be on the floor before you can blink. And even though Calaena is an assassin, she still has a heart. And that heart is starting to beat for Dorian… or is it?

Rate: On a scale of one to ten, this book is definitely a 11.9. (Remember, it’s second only to The Immortal Rules. By the way, guys I’m reading the last book to the Blood of Eden series, and it is good. I literally had a spaz attack yesterday in class!!!!)


19 thoughts on “The Riveting Throne of Glass that Shatters your Brain, Explaining and Picking Up all of the Shards of your Mind

  1. I really need to get back to reading it. I am going to try again tonight, since I just finished a great book that has me really excited about reading! I am hoping this excitement will allow me to jump back into Throne of Glass. I know I have heard so many great things about the book and serires and I know it’s something that I will like. I think for me, it is starting off really slow. So I am sure it’ll pick up soon since I am a little over 100 pages in. 🙂

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    1. Great! I completely agree; it was kind of just like, what? for the first part. But after a while I got used to the author’s style and I kept an open mind. Eventually it led me to love this book! And, of course, I had heard really great things about it. Also, some people say the other books are better, but I can’t say for sure because I haven’t read them yet… 😉

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  2. I don’t know what you guys are talking about. It had me hooked right away. I love when the author doesn’t tell you everything right away (it intrigues me), as long as they explain it eventually.


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