Nikki’s version of Top Ten Tuesday with Books that are hotter than Heck!

Is it hot in here, or is it just all these great books I’ve been reading? I would definitely say it’s the latter. It’s Nikki here, and this is my first ever Top Ten Tuesday. I’m going to quote my cousin on this, not because I’m trying to steal her words, but because she did such a good job explaining what a meme is. In Amy’s words, “A meme is like a list, or a special blog post that’s not always related to the main topic of your blog. One blog hosts the meme, and usually a meme is special to one day of the week. Also, many people participate. Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke And The Bookish, is specifically about the top ten things you would choose for a particular topic. There’s a different topic every time.” For Top Ten Tuesday we usually only do short summaries. And because these are some of my favorite books, you will most likely be seeing these books in a longer review. Before I ramble too much, I’m going to stop myself with a picture and get started.


The first character in my Top Ten is Massie Block from The Clique. What I love about Massie is her attitude and her determination to be the seventh grade alpha. Massie is super cool, stylish, pretty, sarcastic, and a natural born leader, and boy does she know it! This is the seventh grade girl’s version of Mean Girls. It’s pretty much a soap opera in a book! This book captured my attention, and refused to let me look away from it’s drama-filled pages.


This book was shown to me by Amy, and will definitely be brought back in full length review because it is one of our favorite books. And this perfect book wouldn’t be complete without the main character, America. In The Selection, people are divided into groups known as Castes. The higher up the number, the higher up the person. The ones are the royalty, and it goes down from there until you get to the eights, the lowest of the low. America is a five with a secret. She has secretly been dating Aspen, a six, for two years. They only get to see each other on certain nights in the tree house in America’s yard. This arrangement has always worked pretty well for the two of them, until Aspen breaks it off one night because he thinks America deserves better than him. He also suggests that America should enter The Selection, her only shot at a better life. The Selection is how the prince chooses a wife. 35 girls from all different castes are chosen randomly to come live at the palace and compete for the Prince Maxon’s hand. Except America only wants one man: Aspen. Reeling from the hurt of the breakup, she agrees to enter The Selection, not fulling realizing what she is getting into. Imagine the shock she felt when she was actually drawn for The Selection. America arrives at the palace heartbroken and sad, until she meets Maxon. And then, her life changes forever… 51hgkNew+XL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_After reading The Fault in Our Stars, I immediately ordered John Green books. And I have to say, I liked Paper Towns infinitely times as much as I liked The Faults in Our Stars. Although, I’m fairly certain all John Green books are amazing. Hazel has nothing on the main character in Paper Towns, Quentin. What I like about Quentin is his fierce compassion for Margo and his quirky, nerdy ways. Quentin has spent his whole life gazing longingly at his next door neighbor, Margo. Margo is pure adventure in girl form. Margo has always been out of Quentin’s reach. Until, she shows up in his room on night, asking to borrow his keys. Instead, Quentin offers to drive her and that is the beginning of Quentin’s adventure. After they complete their nightly journey, Margo doesn’t attend school the next day. Or the day after that. Or the day after that. Worried, Quentin in his friends set out on a journey and find themselves in New York. Must I say Quentin isn’t in Florida anymore? (When I try to be punny…) Join Quentin as he finally gets to know the girl behind the larger-than-life facade.

The Immortal rulesCinder_Cover

If you’ve read our previous posts, then you’ve already met Cinder and Ally. They’re both very similar. Their lives get flipped upside-down when big events happen, and they’re both determined to accomplish the tasks before them, no matter what it takes. That’s all I’m saying. If you want to hear more, you’re going to have to read our posts about those two lovely books.


This book’s plot and characters are spot on! Let’s just take a moment to congratulate the author. We love you, Sarah J. Maas! I love you, but I probably love your main character, Celaena, more. Celaena is the best assassin in the business. Seriously, words cannot describe how good she is. Well, she was until she was captured by the king’s army. For the past year, she has been enduring harsh conditions in the king’s prison where the average life span is a month. See how good she is? Anyway, one day she’s working in the mines when the Crown Prince Dorian comes to take her back to the palace to compete in a competition against other criminals. If she wins, she must become the King’s Assassin for four years, and then she will be free once more. What I love about Celaena is that she is not just your average heroine. She’s actually considered a villain by some. But, she proves her worth with her witty comebacks, sass, skill, and perseverance. This is a must-read. Period point blank.


When I was looking up the cover of this book, I discovered this is going to be a movie. This is huge. I’m either going to love it, or hate it. Please, please, please don’t ruin this book, movie makers. I’m begging you! You can have any book other than this one. Because if you do ruin it, I will hunt you down… Of course Amy and I will be going to see this. Once she reads the book… which might take her a while because it’s only one of the many books I’ve assigned to her. She has a never-ending reading list, which isn’t a bad thing. The main reason I want Amy to read this book is for the kick-butt main character, Rose. Rose is definitely on my role model list. Rose is just, well, perfect. She is a feisty guardian dhampir who will guard her Moroi best friend, Lissa, to the death. Rose and Lissa have been on the run for two years, until they are caught and shipped back to their old school, St. Vladimir’s Academy, which by the way, is a school for vampires. I mean, I don’t even have to say anything more. The word ‘vampire’ pretty much sealed the deal. What I like about Rose includes her witty remarks, her fierce loyalty, and her amazing personality. And, of course, her hot mentor helps a lot.


The Giver is a timeless classic that I never get tired of reading. I have read it so many times you can’t even imagine. My favorite character from this book is Jonas. Jonas, Jonas, Jonas. The movie was also pretty great, but they changed things! I hate when they change things! I mean, in the books Jonas grows up and marries Kira, but how can that happen when he’s in love this Fiona in the movie? Oops, I’ve said too much. Forget it, all of it. La la la. Ok, so I’m getting tired of writing reviews, so just go look one up on Goodreads or something. Just kidding! Jonas has wondered about his Assignment day for a long time. He’s never really wanted or cared about any of the jobs offered. So, when Jonas turns twelve, he’s skipped over. The Chief skips over him and onto the next person’s assignment. At the very end, the Chief Elder calls him up to the stage and he is honored with a special job, the Receiver of Memory. It’s been a long time since the people have gotten a new Receiver of Memory. This is how he meets the Giver, the current Receiver of Memory. The Giver transfers memories of the past to Jonas, and gives him a whole new perspective. Jonas realizes his world isn’t right, and he does something to change it. I love Jonas because for one thing, he’s cute. Really, really cute. And, he’s smart, insightful, and kind. He’s a dreamboat!


Eleanor & Park is a romance that totally blows Romeo and Juliet straight out of the water. In case you couldn’t tell by the title, Eleanor and Park are the main characters, and the last characters in my Top Ten Tuesday. Eleanor is the new, chubby, red-haired girl. Park is the shy, Asian kid who stays under the radar. On Eleanor’s first day, she has nowhere to sit on the bus, and Park feels bad for her so he lets her sit next to him. And that is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I’ll know what true love is when I have a relationship like Eleanor and Park’s. This story will stay with me forever, and I will forever wait for my Park in shining armor until he comes for me.

This has been Top Ten Tuesday with Nikki! Please comment, or email us with any recommendations or suggestions! Thanks! I hope you’ve enjoyed!


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      1. Yes, I saw that it was there — but I decided not to read it. 🙂 I figured I’d rather just wait and read the whole book when it comes out than read a little teaser and feel frustrated when I get to the end!

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  1. I’m currently reading The Selection and it’s really good 🙂 I love the garden scene with Maxon—he’s too cute 🙂


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